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April 28, 2006

The Friday Freakout Claps Back

My hat's off to you, Philadelphia. No sooner does Portland
throw down the gauntlet then, lo and behold, you respond with the sort of spring-loaded resiliency usually only displayed by the roast beef at Nick's, reclaiming your band-robbing supremacy courtesy of unwitting accomplice Ambulette. That's four bands in less than two months, and some real momentum on which to build heading into the busy summer concert schedule. I'm not sure if this is exactly the sort of title that the city has been thirsting for, although you have to admit that we could sure throw one hell of a noisy parade on Broad Street if we round up all those stolen instruments. Going forward, it will interesting to see how visiting bands (and our odds) adjust. Do they step up and challenge us with more heavily-armoured vehicles, decoy vans, and wallets with chains? Or do they cut bait and hit the road as soon as their shows are over, racing up I95, cups of Wawa coffee and the promise of secure New York hotel parking lots spurring them on through the wee hours of the AM? Like a pitcher facing a seriosly roided-up dude at home plate, any musician facing down Philly on their itinerary is stuck in very tight spot.

The Friday Jazzout

Allmusic says: One of the most eccentric vocalists ever to hit the jazz scene, Slim Gaillard became a legendary cult figure thanks to his own privately invented jive dialect "vout," a variation on hipster slang composed of imaginary nonsense words ("oreenie" and "oroonie" being two other examples).

Keith Shadwick's Jazz Guide: Gaillard led such a varied and peripatetic life that it was for relatively short stretches of it that he was involved in the jazz mainstream. However, he made an indelible impression during those periods with his zany vocals, onstage antics, and professional musicianship.

Jack Kerouac's On The Road says: Slim Gaillard is a tall, thin Negro with big sad eyes who's always saying 'Right-orooni' and 'How 'bout a little bourbon-arooni.' In Frisco great eager crowds of young semi-intellectuals sat at his feet and listened to him on the piano, guitar and bongo drums. When he gets warmed up he takes off his undershirt and really goes. He does and says anything that comes into his head. He'll sing 'Cement Mixer, Put-ti Put-ti' and suddenly slow down the beat and brood over his bongos with fingertips barely tapping the skin as everybody leans forward breathlessly to hear.

April 27, 2006

Your Philly Weekend Plan Best Include The Iron Man

Get word to the dj: tell 'em Staten Island's in the house, put that record on replay. Tonight, Ghostface Killah
hits the TLA like your sister. Elsewhere, Thrilladelphia's givin' you The Swims and their Prison Jazz cohorts at The M Room, and Future Tips at the Khyber (TMF).

Friday night, The Situation pimp their shiny new self-titled debut record which has been out for all of, like, ten days now over at North Star (TMF). Just the anticipation alone has given us a text book case of the vapours.

The Thrilla just won't be denied Saturday. Over at the M Room, you not only get the hip-hop steez of Yah Mos Def, you also get to rock out to the already legendary Eyeball Skeleton. We're talkin' some seriously hardcore twee shit right here. You just know that when their dad isn't around, 8-year old JJ and 10-year old Charlie totally roll up some fat "smokey turtles" and talk about how Boy Least Likely To is a total pussy. Then they go and bang Smoosh (TMF).

Thursday Photo Essay

Too Extreme

Thursday Photo Essay

Raj, Rerun, And Dwayne

No Ifs, Ands, Or Links About It

In the wake of SkinnySlim's
watershed piece on Tuesday, rappers continue to take it in the ass. But don't worry, 'cause it's all Gravy, baby.

C'mon, Heathrow! How is Snoop Dogg supposed to take care of his biznizzle if you won't let him in the lizounge? (Serious side note: check out how NME's shifty editing of the story re-frames the police quotes and leaves out the issue of lounge entry entirely. Something smells fish-n-chippy to me...)

Tiny Mix Tapes says what everybody except Pitchfork has been thinking all along: MIA wasn't so great.

Ashlee Simpson is makes a joke, kicks herself.

There's new a Phoenix track to be heard. "Rally" is currently streaming over at the band's MySpace page, and it's blowing my mind.

April 26, 2006

Madam, I'm Adam

I've always had a thing for hot women, good drugs, and palindromes (preferably at the same time). That shit's the same forward as it is backwards. Crazy. Seriously,
cixelsyd people must cream their pants for them, cause no matter which way you read it, you'll always be right. Some favorite 'dromes (that's what the fans call them) include "radar", "Anna", "Gary knits a stinky rag", "311323113", and "sexes". Here's the so-called longest palindrome ever. It's completely retarded, but does end with "I vomit on rats", a provocative image no doubt. While it's all fun and games, one thing that has always bothered me about palindromes is that the word itself isn't a palindrome. It doesn't even sound cool backwards (emordnilap?!?). Talk about self-loathing. That's why I sometimes refer to them by the creatively inspired name semordromes. Now that's much better, isn't it? Tell all your friends, and please enjoy this excellent semordromes worthy rocker from Elastica.

April 25, 2006

Is My Friend Gay?

I have this buddy of mine, and I am beginning to think he is a homosexual. I'm totally supportive if he is, I'm simply curious. Let's go over the facts, shall we?

- He wears
flamboyant, brightly-colored clothes and is always talking about the latest fashion lines.
- He can often be found singing falsetto R&B hooks.
- He is very neat. It is absolutely essential his shoes remain perfectly white, and he won't leave the house if the get a speck of dirt on them.
- He constantly talks about how he doesn't love women, hoes or sluts.
- He loves to put on a ton of jewelry and snort lines of cocaine.
- He enjoys kissing men.
- He is an entertainer.

Wow, just reading that over helps everything come into focus. Clearly, my friend is a homosexual. He is also your favorite rapper. That's right, be it Cam'ron, Fiddy, Nelly, Fat Joe, T.I., or Snoop, rest assured he must be taking it in the butt.

Bi-Coastal Band-Robbing Beef

I'm gonna say this once, Portland, so listen up and listen good.

Do not fuck with us.

Do we look like
Canadians to you? Do you think Philly is just gonna sit back and let you co-opt our thing?! The Duke Spirit was here. They were ours for the fleecing, make no mistake about it. And we sure as fuck didn't issue them a get-out-of-jail free card just so a bunch of sorry-ass, wannabe-Californian hippie dipshits could cash in on our generosity two weeks later.

I already despised your city for giving birth to The Decemberists, but now it's way more personal. If you send those jangly assholes back to Philly any time soon, rest assured, they're gonna get robbed six ways from shitty tunes about chimney sweeps. Believe the beef, Portlosers.

Download: Spoon - "Revenge!"

April 24, 2006

Love Don't Link Here No More

Snoop Dogg: Rap Mogul, Pop-Warner Football Coach,
Novelist. Truly, the renaissance man is not an extinct species.

There's a lot of hip-hop blogs out there, but nobody does it quite like Thugged Out Bitch.

Elsewhere in blogs, belated happy 2nd birthday to No Frontin'. In a world of increasingly whack bloggas, dude keeps it realer than Lohan ass.

"Calvin Klein model Jenny Shimizu enjoyed an on-off relationship with Jolie for several years – but has kept her ‘booty call’ relationship with pop superstar Madonna a secret...until now."

Tons of previously unreleased Libertines tracks stored on Pete Doherty's computer have leaked onto the net. Of particular interest are "The Delaney", a song recorded for but ultimately cut from the second album, as well as the four-song Nomis demo recorded in 2002, prior to their debut album Up The Bracket. Links to dozens of other more obscure (and less listenable) cuts can be found on Libs/Babyshambles message boards like this one.

Oh, Spinto, You Thought I Wouldn't Notice?

This band...

sounds a fucklot like this band...

Geez Slim, and I suppose next you're gonna tell me that somebody out there is ripping off Gang Of Four. I don't think the two sound all that similar. To be honest, there are some other Philly bands that come to mind who sound like they've been studying their LT way more than the Spintos. All the same, there's probably a simple explanation. Perhaps both bands just happen to include former members of Individual Fruit Pie.

The Pony Track's In Your Pants

Comin' atcha first thing every Monday morning, it's The Pony Track, a super-fantastic long distance dedication to BadmintonStamps Collective founding member Aaron "Pony" Child. No fancy links, no clever write-ups, 'cause these awesome songs don't need no splainin'. So c'mon, ride the pony!

April 22, 2006

The Friday Freakout Doesn't Give A Damn

April 21, 2006

The Friday Jazzout

Allmusic says: Ben Webster was considered one of the "big three" of swing tenors along with Coleman Hawkins (his main influence) and Lester Young . He had a tough, raspy, and brutal tone on stomps (with his own distinctive growls) yet on ballads he would turn into a pussy cat and play with warmth and sentiment.

Keith Shadwick's Jazz Guide says: Webster was universally acknowledged as the king of the ballad, his sensuous tone and elegant phrasing as unabashedly romantic as a Rachmaninov prelude. Webster quit the US in 1964...Happy to hang out visiting US colleagues, play at the best European clubs and festivals, and record virtually at will, Webster finally died in his favorite country, Sweden, in 1973.

SkinnySlim says: For me, there's Louis Armstrong, Sonny Rollins, and Ben Webster. This song is from his classic Soulville album, and features frequent collaborator and jazz great Oscar Peterson on piano. Guitarist Herb Ellis, bassist Ray Brown, and drummer Stan Levey round out the band.

Thrilladel-rific Weekend Events

Tonight, the 3rd Annual
Thrilladelphia Music Festival (henceforth referred to as TMF) kicks off with a secret show at Surreal Sound Studios. 7PM, $5 admission, $15 open bar. Live performances from four local bands with superb character and upbringing. One of them rhymes with "Sail Hocial". For the rest, you'll have to go here and RSVP. Study up beforehand with loads of Philly band mp3s at Some Velvet Blog.

Saturday, there's a lite rock bruncheon waiting for you in the Broad Street Tower Records at 2PM, where Trouble Everyday will be totally playing Philly for the very last time until the next one (TMF). But don't spoil your appetite, 'cause you've got a rich, satisfying evening ahead of you at Making Time. The return to Transit will be accompanied by the usual free PBR/Sparks action from 9-11. At midnight, you get New York's Favourite Sons.

Sunday night is actually pretty bumpin'. You've got Cold War Kids at The Fire doin' their Walkmen-cum-Jack White thing. There's also new Pitchfork crush Islands over at the church basement, playing with 'Stamps-endorsed Atlantans Snowden. And of course, Julian & Co. at the Electric Factory, in what will certainly be a show to remember. If not, rest assured, I'll be writing The Strokes a letter.

Australia: The New Canada?

Look out, unsuspecting canucks! Australia is hornin' in on your territory, big time. They've already showed tremendous moxie by flaunting their
international Hockey superiority (granted, Pakistan's goal-tending has always been questionable, but still...). Plus, they're twice the Uranium producer you are. But the wave of tremendously promising indie rock bands pouring forth over the Great Barrier Reef may be the most direct assault yet on Canada's cultural cachet. While I know I'm late to the bandwagon, Zeppelin Jr. Wolfmother has been seriosuly growing on me. Meanwhile, if their new material on MySpace is any indication, then The Grates are about to replace Bunky and the Friedberger siblings as everyone's favorite quirky-spazzy-cutesy-crazy thang. Finally, Howling Bells are quickly distinguishing themselves from the rest of the nu-blondie movement (The Twenty Twos, Havana Guns, The Long Blondes, et all) with a haunting debut album (now previewing here) that works both Sonic Youth and Slowdive into its audio walkabout, but still packs in more than enough melodic pop polish for a recent O.C. inclusion. Seems like it's just a matter of time before aboriginees in Habs jerseys start speaking French and selling us cheap perscription drugs. Oh, whatever will Canada didgerido?

April 20, 2006

Thursday Photo Essay

Class Dismissed

Thursday Photo Essay

It Ain't Fallin' Down

April 19, 2006

Return Of The Lotus Position

According to this week's
New York Magazine, newly single Russel Simmons is going on a tear. He's been hitting up all the right restaurants and nightclubs and was twice spotted with ridiculous hottie Estella Warren. In a quote destined for classic status, a source close to Simmons says that for the 48-year-old hip hop mogul,"It's all about the yoga and the women." So true, so true. SkinnySlim himself can relate to Simmons' plight. I was recently "let go" by my girlfriend of over two years. While I have been spotted only once with Miss Warren, and I definitely lack Mr. Simmons' muscular flexibility, I am still quite the catch. That's why I dedicate this all-time classic not only to the man that brought you Phat Farm, but also to the kid that brought you SkinnySlim.

Hail To The Thief

Okay, so it's no longer a matter of if a band's gear will be stolen when they come to Philly. As Rosie Thomas has most recently shown us, it's only a
matter of when. West Coasters, people in kilts - Philadelphia will take stuff from all comers. So let's make this a bit more interesting, shall we? Much more than a music blog, you may now consider BadmintonStamps your official Slim Hopkins of band theivery. Which touring act do you think will get their shit stolen next? And just how much are you willing to bet on it? Here are the early lines already on our books for some upcoming Philly shows, along with a few expert insights. If you want action on somebody who's not listed, just let us know in the comments, and our number crunchers will set it up all under-the-table like. Place your bets, folks, but remember: you DO NOT want to owe BadmintonStamps money...

4/23, Cold War Kids, 10-1: Hmm...a young left coast band playing at The Fire. Give these guys a van (and then steal it), and they're Film School.

4/27, Ghostface Killah, 25-1: Philly steps up its game, makes a trunk of those
24 karat dolls disappear from the TLA lot.

5/7, Phoenix, 12-1: C'mon, you're telling me nobody in this city is gonna wanna fuck over the French?

5/23, Lee Perry, 9-1: The Upsetter goes apeshit when his stash goes missing from the supposedly "green" room at World Cafe Live. But that's what he gets for cancelling on me back in February, goddamit.

5/24, Film School, 7-2: Who says lightning can't strike twice? The ultimate hard-luck story gets mainstream coverage, briefly distracts the city from Phillies' 12-36 record.

6/2, Wolfmother, 15-1: Like the well-crafted boomerangs of their homeland, these Aussies return to tempt fate and pawn shops in a city they escaped from cleanly earlier this month.

6/11, Cat Power, 100-1: Those aren't the odds of a theft. They're the odds that the show doesn't get cancelled.

April 17, 2006

Stampers In The News

Stamper/Canadian/Pimp Daddy Jamil follows in SkinnySlim's
footsteps, reviews music for New York Magazine. Nice Canada joke, Canada.

Stamper Ben Ha Meen goes to Scary Movie 4 and lives to tell the gruesome tale to Slate Magazine.

Inter-Stamper beef: Longtime contributor (Zerox) calls out newer reader (Lt. Pete Mitchell) for being a "ho".

New York Dolls/Buster Poindexter frontman David Johansen emailed recently telling me how much he loves the site, especially the one-two punch of the Friday Freakout/Jazzout. It's always great when your idols appreciate your work. Here's his new (!!!) New York Dolls song, and it's really fucking good, no joke.

Oh, and why the hell not?

The Pony Track Washes Up

Comin' atcha first thing every Monday morning, it's The Pony Track, a super-fantastic long distance dedication to BadmintonStamps Collective founding member Aaron "Pony" Child. No fancy links, no clever write-ups, 'cause these awesome songs don't need no splainin'. So c'mon, ride the pony!

April 14, 2006

Honey I Shrunk The Friday Freakout

A woefully under-stocked open bar and delays due to band travel snags still couldn't keep last night's free show from rocking off the majority of socks in the building. Walkmen ran through a set of great new songs, including "Louisiana" and the epic "Lost In Boston", and made it pretty clear that they're gonna be hot hot shit again in '06, while the globe-trotting Duke Spirit showed why they may very well outdraw
their tourmates at the Electric Factory by the time June rolls around. Corporate sponsor Honda set up a carnival-like scene in the outside courtyard to promote their new Fit. The centerpiece of the installation was a shrinky dink station, where people could color in various cargo items (golf clubs, an upright bass, llamas) and then watch the pre-heated toaster oven work its thermodynamic magic, thereby illustrating the car's surprising storage capacity. And while a crew of Rick Moranis impersonators might have kept the display on message even more effectively, the cute yellow jacket-clad girls operating the table convinced me just fine. That said, when will there ever be a better time to post this tight-cornering muscle car of a Friday Freakout from my Yo La Tengo pit crew? Never, that's when. And since we like to pack more into each post than you expect, here's another shrinky-freak from the evening's heroes.

SkinnybergSlimstein Likes His Coke Kosher

The Friday Jazzout

Allmusic says: The top tenor saxophonist to emerge during the bop era and possessor of his own distinctive sound, Gordon sometimes was long-winded and quoted excessively from other songs, but he created a large body of superior work and could battle nearly anyone successfully at a jam session.

Keith Shadwick's Jazz Guide says: Drug offenses took Gordon off the scene for virtually the entire 1950s (1952-54; 56-60). His return in 1960 was greeted with some astonishment...and his Blue Note Records from this time won high critical praise...[In the 80s] his health began to fail and he slowed his activity almost to a halt. However, one last great swansong remain: the lead acting role in Bernard Tavernier's 1986 film, Round Midnight (italics). Based on the Parisian experiences of Bud Powell and Lester Young, it's portrayal of the hard-drinking, seriously wasted middle-aged saxophonist played by Gordon fitted him to a tee - very little acting was required. The film won awards [he was nominated for an Oscar] and Gordon ended his life in glory.

SkinnySlim says: Dexter Gordon is synonymous with elegant cool. Play him while wooing an well-heeled lady and she'll be making you breakfast in the morning.

April 13, 2006

Philly's Free To Rock You And Me

Tonight, everything's
free and easy over at Starlight Ballroom. Walkmen, The Duke Spirit, Dave P, and a "select" open bar. Heeby hipsters, don't forget to open up a free can of Sparks for Elijah! Also, The Yarrows are up to some curious hijinks over at the Khyber. Kobuki theater and/or sock puppets may be involved.

Friday night, we shit you not, Hoobastank will be at the North Star, free. Sometimes these jokes just write themselves. Compared to that, a band of gypsies at the Troc seems pretty unremarkable. Gogol Bordello steals your stuff for just $15 bucks.

Saturday and Sunday, the TLA is supplyin' a double dose of grrrl power. Regina Spektor gets you riled up with her in-yr-face attitude one night, and Ladytron breaks it down the next, along with help from the new-look French Kicks.

Also, tickets on sale this Friday at 10 AM for Cat Power at The Electric Factory, as well as TLA shows with Wolfmother and former Television frontman Tom Verlaine.

Thursday Photo Essay

19,278,506th Strongest Man In The World

Thursday Photo Essay

Lions, Tigers, Whatever

April 12, 2006

She's Keeps It Linkin' Straight To My Heart

They staged
THAT? Jesus Christ, how much more un-rock 'n roll can Ben Gibbard possibly be?

Proof, R.I.P.

Ghostface talks about Giraffe ribs and Tom and Jerry in Mass Appeal's cover story. That dude/Ghostface collaborator (MF) Doom says something about something too.

Dead YouTube Star #1: Seventeen year old Biggie Smalls ripping it on the streets of Bed-Stuy.

Dead YouTube Star #2: Nirvana performs "School" on MTV in 1991. And here's a rare bootleg recording of Nirvana performing live in Amsterdam

And cause I love you, here's another...

April 11, 2006

The City That Robs You Back

A quick perusal of user reviews for Nick's Roast Beef on
Citysearch reveals the following insights...

Crowded: yes
Trendy: no
Romantic: no
Good for after work: yes
Good dancing: no
Good social scene: yes
Good happy hour: yes

Allow out-of-towners Arab Strap to add one more obvious, but still very important item...

Good place to leave wallet with $6,000 unattended: no

Hey, at least didn't leave their tour van at Nick's. Touring acts take heed: performing in Philly has its price.

Nicks Roast Beef? That place is mad nasty. Anyone that goes to that shithole deserves whatever they get. You're in Philly, get a cheesesteak. Fucking scots.

April 10, 2006

It's Hard Out Here For A Big Apple Rapper

A just-released
survey finds that people's level of distress in New York City is far greater than in the rest of the country. It's enough to make a famous rapper get up and move out of the city. The Notorious B.I.G. understood the pressures of NYC. That's why he packed up his Bed-Stuy bags and hoped across the Hudson to Frank Sinatra's home state of New Jerusalem. 50 Cent (aka Fiddy Cent, aka Curtis Jackson) was also feeling the stress of the city. So he went moved out of Q-Borough and headed to the green pastures of Connecticut, moving into "Tyson's mansion with 18 bedrooms". So was it the fame? The fortune? The smoking ban? The suspension of all 9 train service? Or the whole getting shot thing? Not even. It was the depressing act of having your ass handed to you by Jadakiss, who on his recent diss track makes quite the bitch out of Mr. Cent (aka Miss Jackson).

Haiku Review: Art Brut

Best show of the year?
Who knows, but this I will say.
Two words: HO-LY FUCK!

You Never Have To Wonder About The Pony Track

Comin' atcha first thing every Monday morning, it's The Pony Track, a super-fantastic long distance dedication to BadmintonStamps Collective founding member Aaron "Pony" Child. No fancy links, no clever write-ups, 'cause these awesome songs don't need no splainin'. So c'mon, ride the pony!

April 7, 2006

The Friday Freakout's Punchin' Doggies

It used to be that TV shows
did music their own way. None of this fancy, bandwagon-hopping, soundtrack-compiling OC nonsense, no siree. A composer would sit down and grind out a gripping, catchy, hummable theme song and a few bars of segue music, and by golly that was all the soundtrack you needed. I have no problem with modern shows garnering attention for their background music, but the trend does seem to leave certain shows at an unfair disadvantage. While Gilmore Girls or Entourage have the freedom to boost their 18-35 appeal by including all the Constantines or Jay-Z clips they want, what's a show like HBO's wild west drama Deadwood to do? The answer may have arrived just in time for the third season. I'm not proposing anything too radical. All I'd do is replace the opening theme with this barn burner of a Friday Freakout from Carl Barat's new, post-Libertines vehicle Dirty Pretty Things. Granted, from a historical perspective, the song doesn't scream Wild Bill so much as it does Franz Ferdinand. Then again, is Remy Zero actually what the kids are listening to these days in Smallville? Or, for that matter, anywhere?

And just for good measure, here's one more song that would probably fit just fine in the show's closing credits.

The Friday Jazzout

In this new weekly feature, allow SkinnySlim to make your Friday afternoons a bit cooler.

Allmusic says: "A severely underrated player during his lifetime, Grant Green is one of the great unsung heroes of jazz guitar...This languid, seductive gem may well be Grant Green's greatest moment on record. Right from the opening bars of the classic title cut, Idle Moments is immediately ingratiating and accessible, featuring some of Green's most stylish straight jazz playing."

Keith Shadwick's Jazz Guide says: "He was a keen adherent of the idea that guitars could and should be able to phrase like brass instruments...From the first, Green was equally drawn to jazz and R&B."

SkinnySlim says: "I once read an interview of Steven Malkmus conducted by Thurston Moore in which he tells of smoking one hit weed on the tour bus and listening to Grant Green. I was sold."

Philly Prepares To Rock, Longs For Football Season

Look at us! We'll host a band!!! Tonight, Philly welcomes Art Brut
to the church basement for a long-awaited and certain rocking. So you're telling me that the Phillies can sell out a game, but there's still tickets to this show? Lordy!

Holy Led Zeppelin! Australia's Wolfmother hits the North Star this Saturday, kicking off a full-scale lupine invasion. Wolf Parade join in the assault next Tuesday at the TLA. Meanwhile, Phillies pitcher Randy Wolfe prepares for minor-league rehab assignment at the M Room.

If it's not Scottish, it's crap! Arab Strap (whose latest album cover includes a drawing of a wolf...) soundtrack your Sunday night at the Khyber. If the music gets too sad and depressing, just try to picture something funny, like Charlie Manuel wearing a kilt. On second thought, that might make things worse...

Confessions Of A Herb

The following
originally appeared on Jeffrey Baum's Central Village blog last week. It is presented here in its unintentionaly and thoroughly comedic entirety, without modification, but with our deepest sympathy for Jeff's parents.

Confession time! I read Pitchfork every single day before I go to work. The album reviews usually go up around 9:00, right before I leave in the morning. The first order of business is to check my Gmail (usually the overnight delivery consists of Thrillist, a band blast or six and some Asian spam that evaded the filter.) Next I skim through my Kinja real quick for the night-owl bloggers (Paige Six, for example, seems to only post between 1 and 5am, which is why we love her.) After showering and getting dressed, I go on Pitchfork to check their album reviews. This morning I saw Voxtrot up there. Not the featured review, but above the fold. A good sign. I had been waiting for this for a very long time.

Vday 7.8/8.2. It's really tough to beat that. The review is overwhelmingly positive, stating the only flaw is the "tepid" track Wrecking Force on the first EP, which the reviewer even admits that "There's nothing terribly wrong with it; it's just not as spectacularly right as the other nine songs rounding out Voxtrot's recorded work." The second EP is better than the first, and the review recognizes that they are improving. That's a good sign. I'm excited and proud for these guys, tho the importance of these reviews seems softened in comparison to the amount of success they've gained otherwise. The two shows at Mercury Lounge were sold out well before this came out. But nonetheless, it's a seal of approval, like it or not. I'm happy to see it.

Talk all the shit you'd like about the fork, but this is a huge hurdle to clear for any indie band. You fall in love with a band, watch them grow and gain attention, and you just expect it to all blow up in your face when something like this comes along. I've seen it happen many times before. Most recently this week, in fact, with the latest Two Gallants record. But Voxtrot is too good. By now, everybody knows this.

The post is titled "The Start Of Something". If he stays true to form, the end of that something is about three months away, max.

April 6, 2006

Thursday Photo Essay

Twin Brother Disco

Thursday Photo Essay

Higher! Higher!

April 5, 2006

Walkmen & Duke Spirit: Free Shows In Philly, NYC

If you're in Philly or New York and like both rock and roll, then get on your nearest e-mail-sending device and RSVP pronto for a free show with Walkmen & The Duke Spirit. Deets for the Philly show next Thursday are
right here, while the 411 for the NYC concert on April 20th is way over here. Both shows, sponsored by Honda, also feature Making Time's Dave P on the decks, so expect some cocainemidsizesedanjams sprinkled in for good measure.

Pacifier? I Hardly Know Her!

In space, nobody can hear you scream. Consequently, in space, nobody can hear you give birth. This may be one of several awful reasons why alien-worshipper Tom Cruise is demanding his wife Katie Holmes deliver their (read: her) baby silently. Still, you can't say the guy's not meeting her half way. Word has it he's commissioned an
adult-size, specially designed pacifier for Katie to bite down on during labor. This will undoubtedly make it easier for her to keep quiet when the baby explodes out of her abdomen. The adult pacifier will be one half of a matching set, along with a smaller, baby-sized version which will hopefully prevent the newborn from performing a traditional vaudeville song-and-dance routine after delivery. No word yet on how anybody plans to shut up Tom Cruise.

How About That Weather?

Every April, there's a day that it snows (this year, that day is today). And every year, everybody goes, "Can you believe it's SNOWING in APRIL?!?" Yes. It snows in April every year.

You may ask, "Why Bruce Springsteen's 'Rosalita' to accompany this post?" Well, if you got a problem with the Boss then you got a problem with me. Now go play in the wet, non-sticky snow, and get over yourself.

April 4, 2006

Lessons In Making It Go Hot

Congratulations, you've just recorded an album. Twelve songs of innocence emotional resonance feedback driven sound explorations krautrock inspired tropicalia loud shit to make the club go thizz-ump. You got
Steve Albini to record it, Alan Moulder to mix it, and Howie Weinberg to master it at Masterdisk. You picked the album cover and it's provocative (nsfw?) without upsetting the feminist college biatches. So you think you're ready to go platinum? Nah, nah, homie. You're missing that one ingredient to make the joint go all TRL in this piece. You best tell the distribution plant to stop the presses, make Steve Jobs take down the server, and chuckle at the bootleggers who think they beat you to the punch. Now get your ass on the first plane to College Park, take your hottest song, and add a "featuring Ludacris" to the end of it. Ya heard?!?

Our Lips Are Sealed

One of the biggest environmental face-offs is going down in Canada this month, as celebrity protesters call on the nation's government to end the
culling of baby seals. The Canadian goverment claims the seal hunt is an important tradition, one which provides a boost to the economy, creates jobs for its citizens, and helps regulate the seal population. Paul McCartney has responded with a suggestion that eco-tourism could generate the same income, while Morrisey makes the tried-and-true seal hunt/concentration camp argument, and says the seal population can handle itself just fine. Boy, a few baby animals get hurt, and suddenly everybody's a marine biologist. You'd think America would be cool letting people get drunk, club some baby animals, and call it an honest day's work, but the U.S. has actually taken the opposite position on the issue. There's already a ban on the importation of all seal products (though that ban isn't enforced very strictly). And now, Philadelphia is granting amnesty to seals that have made a run for it. Experts predict that a gray seal living in the Delaware River will "remain in the area as long as people leave him alone and the food supply remains." Which, really, describes the outlook of most any Philadelphian.

April 3, 2006

Moisturize My Situation And Preserve My Sexy

Breaking: Chronikill play
tonight at a titty bar for 8 bucks (cheap!). See you therrr.

Diddy sues Proactive because he has zits. According to the Diddster, "I look foolish on an infomercial promoting a product for skin care and my skin still has bumps on it". Is that really why you look foolish, Diddy? These beg to differ.

Is Paris Hilton the new Gangsta Boo? Badminton Five Six Question vets record with the b.j. heiress. Rox has details.

CBS was fined 3.6 million by the FCC for showing an "orgy" on Without a Trace. Watch the scene here (nsfw?). That's right, only BadmintonStamps is willing to take the risks that major networks are also willing to take.

Stream new Clipse feat. Pharell.

Las Onomatopeyas (via design observer)

The Pony Track Commits An Act Of Self Love

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