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July 31, 2007

Condolences And Charity Information For Bottom Of The Hudson

From Absolutely Kosher Records label owner Cory Brown:

Philadelphia/Brooklyn band Bottom of the Hudson suffered a serious van wreck on Sunday, July 29th, while returning home after the final date of a short East Coast tour to promote their new album, Fantastic Hawk, released just two weeks ago on July 17. While on I-40 near Clinton, NC, a tire blew out sending the van out of control and flipping it multiple times. Bassist Trevor Butler (ed: pic'd) was killed in the accident and drummer Greg Lytle is currently in ICU in Chapel Hill, NC. The other members of the band, Eli Simon, Michael Prince and William Chesterton Chambers, suffered minor injuries and were released from the hospital.

We didn't have an opportunity to get to know Trevor Butler as well as we would have liked, but he was a great guy and a great musician. He was instrumental in the evolution of the band's sound over the years. In addition to playing in Bottom of the Hudson for the last several years, Trevor also was a founding member in fellow-Philadelphia group Coyote. He was utterly devoted to music and helped many, many bands set-up shows in Philadelphia. We are devastated by his loss and he will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the band and their families. Thanks to everyone who has sent condolences and well-wishes.

We are currently accepting donations via Paypal (the address is on behalf of Trevor's family and for Greg's medical bills resulting from the accident. A benefit show is being discussed, but we're all still reeling from this tragedy. We will update our home page as news of Greg's condition and progress on further fundraisers comes in. Your generosity in this difficult time is appreciated.

Cory Brown and everyone at Absolutely Kosher Records

BadmintonStamps sends our support to the band, their families, friends, and fans during this difficult time.

July 30, 2007

Song Of Shadows

This weekend I jaunted over to Brooklyn to see Sonic Youth perform their 1989 classic album
Daydream Nation in its entirety. The pinnacle of my summer, I was not only seeing this seminal band's most seminal album, I was reliving an important bit of history. Daydream Nation is my favorite album, and more importantly, it was my favorite album when I was a teenager. That's pretty heavy stuff. Speaking of heavy stuff, the band brought it for serious. I was expecting nostalgia, instead they provided ass kicking. Whoos, yeahs, shit babys, and tears were emitted and a blissful 'Slim was all, well, blissful like. For their "21st century" encore, Sonic Youth was joined by their new touring member, bassist Mark Ibold. You may remember the lovable Ibold from his days with Pavement. Sonic Youth and Pavement. Very impressive. In fact, it may even be the coolest the two band turn known to man. While Ron Wood's tenure in The Faces and The Rolling Stones is impressive, for straight indie cred Jerry Harrison's membership in The Modern Lovers and The Talking Heads has long been considered untouchable. In fact, some have claimed his record was as unbreakable as the baseball home run records of yore. And like the imminent crumbling of the round trip titles held by Ruth and Aaron, there can be only one explanation for Ibold's triumphant challenge to Harrison's glory: steroids. That's right; Mark Ibold, the chubby charmster himself, is doping. We all know how tempting, and accessible, steroids are to bassists just a wee bit past their youthful glory days. These musical warriors thirst for greatness, a thirst that can only be quenched with the succor of sweet, sweet 'roid juice. Plus there's no better way to bulk up your rock and roll credibility than by shooting drugs into your ass.

The Pony Track Is Dreaming

Comin' atcha first thing every Monday morning, it's The Pony Track, a super-fantastic short distance dedication to BadmintonStamps Collective founding member and internationally renown symbol for musical excellence Aaron "Pony" Child. No fancy links, no clever write-ups, 'cause these awesome songs don't need no splainin'. So c'mon, ride the pony!

July 27, 2007

Shock And Australians This Weekend In Philly

On those rare nights when Tritone really decides to hunker down and do its thing, man, it does it better than anybody else. To wit: this evening's line-up at the mixed musical media monthly meet-up called
Go Back To Those Gold Soundz. Live and vinyl sets of the bestest indie pop around. We'll give our standard Brown Recluse Sings pitch a rest this time, and instead take this moment to let you in on a little secret called Sly Hats (pic'd), the solo project of visiting Aussie Geoff O'Connor that has the 'Stamps home office feeling warmer and fuzzier than yesterday's photo essay. If Simon & Garfunkel made music I actually wanted to listen to, I'm sure it would go something like this.

For those more inclined to freak out than jangle down, there always [click.] at Fluid. It's like Ibiza meets Atlantis meets Interzone in there.

Still, the best deal in dance is Saturday night, with Jeffrey and his Bleached Black crew keeping it real as ever down in Medusa Lounge. And Shawn Ryan's in the mix this time, too? Realness times five, bitches.

It Goes Down Easy

Show is to raise funds for the completion of the new album, out soon. Well it's about time, boys. Waiting on new Chronikill is like waiting on new My Bloody Valentine. Check out the former's music here, and the latter's below.

July 26, 2007

Thursday Photo Essay

Don't Get Salt Water In Your Mouth

Thursday Photo Essay

Fuzzy Math

Photo Credit)

July 25, 2007

Hater Flakes

I've always felt that Corn Flakes had a healthy, if somewhat intense, rivalry with Special K. See, you've got your Corn Flakes, the franchise cereal in the Kellogg empire, holding it down since
the 19th century. Along comes Special K in 1957, all fresh, healthy, and better tasting. Plus the ladies love it. Corn Flakes understandably saw another simple, flake based cereal as a threat. It initially dismissed Special K as, "Corn Flakes with bumps," but the K's staying power and rice-based goodness is undeniable. No doubt Corn Flakes has claim on being the O.C.G. (Original Cereal Gangsta), and of course it never fails to remind its rival that it has the ultimate spin-off cereal in Frosted Flakes. Corn Flakes be all like, "What the deal Special K, you're can't drop a proper side project? I gave birth to a classic. All they did was add some sugar and pow, Frosted Flakes. That's two in the variety pack. Frost that shit. Even Shredded Wheat knows how to spice up its act. What you got? Special K cereal bars? That doesn't count, bro. Oh, wait, that's right... Special K Red Berries. That one really caught on. It's like you can't go down the street without someone talking about some Red Berry Special K. Not!" You know, now that I think about it, Corn Flakes is kind of a douche. So some new cereal showed up on the scene. Why you have to be all insecure? I think it's because, deep down, Corn Flakes knows its game is weak. It just doesn't have it going on, and the dirty dark secret of the cereal world is that its failures have nothing to do with Special K. The Flakes never came correct, even back in the The Battle Creek Sanitarium days. Flakes of corn. That's it? I mean, at least Special K got bumps.

July 24, 2007

Summer Don't Link Me No More

Check out
Daytrotter for some great live downloads from 'Stamps house band Harlem Shakes, who may or may not have officially dropped the "The" from their moniker. And visit the same link again on Wednesday for two more songs, including one that may or may not involve a drum circle.

More live goodies at Pitchfork, where a KEXP studio cut from Philly twee-gazers A Sunny Day In Glasgow gets the streaming treatment.

Pitchfork also hearts Los Campesinos!, the British indie popsters who are headlining the August 11th Making Time. Can't say I'm completely sold on this bunch yet (Badminton's skepticism of exclamation point bands is well documented), but the lure of Metronomy (pic'd) spinning down in the basement will probably still be motivation enough for the hike over to Transit.

All this "live" talk have you jonesin' for a show tonight? Your most promising option looks like The Khyber, where Dr. Doggish Cheers Elephant open up for a tag team of Canadian acts in Dears guitar player gone solo Patrick Krief and propulsive Tokyo Police Club label-mates Uncut.

July 23, 2007

Lil Wayne Goes Down

First off, you got to love the "Lil". The greatest prefix in hip-hop (ice ice whatnow?), it can denote either height or age, and in the case of the best Lil ever (sorry Kim), and arguably the best rapper who isn't dead or retired, it denotes both. Speaking of Lil Wayne, cat was arrested last night. It seems he was smoking a joint on 61st and Columbus with a friend when the
NYPD Hip Hop Task Force stopped him and found a gun on his person. In addition, NYC rapper Ja Rule was arrested an hour earlier on gun charges. For those in the ignorant, which apparently includes Lil Wayne and Ja Rule, gun charges in NYC are quite a serious affair indeed. The rap message boards include such inanities as "50 Cent is responsible" and "They got arrested as a publicity stunt." The AP news report is filled with inaccuracies and half-assed conjecture including:

"Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Carter, is from Miami."

"The best-selling rappers were arrested Sunday night shortly after Lil Wayne's concert at the Beacon Theatre. It wasn't immediately clear whether Ja Rule had also performed."

" also wasn't immediately clear whether they had attorneys."

So leave it to Lil Slim (denoting neither height nor age) to sort out the entire affair. New Orleans rapper, college student, record label president, and 'Stamps favorite Lil Wayne put on his first solo NYC show last night at the sold out Beacon Theater. Arriving at 9:30pm, he opened with his hit "Fireman", after which he told the crowd that the NYPD and event security had severely mistreated him. Weezy claimed that, after what had just happened with the cops, we shouldn't expect to see him in New York again anytime soon. He then proceeded to put on an intense, funny, charismatic, and hot with an infinite amount of t's concert. Maybe the best hip hop show I've ever seen, and I saw two different Ice's and three other Lil's in my time. Guests included Ja Rule, frequent collaborator Juelz Santana, Kayne West, and Wayne's legal guardian and mentor, Baby (aka Birdman). Crowd was rocked, afterparty was shouted out, our man was left calling the lawyer he most definitely has on retainer, and for the NYPD Hip Hop Task Force it was Christmas in July. Let the "Free Weezy" t-shirt bonanza begin.

Pony Track's Always Been This Way

Comin' atcha first thing every Monday morning, it's The Pony Track, a super-fantastic short distance dedication to BadmintonStamps Collective founding member and internationally renown symbol for musical excellence Aaron "Pony" Child. No fancy links, no clever write-ups, 'cause these awesome songs don't need no splainin'. So c'mon, ride the pony!

July 19, 2007

Seven Things The Baseball Team Can't Lose This Weekend In Philly

Nothin' brings a smile to the collective 'Stamps maw like new tunes from our up-'n-coming Philly faves. This mid-summer '07 bumper crop features some Walkmen headin' South voo-doo from The Major Leagues, headlining tonight at
Millcreek Tavern, as well an unexpectedly straight-ahead hard rocker from our rhythm and soul pals in Shout Magic, whose 10PM set tonight at Philafunk is a cool $5 BYO affair.

And be warned, the gypsies are back in town tonight. Head to Gogol Bordello at The Troc if you must, but don't be surprised if your silverware and grandma's heirloom pendant are gone when you come home. Sticky fingers, them.

Friday night, be sure to soak up all the gemeinschaft vibes in the church basement, as unassuming talent-booker-by-day MC Digga spits the illest German flows this side of the Elbe. Follow that up with a couple of strong-armed party anthems from the sexy South Philly Gang gals (pic'd). If you're not in the mood to do some serious farfegnugen with whoever's standing/sweating next to you by that point, check your pulse.

Saturday, getcher flea on like you know you want to. The Punk Rock Flea Market summer session runs 10AM - 5PM at the StaR5 Ballroom.

Saturday night, the North Star hosts The Teeth, Bishop Allen, and Page France. Insert Plain Parade joke here.

And of course, get wiggy with it all weekend long at WXPN's XPoNential Festival, where varsity locals like Dr. Dog and The A-Sides mix it up with a bevy of visiting acts in remarkably-safe-considering Camden.

Thursday Photo Essay

For The Brothas

Photo Credit)

Thursday Photo Essay

Bring It

July 18, 2007

Don't Drop The Soapz

Mr. Michael Vick, Atlanta Falcons star quarterback and all around nice guy, was indicted yesterday on federal dogfighting charges. He stands accused of sponsoring said dogfights on his Smithfield, Virgina estate. One particularly unnecessary aspect of the crime: the losing dogs were often killed. John Goodwin of the Humane Society
commented, "Some of the grisly details in these filings shocked even me, and I'm a person who faces this stuff every day. I was surprised to see that they were killing dogs by hanging them and one dog was killed by slamming it to the ground. Those are extremely violent methods of execution -- they're unnecessary and just sick." Sick, no doubt. But the biggest offense here isn't the mistreatment of dogs, which by the way included hanging, shooting, and in one case wetting a pit bull's ears and electrocuting it to death when it was unwilling to fight. No, the biggest offense is the dog fighting ring's name: The Bad Newz Kennels. Newz, really? For a guy who is supposed to be up on all the slang, you think Vick would know better than to add a "Z" to the end of a word. What is this, an Onyx song from 1994? I mean, shit was getting tired when Sticky Fingaz was still doing it a decade ago. Is Vick going to start using 4 instead of "for" like he's Prince in 1983? Or maybe he's going to call his prison crew "Tha Def Phat Boyz". Well actually, once he's convicted and forced into the showers, it will hopefully be something more like Tha Bend Over Bitchez.

July 17, 2007

Mission 300: Debriefing

Not only do the Oh Murder! Inc chicas know how to rock a party, they also know how to photograph said rocking. Check out their Mission 300 documentation
flickr-style, and stay tuned for even more compromising scenes as they find their way toward our inbox.

And hey-oh! You know the party was for serious when there's missed connections the next day. Now paging blonde with polka dots and tats. Got a lead? Let's put our heads together and cook up a hook-up, people.

Between bowls, Philabuster had the pleasure of running into Jesse, co-front man of modern ukelele heroes Movable Type. And I'm all like, "yo, what's the band up to next?" And he's all like, "we're breaking up after our show tomorrow." Even Philly jangle as strong as theirs wasn't immune to creative differences, it turns out. Super-bummer. Still, Mr. Man says he'll be continuing Type's sound in some new incarnation before long. For the latest developments from here on out, you know where you need to look.

Would the punk who stole one of our taps please return it? Shit's forty bucks, yo.

Whatever. We managed to pack two hundred and fifty people into the bumpin-est church basement ever, completely drain eight kegs, bristle some grumpy South Philly old heads, dodge the po-po, break the smoking ban, and still make it back home before principal Mooney could catch us playing hookie. That, madams and sirs, is how you turn two years old. Truth in action: the 'Stamps has it down to a science.

Musings On Opposite Day

Opposite Day is practiced mostly among school children and politicians. This is a shame, because Opposite Day ranks as one of the funnest activities for the young at heart. It would add much spice to the business world, for example. Opposite Day was founded in 1872 by
Alexander Kerr Craig. It falls on every Sunday and Tuesday, except in March when it only falls on Tuesdays. And of course, in the Fall, it falls on Sundays and Tuesdays except for autumn holidays. Except Columbus Day, if Columbus Day is a Sunday or Tuesday. Fun Fact: No matter what day it is, when asked, "Is it Opposite Day?" the answer will always be "no". It isn't Opposite Day.

July 16, 2007

Pony Track Is Up To Its Usual Tricks

Comin' atcha first thing every Monday morning, it's The Pony Track, a super-fantastic short distance dedication to BadmintonStamps Collective founding member and internationally renown symbol for musical excellence Aaron "Pony" Child. No fancy links, no clever write-ups, 'cause these awesome songs don't need no splainin'. So c'mon, ride the pony!

July 13, 2007

I Think We're Dead

July 12, 2007

Thursday Photo Essay

Robert's Western World

Photo Credit)

Thursday Photo Essay

Squeezed Of Hands

Photo Credit)

We're Also On Your Mom's To-Do List

The essential ingredients to a killer party haven't evolved much over the years. With bowling, Nirvana tunes and cheap eats, the second incarnation of Mission 300 is taking it back to the '95 birthday circuit.

Hosted by Philabuster and SkinnySlim of local pop-culture blog, this will not be your posh Center City bowling bash. The kitschy night includes all-you-can-eat soft pretzels, a dance floor and air hockey all at St. Monica's Church. The necessarily funky soundtrack will be provided by DJs Oh!Murder and InMy Pants. "Sometimes that means indie bangers like New Young Pony Club or !!!," says Philabuster. "Sometimes it means a block of classic '90s hip-hop, and sometimes it means a slick electro-grind remix of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit.'"

We'll bowl to that.

Did you hear that? That's the sound a spot makes when it blows da fuck up. And you don't even have tickets yet? Well, that's an easy problem to fix. Just click on over to the party page and get yourself connected, pronto. I mean, first the White Stripes rip us off, and now this? DL, shmee-L. Everybody's comin, baby!

July 11, 2007

Go Go Get 'Em

It's that time of the season again. No, not that. Jesus, get your head outta the gutter. And no, it's not "baseball all star season" either. I'm talking about the time of the season where I round up recent requests and then post the songs that you, the readers, have requested. I call it "request season time". Here we go...

J Turns writes in: "Okay, you know who Chuck Brown is, right? He's the king of go-go, and he has this new album out and there's this song called "Chuck Baby". This is what we call kick-ass, SkinnySlim. It makes me think that not only is Chuck Brown better than anyone else at making go-go music, but he may be better at making go-go music than anyone else in the world is at doing anything else." Hyperbole ain't hyperbole when it's true.

Mark E writes: "Lip Gloss song? Thoughts?" Haters gonna hate, but this shit is hot with with ninteen t's.

B. Johnson scribes: "love the blog or whatever. but i need more classic rock. like some foghat." Or whatever.

Shortie Shorts emails: "have you heard the new fiddy? not that really bad one, the one with timberlake and timbo? 5o comeback?" I wish, not quite, but sure, why not? Timbo and Timbe are bonkers, so if a real rapper was on that track, Chuck Brown and Lil Mama would have some competition.

J. Lane writes in: "SLim! Sliiim! Play me that song from that movie with the kid. The kid whose retarded." Uhh, "the kid whose retarded"? Do you mean the J. Lane Story? Listen son, stop writing me with this shit and go get some hooked on phonics. Or whatever.

July 9, 2007

The Dicktionary

I was talking to my boy yesterday about this herb we know, and he said that the herb has recently lowered himself to dick status. My friend made a convincing case, and I realized this was a good time to go over the "bad people" definitions. Note: Geek, always lovable, is only included as a contrast to Herb.

Completely innocent, the geek is socially awkward, although often comfortable in their own skin. They can be funny and usually make for good friends, although they frequently overstay their welcome.

Sometimes mistaken for a geek, the herb falls slightly below a dick in terms of maliciousness. They don't mean any harm, but are unpleasant, annoying, and frequently incorrect. There are many subsets of herbs, playa haters being a popular variety. Herbs often cause normals to shake their head and snort softly in mild disbelief at their pervasive lameness.

The dick is a jerk. He runs his mouth in public, and will put down those around him, although will not cause great pain and suffering. Ex., "That dick walked out on the check and never paid me back!" A very common attribute of the dick is overconfidence in their poor sense of humor. See also: Tool.

Douche or Doosh
Also known as a d-bag, the douche is essentially a dick with a nasty, slimy undercurrent. It is often associated with an elitist, preppy streak. It's cousin term, the doosh, refers to a more a low-class douche.

You can bear an evening with a dick or douche; afterwards you go on with your life and converse in shock over their antics. The asshole, however, must be avoided. Their only interest is their self, and it's usually a self with low esteem. Traits of an asshole include the propensity for shockingly rude behavior, inappropriate loudness, eagerness to fight, cruelness, and causing emotional hardship to those that surround them.

Piece of Shit
This is a really bad person. Whereas an asshole will have sex with your wife, mother, and daughter, a piece of shit will cause them bodily harm. Pol Pot is a piece of shit. Dick Cheney is a piece of shit. Your nemesis is probably an asshole, and maybe even just a doosh.

The Pony Track Is So Supportive

Comin' atcha first thing every Monday morning, it's The Pony Track, a super-fantastic short distance dedication to BadmintonStamps Collective founding member and internationally renown symbol for musical excellence Aaron "Pony" Child. No fancy links, no clever write-ups, 'cause these awesome songs don't need no splainin'. So c'mon, ride the pony!

July 6, 2007

I Pity The Fool Who Rides A Lame-Ass Catch Phrase

It's no secret that the 'Stamps boys harbor a special brand of contempt for
the over-hypers of the world. Most any top ten list of such offenders includes Zach Braff, who earned the distinction with his incredibly specious claim that listening to an inoffensive-as-the-color-beige southwestern band would quote unquote change your life. Of course, the only reason he could get away with such an absurdity at the time was his meteorically rising celebrity. Well, the times have changed, haven't they? Nowadays, you can find Mr. Braff lighting the fuse of box office bombs like The Ex, flexing his hard-luck chumpishness in roles for which he was almost certainly the back-up plan after Ben Stiller and Ashton Kutcher politely declined. It's come to the point where, in order to pay the bills, Dr. Dorian has been reduced to whispering sweet voice-over nothings about how the new Wendy's smooth 'n creamy frosty float and triple cheeseburger will hasten an end to change your life. With Scrubs in its twilight, don't be surprised if you overhear a work-starved Zachary making even more far-fetched assurances down the road:

"My new direct-to-DVD feature will change your life!"
"Tampax tampons will change your life!"
"The deals at Cherry Hill Triplex Nissan will change your life!"
"Head On! Apply directly to the forehead!"
"Tom Green's sloppy seconds will change your life!"

But don't worry, Zach. You may be disappearing from the public spotlight faster than The Last Kiss disappeared from theaters, but I'll still think of you after you're gone. Like, every time some girl I know plays The Shins.

Philabuster! How could you write about Braff and not link to our very own YouTube viral hit on the subject? For shame.

You Can't Right If You Can't Write

Tomorrow brings the latest self-congratulatory mega-benefit concert; a 24-hour, multi-country event called Live Earth. It's organized by Al Gore and intended to raise awareness for global warming. Bad idea. Rock stars, with their private planes, extravagant
whips, and energy draining stage shows, aren't exactly strong role models for humility and conservation. Live Earth features Snoop Dogg, who sells trucks for Cadillac, Shakira, who pimps Pepsi, Nokia, and Panasonic, and Madonna, who shills for BMW. Then there's Akon. This cat humps fourteen year old girls and violently throws boys from the stage. Which is fine. Pretty funny, actually. But our world burning up is a top down problem. Your Prius is cute, major environmental legislation is better. And it's difficult to imagine our politicians motivated by a bunch of drug popping (I'm looking at you, Gore) Hollywood elite (still looking) vampires (cough). The Arctic Monkeys agree, and if anyone should be concerned about global warming it's a band named the Arctic Monkeys. So instead of wasting your time on a disaster about a disaster, why not attend my latest benefit concert? Called "Live Sharpie", this eight continent-spanning event is intended to raise awareness for sharpie smelling. See, I love the smell of sharpies. There's just something about that tangy rich chemicalness, and I think you, MUST appreciate that smell, too. Madonna agrees. Take a look at this transcript from our dress rehearsal:

Madonna finishes singing "Like a Prayer"

Madonna addresses the crowd: Thank you! Right now I want to send my love to the important person that made this important day possible...SkinnySlim! (crowd cheers) Without SkinnySlim, millions of sharpie owners might never have realized how good their markers smell! (crowd cheers). We need more important leaders like SkinnySlim in Washington, and that's why we all want him don't shake your head Skinny...we do! We want you to run for the White House! (crowd chants, "Slim '08! Slim '08!")

Madonna launches into "Material Girl".

There'll be no tree hugging at this important event, just the delicious aroma of permanent marker. Now available in green.

July 5, 2007

Thursday Photo Essay

This Is How It Ends

Photo Credit)

Thursday Photo Essay

Sweet, Sweet Condiment Love

Photo Credit)

The Missing Links

If a city sets off thousands of dollars worth of fireworks, but nobody's there to hear them because the show was cancelled and police officers had directed everybody to leave the viewing area immediately, do they make a sound? Philly officials, ever experimental,
decided to find out last night.

If anybody has a bootleg mp3 of Tom Jones covering the Arctic Monkeys at the Concert for Diana, please e-mail it to the authors of this web site immediately.

Maybe you didn't get on the list for LCD Soundsystem's free MySpace show last month. Or maybe you were on the list, but the TLA box office gave away your tickets after they lost the list. Either way, you can watch video streams of what you missed over at The List Myspace page.

And yes, you can still sing in Rittenhouse Square. But not in Afghanistan.

July 3, 2007

I Can't Even Think Of A Title

You may have noticed a recent dearth of posts from SkinnySlim. Unlike past dearths, this has nothing to do with high level security missions or extravagant vacations. No, this one is about a severe case of blogger's block. I'm simply fresh out of ideas. It's been two years since we started the 'Stamps and the humorous musings on current events, musical trends, and made-up history have flowed like the Ganges. But in the past week my river has run dry. Then, a breakthrough. I decided I was going to write about my blogger's block. It was going to be extra clever. It was even going to feature a whimsical made up list of aborted post ideas. Here's how far I got on that list:

-A post inspired by the Concert for Princess Diana, featuring a list of other benefit concerts for people who died (Don Knotts, Boris Yeltsin, The older doctor in Doc Hollywood)
-Post about alcohol percentage in beer vs. malt liquor

That's it. That's the entire list of made up abandoned posts I could think of. Pathetic. I am so ashamed. I couldn't even finish a made up list in a post about how I couldn't finish anything. I don't even think I should put up a song. It's like I'm cheating if I do that. I am unworthy and depressed. Ahh, but then there's the Scarface. Finally, a man who understands my pain. A role model I can identify with. And I am reborn.

July 2, 2007

Monday Night Is Alright

A lazy summer Monday it may be, but that doesn't mean Philly dials the rock down one iota. Swing by
Johnny Brenda's tonight for some new album lovin' from Robbers On High Street. Mister Pony Track himself will be in the audience, so you know shit's gonna be tight. Alternately, Movable Type will be at The Khyber, dropping heretofore untold jumping flea knowledge on all y'all. Download the old demos, stream the new demos.

The Pony Track Rocks The Flyest Kicks

Comin' atcha first thing every Monday morning, it's The Pony Track, a super-fantastic short distance dedication to BadmintonStamps Collective founding member and internationally renown symbol for musical excellence Aaron "Pony" Child. No fancy links, no clever write-ups, 'cause these awesome songs don't need no splainin'. So c'mon, ride the pony!

SkinnySlim's List

In Rotation...

LCD Soundsystem - Sound Of Silver Arcade Fire - Neon Bible Hot Chip - DJ Kicks
Devin The Dude - Waiting To Inhale Chess Club Rhythm And Soul Ultimate Coleman Hawkins