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March 31, 2006

Buy Me Some Friday Freakout And Crackerjack

As Philabuster's beloved Red Sox suit up for another run at the title, it's pretty clear there's more to love than ever about the team's 2006 roster. Our new center fielder is not only
named after a breakfast cereal, but also believes his pant leg length affects his physical abilities on the field. Just show me the Yankee that's man enough to walk around "showing full sock" who isn't referring to the one stuffed inside his cup. Then there's Mark Loretta, the new guy at second base, who I'm pretty sure is actually SNL alum and Anchorman cast member David Koechner. But by far the most compelling addition of the off-season is right-handed reliever Julian "A History of Violence" Tavarez. Let's move past the fact that this man's face looks like a waffle that's been stepped on, and apprecaite the potential entertainment value of a fellow who is legitimately bat-shit crazy - just ask Joey Gathright. And he's a regular Russell Crowe Naomi Campbell when you put him near a phone. Yup, there's just the right kind of wacky Friday Freakout chemistry in the works here for another championship. You can't deny, the team's got pep.

Rocking Out Takes Balls: Land-O-Links Contest Honorees

Lots of great links from our 'Stamper faithful. But a few truly distinguished themselves from the pack...

First, Michael H answers a question that has plagued mankind since at least last month:
Where Da Gold??? 'Cause the grilly is illy, yo.

I've know they're edible, and I've heard once or twice that they're possiby incredible. But never have I seen such exuberant praise for an aborted chicken fetus as in this next link, sent in to us by Brittni B. Like the girl told us, "click on egg song for wiggle-jiggle-yellow-middle awesome!" Like Homestar Runner, but with more cholesterol.

But the prize of two Editors/Stellastarr* tickets, courtesy of our generous friends at Fader Label, goes unquestionably to Michael L, who direted our attention to the remarkable artistry of one Chris Bliss, rock juggler. Where lesser men thrash on air guitar or merely bob their head to the beat, Chris embarks on a visceral tour de force that's part interprative dance, part circus act. Just try to deny his passion. His intensity. His dummy elevator. It's just one more example of how music brings out the best in all of us. For those about to juggle, we salute you. For those who can't, here's a brand new Editors b-side.

Standing Stills

Download: The Stills - "Mountain" (tunes courtesy of R5)
Download: The Stills - "Helicopter"
Download: The Stills - "It Takes Time"

March 30, 2006

Philly's Got Some Tough Choices

Straight outta Tower, Nine Black Alps are plugging in and rocking out
at North Star tonight. Along for the ride are fellow Brits The Duke Spirit, fronted by sexy tambourine-shakin' rock chica Leila Moss, and Five O'Clock Heroes.

Also tonight, pride of Willmington The Spinto Band headline at the TLA. The Teeth will be there. Amanda will be there. Will you?

Friday night brings another clash of foreign and domestic. Even those with a poor sense of direction will be feelin' South at North Star. Meanwhile, The A-Sides team up with some other local acts for a night of Delaware Valley feelgoodery at the Khyber.

Saturday night, Centro-Matic is at North By Northwest. Their new album, Fort Recovery, has been getting heavy rotation here at BadmintonStamps' Philly headquarters.

Finally, Saturday also brings the double-decker rock hoagie that is Editors/Stellastarr* to the Trocadero. You can still enter to win a pair of tickets in our Land-O-Links contest. Our friends at The BM Rant also have tickets to give away. And Phillyist, too. Is anybody paying to see this show?

Five Questions: Arctic Monkeys Ticket Winner

Looking for the final word on the Arctic Monkeys' Philly appearance last weekend? Look no further. Stalwart 'Stamper and
ticket winner Amanda answers our questions and tells you all what's what.

1) We know you look good on the dance floor. During which song do you think you looked the best?
Obviously, "Oh Mandy" by the Spinto Band. Duh.

2) Having seen it up close, do you think there are any other rock stars who could pull off the "severe teen acne" look?
Nope. But judging by the age and similar disposition of the kids front and center of the stage, it works for them.

3) Which band member struck you as the cheekiest Monkey?
My personal favorite was the slightly larger than the rest Monkey, looking a bit out of place stage left. I guess he hasn't discovered the slimming powers that is blowing rails off of hookers yet.

4) Using the <, =, and > symbols, please explain just how insanely, uncomfortably, heat-strokingly hot the Starlight Ballroom got as compared to: McDonald's coffee, a kiln, and Rick Santorum's senate seat.
Starlight Ballroom < McDonald's coffee
Starlight Ballroom = a kiln
Starlight Ballroom > Rick Santorum's senate seat

5) How was the show?
The show? Way better than I expected, due to the hyping of the Monkeys by just about everyone on the planet. While I wouldn't place it as the best show of all time, it's certainly up there as a good, fun, dance-able experience. Plus, I developed a crush on the whole collective Spinto Band, who I will be stalking.. uh, I mean seeing again at the TLA tonight. Sigh. Now THOSE are some dreamboats. Thanks Philabuster and SkinnySlim for making my wildest dreams come true!

Thursday Photo Essay

Awwww...Seriously Though, They're Ferocious

Thursday Photo Essay

"I Hate Old People, I Do!"

Lunch Hour Rock Fix

Thursday draggin' by a little slower than you expected? Nine Black Alps will be playing an acoustic set this afternoon at the Tower Records on Broad Street. Show up at 12:30 sharp, snag some standing room up front next to the reggae rack, and then just ride that strummy Anglo post-grunge wave right on through to Friday, baby. Plus, for the price of a Cosi salad and a Boylan's, you can grab a sale-priced copy of their excellent debut album Everything Is. Lunch makes you weak and flabby. Rock makes you STRONG!

March 29, 2006

BadmintonStamps Contest: Editors' Land-O-Links

No foolin'. This Saturday, there's one
mad hot show goin' down at the Trocadero, and we've got a pair of tickets just dyin' to be all used and shit. But if you want to see Editors, Stellastarr*, and Mobius Band on the cheap, then you're gonna have to show us something. Literaly. Shoot an e-mail with your name, along with your most comedic, compelling, useful, stunning, or otherwise mind-altering link, to your very good friend with the subject heading "YOU SAY PARTY! WE SAY LINK!" Lead us to dizzying heights of unimagined hyperlink perfection. Open our eyes to internetish wonders we've as yet only heard of in fable or boast. Best link gets the tickets, and you've got until 11:59 on Thursday night to enter. We'll announce the winner on Friday and post a feature on his/her big-time link, along with those of several runners-up. Show us what you got, 'Stampers.

March 28, 2006

Maybe I Am Kevin Finnerty

round up: Jin is a fucking pussy, 50 Cent gives away street cred with plans for Jacko duet, and Clipse wear funny t-shirts.

Chuck Klosterman reviews the new Guns 'N Roses album. It is "not the greatest rock album ever made", "certainly awesome", "sporadic at best", "self-reflexive self-indulgence", and if released a bit earlier, "an undeniable masterpiece". Chuck, meet Jin.

It's the Walkmen, bitches! Listen to my new favorite song. It's pretty.

Today is the official Ghostface and Yeah Yeah Yeahs day. Pick 'em up.

'Cause Chris says I let you all down, here's some Ween. Fyi, Mannequin was filmed at Wanamaker's, not Woolworth's.

Polishing The Oscar

An unnamed 34-year-old massage therapist at a Scottish golf resort is claiming that,
during a recent appointment, Kevin Costner performed a "disgusting act in front of her." Investigators initially assumed that said "disgusting act" was simply the actor practicing his lines for The Tortilla Curtain. In fact, the Oscar winner had decided that there were no real untouchables within the confines of his hotel suite, and proceeded to give his skinny wolf a dance or two in front of the hapless masseuse. While his publicists deny that Costner is the celebrity in question, the deatils of the report leave little doubt as to the identity of ol' Rubbin' Hood, especially in the sections describing his swift, violent hand motions back and to the left, back and to the left, back and to the left. Ouch! Still, I suppose you need to do something to keep that statue from getting rusty, right Kev?

March 27, 2006

Philadelphia: The Freedom To Rock Since '76

It was quite a Philly adventure for me this weekend. After four whirlwind nights, I was left a bit less skinnyslim by four cheesesteaks, a bit gimpier by rough nights on the couch, and a bit sicker by a case of the infamous Philabuster head-cold. Was it worth it? Hell yeah. A chance to see the Arctic Monkeys, The Go! Team, and The Sun/Harlem Shakes/Picture cannot be passed up. The winning show? Obviously, BadmintonStamps'
historic showcase event on Saturday night. The bands had us yelling, screaming and Harlem-shaking our rumps. We were so impressed by all of them, and would love to have 'em back in the future. We owe a huge thanks to the bands, Bruce from XPN for all the help, and especially the fans who travelled through the rain to allow themselves a thorough rocking. We hope to see you at the next event of awesomeness soon.

The Pony Track Ain't Too Proud

Comin' atcha first thing every Monday morning, it's The Pony Track, a super-fantastic long distance dedication to BadmintonStamps Collective founding member Aaron "Pony" Child. No fancy links, no clever write-ups, 'cause these awesome songs don't need no splainin'. So c'mon, ride the pony!

March 24, 2006

The Friday Freakout's Tellin' You For The Last Time

The night of a thousand Friday Freakouts happens tomorrow at 8PM at the World Cafe Live. Here's three to get your juices flowing. $6 bucks and a smile gets you the rest. Be there, or be prepared for us to glance at you awkwardly/menacingly from across the blogosphere on Monday.

March 23, 2006

Philly 's Funest Weekend Is Full Of Starlight

Tonight, The Go! Team is funking, rocking, and chanting their way into the hearts of us 'delphians over at The Starlight Ballroonm. And like the old musical prverb says, "Swedes on the bill, show gon' be ill." Which means, you best not miss Love Is All.
Not sold out.

On the other hand, the Friday night affair at Starlight Ballroom, featuring Mates Of State, is very much sold out. But there's always that one ticket available on craigslist...

The closest star to us is The Sun. Saturday night, it gets closer than ever, and there's only one thing you need to be doin'.

Sunday night, it's Starlight Ballroom Part III: Revenge of The Brits. Arctic Monkeys tell you exactly where you can shove that American hipster backlash. Hint: it's not your pocket.

And don't forget, TLA tickets for both The Walkmen and Ghostface Killah go on sale Friday at noon.

Thursday Photo Essay

Going Under The Knife

Thursday Photo Essay


March 22, 2006

Go For The Lowgold

It's true, I am regrettably at less than %100 right now. But even in my decrepit state, I can still muster the strength to satisfy some reader requests. In the comments last week, 'Stamper Becky
professed her relief in discovering that she's not alone in her love of Brit coulda-shoulda-beens Lowgold, and asked for a few more tunes. So here's four slow wonders that span the career of, in my book at least, the masters of mope. Two b-sides, bookended by two of my favorite album tracks. When you feel miserable, it's nice to commiserate with a band that knows how to keep it real miserable, too.

I Love...Boston?

Philabuster is currently holed up with an epic head cold. Making matters worse, I was supposed to travel to Philly tonight to help with concert promotion, but I chickened out, leaving him to hand out fliers in the cold. In honor of my brave blogging partner, here's the post I thought I would never write: an ode to Boston. Despite my venom for this filthy, cold, non-24 hour public transportation having city, it is the hometown of Mr. Buster, so it must be doing something right. Some other things:

- First there's
Cheers, aka the greatest thing ever.
- Matisse, Degas, El Greco, and More! Check out highlights from the The Museum of Fine Arts.
- Boston Baked Beans
- I thought NYC invented paying wholesale. Boston's Filene's Basement was the first off-price discount store.
- If Holly Eats gives it "Five Greese Stains", it must be delicious. Mr. Bartley's has been serving 'em up for forty years.
- Finally, and this is so painful for me, Fenway Park is a pretty nice baseball stadium.

Send Philabuster get well messages in the comments, and may NYC have mercy on my soul. Remember, the perfect get well gift will be your attendance this Saturday. And here's the best rock song ever written about a city that isn't Ace Frehley's "Back In The New York Groove".

March 21, 2006

Start Wearing Purple

I'm grooving out to some Deep Purple on the Sopranos
Sunday night when the phone rings. It's Della Reese. She's starting a clothing line for plus sized women and wants my advice on color schemes (she's color blind). "Well," I say, "I like purple and pink, not just purple and purple and purple." She says "Thanks", and we make plans to meet up for coffee. The next day I read that Della took my words to heart. I'm glad I could be of help, Miss Reese. Unfortunately, just then the phone rings and it's my lawyer. Big surprise, I'm in hot water again. Seems like I go to a party at Prince's house and the next thing you know, overpaid purple jersey-wearing Carlos Boozer sues The Purple One for "an extremely tacky makeover" done to the place, including painting the house purple. Hey Carlos, sorry 'bout that, but the mauve tone you had picked was even more extremely tacky. And give me a break, cause all this stress is making a playa go for that purple drank.

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Congrats to the winners of the first
BadmintonStamps Box Office Bonanza. Mike D. will be gettin' fun-kay with The Go! Team this Thursday night, Mark. D (no relation) gets to roll showcase-style at the World Cafe on Saturday, and Amanda M. will be so over this Arctic Monkeys nonsense by the time Sunday rolls around that she might not even go at all, but she'll always know she could have. Thanks to everyone who entered. Your ability to type your names followed by a short itemized list was truly awe-inspiring, and we look forward to giving you similar opportunities in the future.

March 20, 2006

Link Your Face Off

And Juelz isn't the only gay rapper to support the music of short teenage girls.

The Sun are playing BadmintonStamps historic showcase concert this Saturday night. The paper of record, aka The Fort Worth Weekly, calls them "ultra-hip", says their album "is a masterstroke in pacing, sonic diversity, and production quality ", and claims their concert will be "show of the year" and "may be for the ages." We wouldn't dare mess with Texas, would we?

Ohio Players play Biggie and Diddy. Successful lawsuit leads to ban on all sales of Ready to Die. But what about the kids, Ohio? How they gonna learn if they can't have their Professor Wallace?

Nick Grey totally danced his face off Saturday Night.

King Floyd, grooving in that great disco in the sky.

The Pony Track Rides And Rides

Comin' atcha first thing every Monday morning, it's The Pony Track, a super-fantastic long distance dedication to BadmintonStamps Collective founding member Aaron "Pony" Child. No fancy links, no clever write-ups, 'cause these awesome songs don't need no splainin'. So c'mon, ride the pony!

March 17, 2006

The Friday Freakout's Got To Give It Up

Philabuster has a mad-crazy-busy couple o' days and nights ahead of him, so we'll have to dispense with the usual Friday Freakout accoutrements of
sea creatures and SEPTA jokes. So this post is bound to suck, right? Not so fast, boys and girls. The 'Stamps never closes a door without opening a window. And in this case, it's a ticket window. We're giving away tickets like you ain't never seen, in what I'm dubbing "The BadmintonStamps Box Office Bonanza". We've got three hottt prizes up for grabs:

1) Two (2) tickets to see The Go! Team w/ Love Is All, Thursday, March 23rd at the Starlight Ballroom

2) Two (2) tickets to see The Sun, The Harlem Shakes, and The Picture, Saturday, March 25th in the BadmintonStamps/WXPN post-SXSW showcase at World Cafe Live

3) Two (2) tickets to see Arctic Monkeys w/ The Spinto Band, Sunday, March 26th at the Starlight Ballroom

For a chance to win, send an e-mail with the subject heading "YOU & ME & THE BSBOB" to Please include your full name and a listing of the three prizes in your order of preference (1st choice, 2nd, etc.) Obviously, these prizes are of no use to you if you're not in or plan to be visiting the greater Philadelpia region next week, so don't waste our time (yeah, I'm looking at you, Kuala Lumpur). The winners will be picked all random-like and announced on Monday. That's just BadmintonStamps for ya. When we ain't kickin' out the jams, we're kickin' out the tix.

Slow Fast Car

You may have noticed my new playlist over on the right side (my left) of the site. It's called "Selections From New York Hip Hop, Late Eighties to Mid-Nineties, aka 'The Time For Awesome'." There are a couple of funny samples on the list, specifically Edie Brickell's "What I Am" on "Slow Down" and Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" on "Sometimes I Rhyme Slow, Sometimes I Rhyme Quick". I just love it when talented hip-hoppers take their contemporary folksters' originals and turn them into bangers. Those hoppers, always up to something! In honor of this "repetition with a difference", I bring you Miss Chapman's star-making, Grammy winning hit.

The Chris Mullin Post

Chris Mullin is my nemesis. I can't go into any specifics, on the advice of my lawyer, but I will say this: F Chris Mullin. Chris Mullin is a herb. And clean up your goddamn yard already. Fucking practice player.

March 16, 2006

Thursday Photo Essay

Joy Ride

Thursday Photo Essay

The Men Don't Know, But The Little Girls Understand

March 15, 2006

Links Vs. Links

"Fab Four Suture doesn't inspire me because I rarely actually have to hear it - stepping back, my ears tell me that I have, in fact, already heard it countless times before." -
Dominique Leone, Pitchfork

"On the new Fab Four Suture, the 15-year-old European troupe doesn't display a hint of fatigue. The dozen songs are nimble and fresh..." - Doug Wallen, Philadelphia Weekly

Isaac Hayes
"I told [people] not to take this stuff seriously. If you do, you'll get in trouble. Just enjoy it. Remember your high-school yearbook? You look at those pictures now, you laugh, right? That's what South Park is." - Isaac Hayes, 1/4/06

"Religious beliefs are sacred to people, and at all times should be respected and honored. As a civil rights activist of the past 40 years, I cannot support a show that disrespects those beliefs and practices." Isaac Hayes, 3/14/06

James Blunt
"Blunt has now delivered a breathtaking debut album which smacks of the personal experiences - both tragic and uplifting - that have shaped his life to date." - Jack Foley, IndieLondon

"There's no humour in his music and there doesn't seem to be much depth. It's the sort of thing you'd write on a card if you were sending flowers." - Graham Coxon

Reflections On Temporary Blindness

Temporary blindness is no laughing matter, although it is much funnier than real blindness. Researchers recently discovered a new type of this condition, termed
emotion induced blindness. In this state, the subject loses sight when they see a particularly overpowering image. As modestly as possible, I must admit to being not only aware of this phenomenon, but also to being a frequent cause. See, I am indeed quite good looking, and many a night I have entered a bar/party/cock fight/porcupine fight only to watch several women swoon. Some have even stumbled out of said bar/party/cock fight/porcupine fight screaming, "I'm blind, I'm blind! That SkinnySlim is too visually overpowering". Detractors claim it's my snaggle tooth or face nipple causing their loss of vision, but I know the truth: it's my devilish grin, my strong cheekbones, my golden olive complexion. So don't blame me, blame the big fella upstairs (Pesci, not Hasselhoff). That's right, in some ways you could say God built me to blind. Thankfully, he also built Built To Spill's Doug Martsch to write beautiful, sprawling rock songs about such important issues.

March 14, 2006

L'Accident De Voiture

When I was a youngster, I had a slight fear of flying. To soothe my anxiety, peeps would be like, "Don't worry, you're
much more likely to die in a car crash than a plane crash." All that did was make me very afraid to ride in cars. So thanks a lot, "Grandma" (if that is your real name). The truth is cars kill, in more ways than one. There's the good way, the bad way, and the office time-killing video game way. With all the hot steel, mangled and bloody bodies, and funky graphics, it's not surprising that killer cars have been an obsession for artists ranging from French New Wave directors to nineties alternative rock bands. To make your Tuesday a little less gloomy, we'll spare you the score of "Weekend" and instead stick to the rock.

She's Hearing Voices

When he's not "
keepin' it real" with the Three 6 Mafia, George Clooney's attention is zeroed in on his life's true calling: selling cheap domestic beer. These days, you can't watch a single sporting event on television without Batman sitting you down for a heart-to-heart on Budweiser's smooth taste and pattented Beachwood aging process. While celebrities still shy away from prominent commercial roles here in the US, voice-over work is a different story altogether, and my emotions on the situation are mixed. On the one hand, I'm thrilled that Mandy Patinkin and Hector Elizondo are still able to find work. On the other hand, I'm deeply troubled by the idea that I've unknowingly let suspect characters like Christian Slater and Stockard Channing into my home. And I don't care if George Clooney is a household name. Every time he regails me in that smug tone of his about the bold, crisp flavor of a beer he wouldn't be caught drinking even if the bottle was stuck in Scarlett Johansen's cleavage, I just want to punch him in the face.

March 13, 2006

Philadelphia, Are You Ready To Rock???

Click the image for details and downloads.

Linkback Mountain

Hot Chip @ Pure on Friday = Best. Making. Time. Ever. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

Ludacris: two commercials an hour,
so everybody sees.

C-Murder now prefers to go by Corey Miller.

Pitchfork gets our sloppy juicy seconds, interviews Three 6 Mafia.

Interesting: Kelis is back. More interesting: Kelis' back.

The Global Language Monitor confirms that, like a pie to the face or the word "Kookamunga", there's just something innately and universaly funny about cowboy butt sex.

So we'll give the Hot Chip a rest for a wee bit (like, a week...?), but that doesn't mean we can't all enjoy somebody else's dancy synth pop. New Young Pony Club, of Philabuster's playlist fame, kicks out more of the sultry jams on their MySpace page.

The Pony Track Is Chairmen Of The Lover's Board

Comin' atcha first thing every Monday morning, it's The Pony Track, a super-fantastic long distance dedication to BadmintonStamps Collective founding member Aaron "Pony" Child. No fancy links, no clever write-ups, 'cause these awesome songs don't need no splainin'. So c'mon, ride the pony!

March 10, 2006

The Friday Freakout Has You In Its Soft, Furry Grip

Dude, Coelacanths are
sooooo last week. Mother Nature's latest practical joke, dubbed the Kiwaida, was discovered by divers earlier this week in the South Pacific. The name is derived from Kiwa, the goddess of crustaceans in Polynesian mythology. Information is scant concerning the goddess, though I was able to unearth some literature on her male counterpart, champion, and (I assume) lover. It goes without saying that this new creature is, in all likelyhood, delicious (re-read the article; AP writers don't drop the salad plate as a unit of measure without good reason). The real question now is whether the blind albino dinner for two will receive fair treatment in a prejudiced market. Higher-ups at the notoriously close-minded Red Lobster restaurant chain were already rumored to be the ones applying pressure on the scientific community to assign the creature a non-lobster classification. If Kiwaida Poppers aren't on the menu come summer, you can chalk it up as just one more sad reminder that our nation still isn't nearly as color-blind as we'd like to think. Electric Six know exactly what I'm talking about. The lobster's white, guys! Get over it! Or so help me, I'll invoke the Polynesian god of tangy butter sauces to drizzle swift, finger-licking Friday Freakout vengeance down upon you.

Why Not Kathy Griffin?

Last weekend, I attended the dress rehearsal of Saturday Night Live. One of the "treats" of the evening is not only seeing failed sketches that don't air, but also minor changes to the ones that do. With an hour before showtime, Lorne Michaels switched Dick Cheney's position from the right side of President Bush to the left. This makes sense; the left is obviously funnier than the right. But one change left me puzzled. In a Weekend Update bit,
Donald Trump relates a story about pulling a "switcheroo" on The Tony Danza Show that had Susan Lucci aghast. Yet at the dress rehersal, Trump did not freak out Ms. Lucci, but rather mid-level comedienne Caroline Rhea. Is Lucci funnier than Rhea? Normally I would defer to the wise judgment of the SNL writers, but in this case I feel they were overthinking matters. Because for me, it's not the D-list female guest, but rather the Who's The Boss star that's actually hogging the joke. And let's face it, when it comes to daytime talk show humor, there's Danza, and then there's everybody else.

March 9, 2006

Philly Rocks...Like A Paradox?

Norwegian shoegaze sensations Serena Maneesh play the
chuch basement tonight. R5 also has some excellent mp3s up on their site, though the description of the tracks as "tuneful paradoxes, infinite yet time-bound" seems just a little too far up somebody's ass for my liking. I plan on rocking, not meditating.

Legs broke, head snapped, this is where the party's at. Friday night, there's no doubt. HOT CHIP in full effect at Making Time! Every monkey with a miniature cymbal report to Pure at 9PM for free booze, then brace yourself for bedlam at midnight. Advance tickets available on-line and at Spaceboy.

Saturday, Metric ply their art and their craft over at the Starlight Ballroom. You know that cute boy/girl you saw in the audience of the Stars show two weeks ago but didn't get a chance to talk to? Yeah, they'll be there. Go get 'em, tiger.

Thursday Photo Essay

We Miss You, Kato!

Thursday Photo Essay


March 8, 2006

PSA: Film School's Gear Stolen In Philly

Hold On A Sec, My Blog's On The Other Line

If you're in the market for a new cellular phone, Motorola has got some fascinating options. There's the RAZR, a
svelte little thing that also comes in understated magenta. Then there's the PEBL. Since people apparently weren't losing phones easily enough, Motorola's crack team of engineers designed this one to approximate an eye-glasses case in size and shape (and yes, I'm as confused by this pitch as you are). Finally, there's the ROKR - contrary to popular belief, NOT inspired in any way by NBC weatherman Al Roker. But now comes competitor Sony Ericsson's latest gizmo: a camera phone that will allow bloggers to post the pictures they take directly to their Google Blogger accounts. Finally! No more waiting interminably until you get home from a show to post those slightly blurry photos of that opening band that nobody cares about! So Motorola, the gauntlet has been thrown down. When you comin' out with your new BLOGR model? And more importantly, can I put ringback tones on that shit?

What U Know 'Bout My Radioblog?

Is there a theme to my new playlist? I don't think so, though if you happen to see one that I don't, please tell us all about it in the comments. The more elabortate the theory, the better. To the best of my knowledge, though, it's just a nicely-flowing mish-mosh. Some sweet cuts from the Stereolab and Centro-Matic albums that dropped yesterday, a Rakes remix I've been feelin', a fantastically lascivious groove from big-thing-in-waiting New Young Pony Club (expect a Making Time appearance, June maybe?), and even a little hip-hop thrown in for long time 'Stamper Sugar Ray Stein. Play it up, peeps.

March 7, 2006

Badminton Exclusive: Clipse Show, New Beef

March 6, 2006

B Is For Badminton, B Is For Pussy

The rest of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs album leaked over the past few days; check
Hype Machine for a preview. It's hot with five t's. Here's one I'm feeling and a deeper cut that hasn't popped up anywhere else yet.

We got this new Ghostface. The track is produced by Pete Rock, and brings the necessary Tony Starks fire. Thanks to Lisa L, who drops jewels even Mr. Face would salivate over.

You know about this site Pandora? Supposedly you type in an artist you're feeling and it streams "similar" music. I'm skeptical, but let's try it, shall we? (thx Ana)

"All the kids who look up to me can suck my dick". Natalie Portman drops that gangsta shit like Charlize, Scarlett, and Fiddy only wish they could. ITunes should have the unedited version up this week, but until then re-watch the censored one. Ya heard?!?

BadmintonStamps takes Oscar nominees Three 6 Mafia and turns them into Oscar winners. How we do. Congratulations to Juicy J. and the rest of the Mob for not only winning, but providing the night's only classic moment.

The Pony Track Only Wants One Thing

Comin' atcha first thing every Monday morning, it's The Pony Track, a super-fantastic long distance dedication to BadmintonStamps Collective founding member Aaron "Pony" Child. No fancy links, no clever write-ups, 'cause these awesome songs don't need no splainin'. So c'mon, ride the pony!

March 3, 2006

The Friday Freakout Is Deep And Briney

The Coelacanth is a mysterious and remarkable creature. While the dinosaurs, Mesopotamia, and
Steve Guttenberg have all come and gone, this prehistoric 400 million year-old fish has kept right on truckin' along the coastal stretches of the Indian ocean like it ain't nothin'. Known as "the dinofish", "old fourlegs", and "ugly", they are scarce and hard to observe. Fortunately for you, we were able to track down this amazing, life-like animation demonstrating how the animals behave in their natural state. Scientists have had great diffilculty explaining the longevity of this ancient species, its wealth of strange behaviors, and the fact that juvenile fish are hardly ever seen. But where science fails, rock and roll comes to the rescue. While Polysics' mostly Japanese lyrics are almost as hard to figure out as the Coelacanth's head stands, their startling, totally Friday Freakout-of-left-field theory translates into any lanaguage, and leaves the door open for one more nickname: Terminator of The Sea.

Philly Knows How To Stay Li-i-i-i-i-ive

at First Unitarian, you wanna hear what The Subways have to say. But rememeber, fellas, that Billy Lunn doesn't want to hear what you have to say to his woman/bass player Charlotte Cooper. So keep those dirty, non-Church thoughts to yourselves.

Saturday, Belle & Sebastian quietly storm the Electric Factory, with The New Pornographers in tow. Be sure to watch for any signs of this "white-boy-groove nonsense" we've been hearing about.

If you don't feel like giving up your first born male for a scalped B&S ticket, head over to the North Star and check out openers The Head Set. Just remember, as much as you may like them, the title of #1 fan is already taken, maybe.

Finally, if you're just plain fed up with these "live bands", Saturday night also features some excellent djsmanship. In particular, Nick Catchdubs will be gracing Transit nightclub as part of the Rowdy crew. Details on this and other dens of spin over at 51:51

Five Questions: Three 6 Mafia

Memphis hip-hop ledgends Three 6 Mafia will be performing their Academy Award nominated song "It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp" on this Sunday night's Oscar telecast. Founding Mafia member Juicy J. sat down with us yesterday for an exclusive interview. He is realer than you.

1) Why do you guys spell out the three but use the number 6?
Gimmicks, man, just gimmicks. We started out with three and then we were six, but it's just gimmicks.

2) What's your favorite juice?
Orange juice. Actually grapfruit juice, cause
it burns fat.

3) As Memphis residents, what was your initial reaction when you first heard about [NYC rapper] Memphis Bleek?
I didn't have problem with that. I like Memphis Bleek.

4) There are several references to shrimp in your work. With the Oscar-nominated "It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp" bringing you newfound exposure, have you thought about recording "It's Hard Out Here For A Scrimp"?
(laughs) Nah, no. Not right now.

5) Is it better to "Stay high" or "Stay fly"?
Is it what?
Is it better to "Stay high" or "Stay fly"? (extremely long pause) Hello?
Yeah, I'm here. Can you hear me?
Uh, yeah.
(extremely long pause) Stay ha-a-a-a-a-igh and fly-ay-ay-ay-ay!

6) And finally, any advice for the kids?
Stay in school and don't be a fool.

You may have noticed that there are six questions above. Why is the segment still titled "5 Quetions"? Gimmicks, man, just gimmicks.

March 2, 2006

A Thank You Letter To Julian And The Boys

Dear The Strokes,

Thank you so much for reading and listening to my
previous letter. It was a relief that you all took my words to heart, and I am very glad you rocked so hard last night at the Hammerstein Ballroom. I don't know if I exactly "saved you" as Julian put it, but it is refreshing you recognized what was going wrong and addressed it. Bringing me backstage and letting me snort coke off of all of your girlfriends' bare asses was quite thoughtful. Fab, it was almost too much when you insisted that I massage Drew's left tittum. You are so silly, I just love it! Thanks again for the awesome and thoroughly rocking show and I'm sorry I ever doubted you.

See you soon,

Thursday Photo Essay

No, No...I Said "Paper Mill"

Thursday Photo Essay

The Swim

March 1, 2006

An Urgent Letter To Julian And The Boys

Dear The Strokes,

Wake up. You're The Strokes for godsakes. Watch your inspired, ballsy performance on Letterman
from a few years back. Now compare that to your performance on Monday night's show. Where's the fire? Where's the heart? Something feels off and I don't know who's to blame. Maybe the media, the label, the hype, the drugs (not drinking doesn't mean "sober"). Maybe it's just jetlag. Whatever it is, stop listening to it, 'cause it's not too late. Lots of rock bands have gone through rough patches. The Stones released Their Satanic Majesty's Request in 1967 and now all we remember is the funny album cover. But you've got to nip this in the bud. You are still a great rock band. The album is hit and miss in my opinion, but there are some undeniable classic Strokes songs and you know how to bring it. So I beg you, wake up now before it's too late. And fix all of these problems by the time I see you play tonight.


Go Forth And Leak Havoc

Almost seventeen years ago, an intoxicated captain Joseph Hazlewood bravely piloted the Exxon Valdez oil tanker where none had before dared: into the center of Prince William Sound's
Bligh Reef. Damage to the ship's hull caused thirty million gallons of its cargo to leak out, the single largest oil spill in history. Fresher in the minds of many is another leak, this one along a suburban California thoroughfare last year. Driving too fast to maintain control of his Del Mar Seafoods truck, Guadalupe Ramirez overturned the 18-wheeler, leaking 38,500 pounds of frozen squid across the surface of Riverside Drive, the single largest frozen squid spill in history. There are two key ideas to take away from all of this. First, if only the two vehicles' cargos had been switched, the results of their accidents would have been, cumulatively, much less devastating. Second, while leaks in the music world are generally thought of as delightful and exciting events, in the transportation, not so much. Here at the 'Stamps, we have a long track record of blogging both too fast and while drunk, so you know there's always a leak right around the corner. Relax kids; the new Flaming Lips album poses no threat to cuddly sea otters, and new tracks from Graham Coxon and Hot Chip are always fresh, never frozen.

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