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December 29, 2006

In The Year 2007: SEPTA Strike

Your Song: The Aftermath

The following short play examines the sad fallout following the release of Elton John's hit "Your Song"...

Polly: That's a great shade on you, you totally have to get it.
Terry: Ohmigod, really? Thanks!
Polly: are things with Elton?
Terry: Well, not so good.
Polly: No! I thought things were great.
Terry: They were, and I mean...well here's the thing. He
put down in words how wonderful life is while I'm in the world.
Polly: Did he ask you first?
Terry: No! And I like, totally minded. I minded a lot.
Polly: Now that you mention it, I think I heard him singing about it on the radio.
Terry: Oh Jesus, its on the radio? That's so rude.
Polly: It's totally unfair of him.
Terry: I know! I mean, I like him, and he's really fun. I told you about the Donald Duck costume, right?
Polly: Yeah.
Terry: But the whole thing is getting old. He was already pushing it by insisting I call him "Rocket Man" while know. But putting down how wonderful life is while I'm in the world without asking me if I minded first is too much for me to bear. I'm sorry to say, but I think its over.
Polly: Men! Can't live with 'em...
Terry: Can't kill 'em!
[riotous laughter ensues]

Watch Mr. John pour his heart out to Terry here. Too bad, Elton. At least hipster mash-up sensation Girl Talk likes Tiny Dancer.

December 28, 2006

New Arcade Fire: Black Wave/Bad Vibrations

You may have heard about the
accidental leak from Merge Records of this not-"Intervention" song. Well, here it is for your enjoyment. And don't worry your pretty little heads off when you hear the first minute and a half; Arcade Fire have not started writing imaginary scores for The Neverending Story. Instead, they continue their classic anthem Springs- hey, you know what, just listen for yourself.

Download: Arcade Fire - "Black Wave/Bad Vibrations" removed at request of management

And remember, Mr. Win Butler would be most appreciative if you could donate some money to the Partners In Health charity while you're revelling in your new Arcade Fire bliss.

The Two-One-Five's Last O-Six Tricks

Tonight, Shout Magic (pic'd) are up to their magical shouting shenanigans at the
M Room. Why not join 'em? It's no secret that you love Hall & Oates just as much as they do.

Friday night, original vibraphone gangstas Grimace Federation are jazz-prog-rockin' you right out of your mind downstairs at World Cafe Live. What's more, they've got a shiny new album dropping on January 20th that's going to totally reinvent jazz-prog-rock in ways you never jazz-prog-rockmagined. Ya dig?

Sunday afternoon, The Paul Green School of Rock All Stars will take your over 21 ID and shove it up your arse. Once again, World Cafe Live's where it be. And seriously, how many times does that happen?

Full breakdown of New Year's Eve night-timey fun coming tomorrow.

In The Year 2007: Business In The Front, Party On The Sides

Ask anybody under thirty with a beard, and they'll tell you. In 2004, they were rebellious and ironic. In 2005, they were trend-setters. But now it's the end of 2006, and the latest cover of Philadelphia Weekly, featuring Man Man in
all their hirsute glory, draws all the double-takes of a family of Jews at a Chinese restaurant on Christmas eve. Yes, after a gradual evolution from wispy soul patches to full-on chin wigs, it's official: beards are mainstream. So what's left for the hairy hipster? Our scruff-minded friends will likely need to re-establish their identities by blazing facial hair trails that haven't been trod for many a year. And as the circus of experimentation proceeds, the 'Stamps is telling you, smart money is on mutton chops. Why mutton chops? Why not mutton chops? First of all, they're way overdue. On top of that, they smack of deep south Confederacy nostalgia that's just ambiguously offensive enough to make them the new German army jacket. So forget about the French Fork and Franz-Josef, and make for the mutton, people. It's like lamb stew you can wear on your face. Finally!

Thursday Photo Essay

Who's My Little Man?

Thursday Photo Essay

Don't Know About You Homie, But The City's Still Alive

December 27, 2006

Come On Baby, Get In The Groove

We here at BadmintonStamps New York Headquarters have always had much love for Mr. James Brown, aka Soul Brother #1, aka Startime, aka The Hardest Working Man in Show Business, aka The Godfather of Soul, aka The Man Of A Thousand Nicknames. Hell, we even posted about James Brown on our very first day of existence. And as recently as last month Mr. Brown was bestowed with a
Girlfriend Track in his honor. So it is with great sadness that the man SkinnySlim believes fronted the greatest rock and roll band in history (James Brown and The JB's) has passed on to the great Kingdom of Funk in the sky. Two things most obituaries won't tell you:

- James Brown, although never voting in his 55 eligible years, was a staunch Nixon supporter. He played the inaugural ball in January 1969 and campaigned for Tricky Dick in 1972.

- According to a sexual harassment suit filed against him, James Brown claimed to have "powerful testicles given to him by the Government", possibly by Richard Nixon himself.

If you're looking for a place to start your love affair with this music, check out the two incredible companion compilations, Foundations of Funk and Make It Funky. R.I.P. Mr. Brown, you were one of the best that ever was.

And goddamnit, show some love to that band!

Listen you fools, I said show some love to the band AND to the man. My favorite live recording ever, and remember, this is how they started the show. They were just getting warmed up...

In The Year 2007: Uffie Gets Way Too Much Attention

Annie in '05. Lily Allen in '06. There's one every year. The dubiously cute girl with moderate talent who gets bonkers amounts of coverage by the indie music media because she's a dubiously cute girl with moderate talent. And if I'm reading my tea leaves correctly, it's Uffie in '07.
There's just enough good pics floatin' around out there that the crush-hungry blogosphere will latch on without much fuss. She's got the built-in cool factor of being signed to one of the most chic, trend-setting labels around right now. Add in the fact that her music can loosely by classified as "hip hop", and all the white boys are sure to go bananas. "Lady Sov meets Spankrock," they'll say, "or a fuckable Peaches!" Still, pictures like this one, and especially this one, go a long way towards diffusing the attraction, while the tunes ultimately don't stand up. Hey, we're all for sexy rock chic success stories here at the 'Stamps. But let's reserve the media feeding frenzies for the ones whose talent and beauty are both way beyond question.

December 26, 2006

Daniella's Mexican Rock: Chetes

Over the next couple of weeks, we are honored to have Daniella Elbahara, super cool sexyrock chick extraordinaire and proprietor of
La Elbahara, as a guest 'Stamper. Miss Elbahara will be sharing some of her favorite hipster Mexican tunes. It's mucho excellente picante!

Sitting in front of my computer at a space known as "the xerox alley," I plug my earphones into external pc speakers and listen to Reactor FM, a radio station from Mexico City. The song "Que Me Maten" comes out while I'm pretending to work. It's Chetes, the Monterrey scene's musical prodigy. After serving as the intellectual and musical leader of both Zurdok and Vaquero, he had to go solo. He just needed a record deal and a good manager. This all fell into place a year and a half ago. He's always been a musical fascist (in a good way), but it's gotten him places. He is the best... right now.

SkinnySlim says: Super catchy song, but "pretend to work"?!? I'm telling Senorita Masone.

Download: Chetes - "Que Me Maten" (Monterrey)

December 25, 2006

Holiday Photo Essay

Deck The Halls

The Pony Track's Probably Just Hungry

Comin' atcha first thing every Monday morning, it's The Pony Track, a super-fantastic short distance dedication to BadmintonStamps Collective founding member and internationally renown symbol for musical excellence Aaron "Pony" Child. No fancy links, no clever write-ups, 'cause these awesome songs don't need no splainin'. So c'mon, ride the pony!

December 21, 2006

Philabuster's Yearendaganza

December 20, 2006

SkinnySlim's Albums Of The Year

Tell all your friends and tell all your enemies, it's SkinnySlim's annual Albums That Did Their Thing list.

Hot Chip - The Warning: We knew that Hot Chip would break your legs and snap off your head, but who could have imagined they'd grow into this year's most accomplished live act, trendy remix artists, fashion kingpins, and general keeping it realers? Hot Chip did a lot of things on The Warning to hurt my body, but even more to...wait for it...warm my soul. Sure, it's not as good as their next album, and I'm not positive they're kingpins of anything to be honest. Also, unfortunately, there are a couple bad songs. Fortunately, this isn't one them.

Ghostface Killah - Fishscale: Now some of ya'll people may know him as the full fledged folk hero that leaps right past the popular and into the high art sphere. Personally, I just know him for his Wallabies.

Califone - Roots & Crowns: Mil's Theorem states that you can break any set into an infinite number of two-set permutations. For example, one can say there are two kinds of rock records; Beatles albums and Stones albums. Beatles albums are pretty, artistic, impeccably recorded and arranged, and often grandiose and thematic. Stones albums are collections of songs full of swagger, emotion, humor, ridiculousness, arrogance, and especially sex. SkinnySlim loves Stones albums and, in general, hates the Beatles albums. Califone make the latter, even if they don't sound a lick like Merseybeat. Their remarkable Roots & Crowns is a subtle, lazy affair, filled with sunken treasures and fucked up found sounds 'n loops so on point that it'll even make a Beatles album hater give peace a chance.

Cat Power - The Greatest: Chan Marshall's nickname for me is "Schnauzer". It's a long story. My nickname for her is "Too Good". It's cause The Greatest is just too good. The Van Morrison album of the year and, gun to my head, the album of the year.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Show Your Bones: The Yeah Yeahs do this thing I like to call kicking your ass. If you don't have this on your top ten list you're either a woman, a homosexual man, a straight man who only listens to music that is harder than this, or a straight man with serious problems. Or maybe you're black. And even then all the cats worth knowing from those aforementioned groups feel Show Your Bones. 'Cause from the soundscapes to the attitude to the emotion to the album cover to the everygoddamnthing, it's got that magic. And then there's the opening to "Way Out". The Kill Your Parents album of the year and, knife to my throat, the album of the year.

Doing Their Thing: Love Is All - Nine Times Same Song, The Strokes - First Impressions Of Earth, Arctic Monkeys - Long Title W/Lots Of Words, Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury, The Pipettes - We Are The Pipettes, Liars - Whatever Their Crazy Album Is Called, T.I. - King, Lil Wayne - Dedication 2. And don't sleep on my favorite release of the year, Mama's Got A Bag Of Her Own. A riderkulous compilation of female R&B from the 60s and 70s. Buy it. Don't be a dickhead.

December 19, 2006

Always Good For A Link

Most bloggers are not funny. Actually, scratch that. Most bloggers are extremely funny, but in a we're-laughing-at-you-not-with-you kinda way. Occaisionally, there are a few others out there who join the 'Stamps boys in pointing and snickering. Jerry Yeti
demomstrates with a marvelous faux (yet simultaneously all-too-real for some) top ten.

Also in on the joke, No Frontin', who seems to have unfortunately checked out of da 'sphere for good. But at least he left on a high note. His final post, from all the way back in July, remains perhaps the single most insightful piece of bloggery in '06.

And of course, we can't leave out Greeen Pea-ness, who decided to live blog his experience listening through the entirety of the new "so you call that music, huh?" Joanna Newsom album. Among his contrarian but ultimately spot-on conclusions: "If this is the best album of the year, then I'll (INSERT BOILERPLATE GENITAL TRAUMA INFLICTION, POSSIBLY INVOLVING THE PEE-HOLE)."

December 18, 2006

Daniella's Mexican Rock: She's A Tease

Over the next couple of weeks, we are honored to have Daniella Elbahara, super cool sexyrock chick extraordinaire and proprietor of
La Elbahara, as a guest 'Stamper. Miss Elbahara will be sharing some of her favorite hipster Mexican tunes. It's mucho excellente picante!

I had already been in New York for two years and didn't know much about the scene, but in the summer of 2005, I went to Mexico City to checked out some bands. Catsup (Gustavo Maurizio) and the Happy-Fi guys were putting on a show in Pasaguero, one of Mexico City's hottest rock venues. I checked the bill and recognized a band from Monterrey called Niņa, but this new band She's A Tease really surprised me. They sounded so post-punkish and approachable that they immediately won me over and I started dancing. I now beg them through myspace to put out an ep or something... I love them.

SkinnySlim says: We should all start begging them, this song is mucho chill. My favorite of the series.

Download: She's A Tease - "Long Time Roll" (Monterrey)

The Pony Track Don't Sting

Comin' atcha first thing every Monday morning, it's The Pony Track, a super-fantastic short distance dedication to BadmintonStamps Collective founding member and internationally renown symbol for musical excellence Aaron "Pony" Child. No fancy links, no clever write-ups, 'cause these awesome songs don't need no splainin'. So c'mon, ride the pony!

December 15, 2006

Songs Of The Year: Lost In Boston

This week, allow SkinnySlim and Philabuster to present a few of what they consider to be 2006's best songs.

We all knew The Walkmen were going to release a truly great album in 2006. And their accomplishment would be even more impressive had not the exact same album been written and recorded by Harry Nilsson thirty-two years earlier. Their original works, sadly, proved something of a mixed bag. Still, there were a few gems in the band's third full length, and none shines more brightly than "Lost In Boston". The group chooses to abandon the relentless, take-no-prisoners approach of previous hits in favor of more focused, punctuated outbursts, letting the tension and frustration first build up over a minute and a half of climbing guitar jangles. When the inevitable tantrum finally comes, the menacing bass figure and thunderous percussion that boil under Hamilton Leithauser's signature yowls are as perfect a storm as any Nor'easter that's pounded the harbours of Beantown.

Songs Of The Year: Willie

This week, allow SkinnySlim and Philabuster to present a few of what they consider to be 2006's best songs.

On "Willie" Chan Marshall tells us about death. She tells us about sin. She tells us about hell, redemption, longing, and loss. She tells us about people living alone. She tells us about people with nowhere to go. She even tells us that there are some people who don't believe in love. And on "Willie" Chan Marshall proves them all wrong.

December 14, 2006

Songs Of The Year: Busy Doing Nothing

This week, allow SkinnySlim and Philabuster to present a few of what they consider to be 2006's best songs.

Besides being The Year of Hot Chip, 2006 was equally The Year of The Sax. After being dragged through the mud and left for dead by a decade of Kenny G, the cacaphonous sound of the sax charged back on the scene as an integral part of releases from The Zutons, previous Song of The Year honorees Guillemots and The Rapture, and newcomers The Gray Brigade. But not since Coltrane's hey was the world throttled with horns as scorching as the ones on the debut album from Swedish jitterbugs Love Is All. "Busy Doing Nothing" has pretty much everything you'd want; driving dance beats, frenetic blasts, a funky bridge breakdown, shout-along lyrics, all threatening to rip apart the barely-there threads of cluttered lo-fi production that bind them. With tracks as smart and rambunctious as this, it's no wonder they're bringing saxy back.

Songs Of The Year: Fake Tales Of San Francisco

This week, allow SkinnySlim and Philabuster to present a few of what they consider to be 2006's best songs.

Come on kids, it's the goshdamn motherloving Arctic Monkeys! Hype hype this and hype hype that, the band did their thing and had a some classic moments off their ridiculously talked-about debut. This is one of said moments. Hippie dippie, white male bouncy funkenstein nonsense isn't exactly the way to the heart of SkinnySlim. But those first few notes be damned, the song has it all. Biting lyrics, arm-pump worthy call and responses, and riffs sharp enough to pop an Arctic Monkey's pimples. Pretty good start for the first minute and a half. But then...the rock. And now louder. And now more rocking. And now more screamy. And then lets make it so it couldn't get any more loudrockscreamy. I mean, it just wouldn't be possible for it to get any more loudrockscreamy. And then, well, you know the rest.

Thursday Photo Essay

Axe To Grind

A migrant worker threatens the girlfriend of his employer with an axe during a standoff
at a traffic overpass in Xi'an in north China's Shaanxi province.

Thursday Photo Essay

That Stick Won't Protect You

December 13, 2006

Songs Of The Year: The Mutineer

This week, allow SkinnySlim and Philabuster to present a few of what they consider to be 2006's best songs.

Drummers in rock bands are a fickle and flighty sort. Aside from keeping the beat and fucking lots of groupies, you can't really depend on them for anything. You certainly don't ever put them in charge of both writing and singing lead on an achingly beautiful final track for your already near-perfect new album. But then Ian McCutcheon went and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that 2006 was just one of those up-is-down, dogs-and-cats-living-together kinda years that broke all the rules. Lo and behold, after eleven tracks of your standard Mojave 3 magic, the former Slowdiver steps out from behind the drum kit and drops a hushed, sentimental nugget of apologetic Elliott Smithery. You could almost accuse the tune, its plainly sincere strums and whispers sparingly adorned by a twinkling piano plunk or blush of pedal steel, of not really fitting in with the rest of the album, except that if it were anywhere else, you'd never have stumbled across it in the first place. And damned if that sensitive shit don't get the groupies even more worked up.

Songs Of The Year: Fear Of Sleep

This week, allow SkinnySlim and Philabuster to present a few of what they consider to be 2006's best songs.

There's this song that Gonzo sings on the first season of The Muppet Show when Gonzo still looked and acted like a dirty crusty outcast weirdo freak. It's a great little ditty about being a dirty crusty outcast weirdo freak. Here's the chorus:

I ain't never done nothin' to nobody
I ain't never got nothin' from nobody, no time
And until I get something from somebody, some time
I don't intend to do nothing for nobody, no time

This is basically the best Strokes song ever. Sad, angry, indifferent, and running circles of logic that lead nowhere. As some supercool girl once told me, all Strokes songs are about indecisiveness: "You know, should we go to the party, should we not go to the party, oh what the hell let's go to the party." Take this year's "Razorblade", off the band's mixed bag third album. Mr. Casablancas taunts his woman, telling her his feelings are more important than hers. But after a couple verses and an enlightening guitar solo, he realizes her feelings are in fact more important than his. And in the end it's all, "I don't wanna know, I don't wanna know. Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me! No, don't, okay." Plus Julian looks like Gonzo, circa first season of the Muppets show. So usually I would be thrilled to include it in my songs of the year. But sometimes you just got to get smashed and scream "YOURENOFUN" at the top of your lungs. And that's why "Fear of Sleep" is SkinnySlim's pick for song of the year. Or not.

December 12, 2006

Songs Of The Year: Bossy

This week, allow SkinnySlim and Philabuster to present a few of what they consider to be 2006's best songs.

You's a hard pill to swallow when the they tell you you strange and you ain't hot. But in a blink of an eye (screw it up, make it go slow) they got on what you got (screw it up, make it go extra slow) that means I'm a boss. But I digress. On this gazillion multi-tracked headphone masterpiece, Miss Nasty Nas brings the attitude and the flow while dropping insider information like my girl Martha Stewart. It's a good thing, but the real star here is the Bangladesh produced beat. This year's "Still Tippin'", or even "When Doves Cry", the music isn't minimalist, it just sounds that way. Millions of voices (Where's Waldo? Find the male voice saying "yeah") inflect all over the piece, and melodic basslines, bleep lines, and squiggle-lines jump all over each other. Then there's that guitar sound. What the hell is it and where can I get me a bottle? "Watch the beat go" indeed. Pretty heady stuff, but all of this studio trickery and nasty-ass singing would only make it the sixth best song of the year. Cue: Too Short.

Songs Of The Year: We're Here

This week, allow SkinnySlim and Philabuster to present a few of what they consider to be 2006's best songs.

Offerings from Guillemots this year ran the gamut from jaunty frenetic pop and sax-addled rock-outs to hushed heart-on-sleeve love songs and eerie reverberating echoes. But it's "We're Here", the crown jewel of their catalogue thus far, that may also take the honors as "Biggest Song" of '06. With every turn, the tune gets more and more expansive and epic and anthemic and just plain huge. The sweeping string sections, the soaring vocals, the pastoral imagery, the notion that the world is one big dance floor, all building and folding into one another until the dam finally bursts and down rains this triumphant hallelujah chorus of a conclusion filled with joy and love and puppies that poop candy. All of which makes it the ideal soundtrack for that magical day when I elope with Aristazabal Hawkes.

The Richest Links In The World

James Murphy
talks about lying to Nike, listening to his own music, the new album, and Japanese couples making babies at imaginary LCD Soundsystem Christmas shows.

Horror Film Flashback: A lunatic Colombian armed with a moustache and a donkey stalks an unsuspecting yuppie in this late eighties suspense classic. Or is it all just in his mind?

New Nas here, new Jeezy here (scroll down), new unreleased Ghostface here.

Horror Film Flashback Part 2: In the Godfather "horse-in-a-bed" referencing, high budget sequel, the crazed Colombian attempts to steal the yuppie's wife. The famed high speed train chase is pure unadulterated pulp excitement.

J. Lane writes in: "Dude, you got me feeling the early nineties with the Primal Scream and L7 and Pavement and all that. Give me more of that, that music was." First of all, I have a name and it's not Dude. Second of all, "Give me more of that, that music was"? Third of all, hell yeah. Here's that goodness from Teenage Fanclub, a track that can be heard on the perfect introductory nineties rock round-up compilation What's Up Matador?

December 11, 2006

Songs Of The Year: Get Myself Into It

This week, allow SkinnySlim and Philabuster to present a few of what they consider to be 2006's best songs.

Goddamn this goddamn song and all that it puts me through. You're such a sleazy, stupid, drunk fool that doesn't know what's good for it. And I know you're just gonna stupidly dump me one day for some Eurotrash douchebag. But man did I fall hard for your sexy sexy ways. You had me at "guitar squiggles in the intro", but it wasn't until the bassline made my loins shake that I knew it was love. That rhythm guitar part makes me wanna buy you $15 cocktails at the club all night 'till the breaka breaka dawn. Then comes that perfectly computerized, plastic singing. Sure the lyrics are ridiculous. In fact the whole thing is like a million dollar body with a ten cent face that only a SkinnySlim could love. But then, as if to rub your trashy hotness all up in my grill, you drop that devastating horn part. Woe is me, "Get Myself Into It", woe is me.

Songs Of The Year: Just Like We (Breakdown) (DFA Remix)

This week, allow SkinnySlim and Philabuster to present a few of what they consider to be 2006's best songs.

Let's get the obvious stuff out of the way first, shall we? 2006 was, without a doubt, The Year Of Hot Chip. They released a masterpiece of a sophomore album, soundtracked a Zune commercial (Zune commercials are totally the new iPod commercials), got nominated for the Mercury Prize, headlined two seperate Making Time parties, remixed everybody, and just generally rocked the shit out of whatever was put in front of them. And to think it all could have gone so differently. Had it not been for the visionary insight and vote of confidence from the good folks of DFA, the band might have merely withered away into the dark recesses of indietronica obscurity, leaving little gems of twee funk like "Beach Party" or "Down With Prince" behind as their idiosynchratic and underappreciated legacy. Instead, James Murphy and crew were able to strip away just enough of the cutesy keys and too-busy clink clank to expose the raw hip-breaking discoteque anthems underneath. The remix in question goes even beyond the middle ground of The Warning, turning a herky jerky hit into a straight-ahead thumper, and incorporating epic build-ups and come-downs that tease as much as they please and take their time with both.

The Pony Track Talks The Talk

Comin' atcha first thing every Monday morning, it's The Pony Track, a super-fantastic short distance dedication to BadmintonStamps Collective founding member and internationally renown symbol for musical excellence Aaron "Pony" Child. No fancy links, no clever write-ups, 'cause these awesome songs don't need no splainin'. So c'mon, ride the pony!

December 9, 2006

Rocking High And Low This Weekend In Philly

Saturday night, 'Stamps faves Robbers On High Street are kickin' their Spoon-y groove upstairs at
Johnny Brenda's. The wildly inaccurate description on the R5 site compares their sound to The Rolling Stones, Arcade Fire, Maroon 5, John Lennon, and Interpol. That maybe the single most complimentary thing ever said about Maroon 5.

Sunday Night, The Grates go underground at First Unitarian. And yeah, sure, there are a couple other bands (Oxford Collapse and We Are Scientists) going on after them. But since neither of those groups feature a cute hyperkinetic chick with an accent and a rhythmic gymnastics obsession, our endorsement ends after the first act.

Next week, brace yourselves for the obligatory Year-End nonsense.

December 7, 2006

Thursday Photo Essay

Strike Or Get Off The Pot

Photo Credit)

Thursday Photo Essay

Deluxe Apartment In The Sky

December 6, 2006

With My Spam On And My Team Strong

I knew we had a posse, but damn! The ever-growing number of loyal 'Stampers has obviously reached some sort of critical mass, as evidenced by this e-mail which arrived late last night:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2006 23:56:55 +0100
Subject: Important Notification

Dear Badmintonstamps Member,

Your e-mail account was used to send a huge amount of unsolicited spam messages during the recent week. If you could please take 5-10 minutes out of your online experience and confirm the attached document so you will not run into any future problems with the online service.

If you choose to ignore our request, you leave us no choice but to cancel your membership.

Virtually yours,
The Badmintonstamps Support Team

First off, thank you so much for your concern. I can't express how good it feels to know that there are people out there we don't even know who care so deeply about the site and its operation. That said, there's no need for threats, as this is all just a big misunderstanding. That's not spam being sent out from my account. I simply happen to enjoy sending mass weekly e-mails to all my family, friends and co-workers on the very best Viagra deals, real estate bargains, get rich quick schemes, and penis enlargement technologies I come across in my daily interweb travels. That's just the considerate sort of guy I am. That's how I look out for my "team". And now that I have your e-mail address, Mr. Administrator, I'll be sure to include you.

Dipset Crew Buys Courtside Seats

December 5, 2006

Five Questions: The Grates

When the hottest bands are too busy rocking out to waste time with proper interviews, they come to the 'Stamps for five questions that matter. This week, we talk with John Patterson, guitar player for Australian sensations The Grates. The band is finishing up a full month of North American touring with several stops on the East Coast. They'll play shows in New York this Wednesday and Saturday night, and you can still win a free pair of tickets to their Sunday night show in Philly by clicking

1) Your excellent debut album is titled Gravity Won't Get You High. Well then, how do you explain gravity bongs?
They are a mystery of science.

2) Hotter Neighbors actress turned pop star: Natalie Imbruglia or Kylie Minogue?
I'm not really down with either. I prefer Neighbours star Alan Fletcher (Dr. Karl) and his rock band The Waiting Room.

3) Word is you're tight with the Thorpedo. Is it true that he's retiring from professional competition so that he can join up full time as the fourth Grate?
I think we gave him a taste of the good life when we met him. We said "come to our show" and he was all "oh I have to get up and train, I can't come, boohoo!" and then I think I saw a tear in his eye, and then the next thing I hear he's retired. So I'm expecting a phone call.

4) Watcha listenin' to these days?
Califone's new album Roots And Crowns and Sunset Rubdown's Shut Up I Am Dreaming.

5) The band's artwork and music videos are filled with all manner of different animals. Will you ever include a stingray?
We're working out a deal at the moment to make the death video of Steve Irwin into the videoclip for our next song *fingers crossed*.

December 4, 2006

That's The RZA, A'ight, A'ight

RZA: Society needs superheroes, mentally and physically...I'm going to tell you a story I don't share with a lot of people. When I made the Bobby Digital album, I actually had the mentality of being a vigilante. I got a special car built with police sirens and everything. I got a special suit built, and the suit was a level four security suit, meaning you couldn't stab me or shoot me. I was like, "I'm going out at night to fight crimes." My uncle, who was a master black belt at martial arts, was my driver.
StopSmiling: He was your Kato?
RZA: He's my Kato. And a couple of nights I actually stopped shit without having to stop shit. That's the RZA, a'ight, aight.

What?!? Did Rza just say he used to roll around fighting crime in a special suit, an armored car, and his uncle? Every sentence he speaks just gets better and better. And remember kids, it's Christmas time, so pick up that Wu-Tang Manual for your loved ones. Now let's take a trip down memory lane and revisit SkinnySlim's West Coast RZA encounter. Go Bobby!

The Pony Track's Really Swingin'

Comin' atcha first thing every Monday morning, it's The Pony Track, a super-fantastic short distance dedication to BadmintonStamps Collective founding member and internationally renown symbol for musical excellence Aaron "Pony" Child. No fancy links, no clever write-ups, 'cause these awesome songs don't need no splainin'. So c'mon, ride the pony!

December 1, 2006

Say G'Day To The Great Grates Giveaway

In spite of the fact that their country is upside down, Australians have still managed to produce some of the best rock and/or roll around. And I ain't just talking about
Business As Usual. Actually, can we for a second? No no, wait, that's a whole 'nother post. Point is, The Grates are, well, great. Seriously. Never has a band lashed out with such a masterful blend of fey and ferocious. If Yeah Yeah Yeahs were a little more huggable, maybe. Or if The Boy Least Likely To were arrested tomorrow for just plain kicking the shit out of somebody. But until that day - and what a day it would be - the current marquee item on the calendar is Sunday, December 10th, when The Grates make their long-awaited Philly debut down in the church basement. The whole affair is exciting enough even without the spectre of a ticket giveaway. But that's BadmintonStamps for ya; always escalating the situation whether it's called for or not. To put yourself in the running for a free pair of tickets, send over an e-mail with your name and the subject "FIRST UNITARIAN'S GRATEST HITS" to So quick, so easy, and sooo right.

Daniella's Mexican Rock: Kinky

Over the next couple of weeks, we are honored to have Daniella Elbahara, super cool sexyrock chick extraordinaire and proprietor of
La Elbahara, as a guest 'Stamper. Miss Elbahara will be sharing some of her favorite hipster Mexican tunes. It's mucho excellente picante!

In the thick of the Mexican rave scene, when Global Underground DJ's like Paul Oakenfold, Sasha, and John Digweed would come to visit our industrial town of Monterrey, a band called Kinky started. I knew Gil Cerezo (the lead singer) since my freshmen year of college because we were in art school together. In '98, my neighbor Javier and I used to carpool, and we'd also pick up Gil. I had great times riding the car with those two because they had the best car music and the best conversation. Gil was skinny and nerdy, but still a chick magnet, and his girlfriend at the time was Priscila Narro, the hottest model in town. Kinky was a mix of electronic music with rock and tropical sounds. "Cornman," their first single, was based on a famous local street vendor that sold grilled corn and did a stupid dance. Now, Kinky is LA based, and they're one Hugh Heffner's favorite bands when he throws parties at the Playboy Mansion.

Download: Kinky - "Cornman" (Monterrey)

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