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February 28, 2006

Link History Month

Always a hoot. Never a fourth wheel. R.I.P.
Don Knotts.

While Sly runs around town filming New Rocky, Ghostface is in the lab sampling the original recipe. Check out the hottest of the new Killah tracks to leak so far, "The Champ", over at Dodge's six piece bucket o' tunes.

When blogs say jump, Pitchfork asks "onto which bandwagon?" Tapes 'N Tapes gets an 8.3 to go along with their Best New Music tag.

Sam Champion. Residency. The Fire. My god, isn't February over yet?

To Have And To Hold Pots

"Tim admired the way Anna, who is also a painter, used color and shape. Anna found it refreshing that Tim, who is also front-man for the well known punk band Les Savy Fav, had no idea what a home and apparel crossover line was. They moved forward with a can-do attitude and their unique set of skills to form
Deadly Squire."

As we bid a final adieu to what has become a particularly frigid month of February here on the East Coast, we'd like to remind our loyal readers that nothing gently warms the heart, yet keeps the hands comfortably not burned, like a pair of hand-crafted oven mitts "envisioned and realized" by this guy. We're pretty sure he knits his own sarongs as well.

February 27, 2006

A Yeah Yeah Yeahs Link Tangent

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs rocked Bowery hard this weekend (
photos). While Thursday's New Jersey crowd was deprived of "Y Control" and only got an acoustic version of "Maps", the provacative and fashion-forward Karen O knows better than to pull some shit like that in New York City on a Saturday night. Be on the lookout for "Turn Into", which seems poised to take over the world, and this guy's got another new song.

More fashion-forward ladies? Check those Milan Fashion Week slide shows. More provacative singers? Check Kim Deal's song about a her search for the"hammer".

New Jersey may smell bad and get poor set-lists, but they do have The Sopranos. Read NY Magazine's cover story on the show. As for the real mob, here's two mash-ups of Mobb Deep's "Got It Twisted".

And speaking of NYC crime and hip-hop, NYPD Commisioner Ray Kelly calls Busta Rhymes a pussy bitch. If only Busta had the cahones of a Karen O., justice might be served.

Five Questions: The Capes

When the hottest bands are too busy rocking out to waste time with proper interviews, they come to the 'Stamps for five questions that matter. This week, we talk with Rupert Cresswell, bassist and back-up vocalist for The Capes from South London. The band is currently on the West Coast finishing up their second US tour, and will be tearing SXSW a new one later next month. You can stream their debut album, Hello, in its entirety
over here.

1) Does anyone in the group possess superpowers?

2) Which is the better cape: Good Hope or Cod?
Cod (but we prefer haddock)

3) American food makes people fat and lazy. How have you stayed energized for your shows on this tour?
Boxercise and colonics

4) SkinnySlim has been having some trouble with groupies lately. Any advice?
Sheep dip

5) Complete the hype: NME recently called The Capes the __best__ thing to happen to music since __Gene Pitney & Marc Almond__.

My Lovely Lady Links

The lovely ladies of Zero 7 are all about WXPN. Tina Dico is playing the World Cafe
this Wednesday night, while Sia Furler makes an appearance in the hallowed halls April 15th. So she doesn't feel left out, here's a pic of Sophie Barker.

Ambulance Ltd release their New English EP, a hodge-podge of new songs and unreleased material, on March 14th. Check out the title track, along with a cover of Pink Floyd's "Fearless", over on their MySpace page.

Janet has posted some old-timey Spoon goodness on Out The Other. B-side "If You Say So" is a must have.

The new single from The Zutons, "Why Wont You Give Me Your Love?", drops April 3rd. The song infuses their standard voodoo swagger with a healthy dose of George Thorogood & The Destroyers, while the West Side Story send-up video features the mesmerizing Abi Harding looking hot and kicking ass. Video here. More Abi here, here, here, and here.

The Pony Track Gets Its Groove On

Comin' atcha first thing every Monday morning, it's The Pony Track, a super-fantastic long distance dedication to BadmintonStamps Collective founding member Aaron "Pony" Child. No fancy links, no clever write-ups, 'cause these awesome songs don't need no splainin'. So c'mon, ride the pony!

February 24, 2006

The Friday Freakout Don't Come Cheap

We've all seen the "don't try this at home" warnings that precede shows like Jackass and Viva La Bam. But after one of the
largest bank robberies in history in Southern England earlier this week, perhaps it's time to start affixing the same warning to mainstream Hollywood films. As investigators dig deeper into the circumstances surrounding the daring heist, some are laying the blame on The Italian Job (or rather, its shoddy 2003 remake, The Italian Job). It's a tough position to defend. The fact that the robbery took place in England, not Italy, seems to be the theory's most glaring flaw. Beyond that, you get bogged down in the debate over whether people really are inclined to behave a certain way just because they see it on the screen. I mean, if crime caper movies really had that kind of influenece over us, then why didn't we all start acting like total douchebags after Oceans 11? You really wanna know how they did it? I'll tell ya my theory: balls of steel. That, and some mean Tiger-style martial arts moves that they certainly didn't learn from any Ang Lee film. Hence the security gaurds' claims that, much like today's Friday Freakout, it was all a Blur.

She Climbin' That Pole-In'

BREAKING: Chronikill plays Don Hill's Tonight
Show at 11pm. More Chronikill info

Now, let's check in on some new songs, shall we?

Peep this intense hotness from newcomer Tigs. It features Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist/guy with a lot of hair Nick Zinner; I'm seeing him Saturday with his illustrous band, cause it's how we do.

New Ghostface Killah courtesy of No Frontin', aka the Ghostface Blogga. On the song we learn that Pretty Tony is the reason Lamar Odom was traded from the roster. And while you're there, you might as well check that Kenna track and the other goodies.

The Ex-Boyfriends do that poppy rock better than all those other bands that do it worse, and that's just fine with me.

T-Pain is in love with a stripper.

February 23, 2006

The Days Formerly Known As Your Weekend

Go 'Stampers! It's a Thursday! We gonna party like its a Thursday! Stars
have been moved to the Starlight Ballroom, so that shit ain't sold out no more. $12, doors get kicked open at 8PM.

Did you forget already? How many times do we have to tell you? Future Tips gaze into the darkest depths of your soul and then take some polaroids Friday night at North Star. Just $8, you say? Why yes, yes we do.

Saturday/Sunday, read a book why dontcha?

Finally, in a Fancy Pants addendum, Prince (and, we assume, The Blouses), will be playing the Electric Factory next Wednesday. Tickets are $50. Hey, a custom-tailored wardrobe made entirely of crushed purple velvet don't come cheap. Man's got billz, yo.

Thursday Photo Essay

Suntory Time

Thursday Photo Essay


Philly Ticket Blitz

Pre-sale tickets for the two-headed tour de force that is the April Fool's Day Editors/Stellastarr* show are still pre-selling right now
over here (username: editors, password: munich). Regular tickets will become available Friday at noon on-line and at the Troc box office. No word yet on when Amanda Tannen will become available.

R5's done it again. Yeah Yeah Yeahs are playin the Trocadero April 5th. Tickets are on-line and available at Spaceboy Records starting Friday at noon.

Wait for it. Strokes at the Electric Factory April 23rd. Tickets go on sale Saturday at 10AM. No way to avoid Ticketbastard "service" charges on this one, so just bite down on something and get ta clikcin'.

February 22, 2006

Iran On Top And Bottom Of World

Doesn't it seem that oppressed people end up hating each other more than their oppressors? Take the Blacks and the Jews, who long ago should have teamed up to take over the tyrannical Wasp culture permutating these United States; instead, their greatest collaboration to date is
Lenny Kravitz. That's why it's great to see the gays, oppressed by the entire world, and Islamic Fundamentalists, oppressed by cartoonists, coming together to live in perfect harmony. Sure, the Islamo-fascists that run Iran will execute you for committing male sodomy, but that hasn't stopped them from showing some love to queer rock legend (and Iranian descendant) Freddy Mercury. In 2004 Iran sanctioned the release of the greatest hits from Mercury's group Queen, making it the first approved rock album in the country (via sullivan). Then , along with allowing the music of Yusef Islam (formerly Cat Stevens), the Mullahs dropped some Elton John on their peeps. Which can only mean one thing: When it comes to Mullahs and homos, it must be a crazy little thing called love.

Supreme Court Upholds Using Drugs Religiously

Wow. Just when you were getting worried that the US Supreme Court was gonna start making all sorts of wacky decisions, like overturning Roe v. Wade or banning pizza in laundromats, the robed ones go and remind us exactly why we've trusted them for 200+. Yesterday afternoon, the nine justices
voted unanimously, and against the wishes of the Bush administration, that a small church in New Mexico was indeed free to drink a hallucinogenic tea during the course of their religious practices. The tea, which includes the illegal drug DMT among its ingredients, is consumed in four-hour ceremonies twice a month, during which practitioners believe they can understand god. Other side-effects of enlightenment include understanding how walls melt and going totally batshit when somebody pops Labyrinth into the VCR. The court's decison was written by recently-appointed Chief Justice John Roberts, who we hear does his best work at 4:20. We also hear that the tea's cheap and converting is easy.

February 21, 2006

Sunday Night

Tips And Chips

Two times the temptation this evening at
The Fire. First, Sam Champion is queud up for the third night of their month-long residency. Will they try out new songs? Change up the old ones? Announce that they're leaving music behind and joining Cirque du Soleil as a tumbling act? Whatever they do will have to be pretty bold, 'cause they're slotted to play after a scorching opening set from Philly's own Future Tips. Sure, you could wait to see them headline at North Star on Friday night, but that's, like, three whole days away. Who wants to wait?

The list of things that get us more excited than good local music here at the 'Stamps is short indeed, but Hot Chip sits right at the top of it. Which is why we're thrilled to point out the crazy electro-soul freshness just waiting to be had now at both Fluxblog and Palms Out Sounds. Are we counting down the days until The Warning reaches US shores? Nope. Try minutes. But you can't appreciate the future without first understanding the past. So here's a vintage slice of glitchy gurgling beauty from 2002's Sanfrandisco EP, lost to the ether but for the efforts of master archivist (and also pretty ace blogger) James Headphonesex. It's becoming more and more obvious that the noughts will be remembered, if at all, as the decade of the Chip. Don't doubt it.

I need that Hot Chip, again and again. The Palms Out Sounds track is the super realness. But we must remember that even though the decade might go to the Chip, this is still the Willennium.

February 20, 2006

BadmintonStamps Sells Out

We are pleased to announce our newest foray into the world of the mainstream press. SkinnySlim is one of three featured music reviewers in this week's New York Magazine.
Check it here. People are already saying things like, "SkinnySlim is to New York Magazine what Salinger once was to The New Yorker." Flattery will get you everywhere, People, but I suspect this is more an insult to New York Magazine than a compliment to me. I got your back, New York Magazine, so don't sweat it. Writing reviews where I couldn't say, "Yo this bitch is hot and I want to tap that" or make Holocaust jokes for the Matisyahu album was definitely a challenge. But funneling even a little bit of that BadassmintonStamps tone into the storied halls of New York Magazine was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. Plus they throw you that check. Here's Sonic Youth covering The Ramones, because we cool like that. Also, fuck The New Yorker.

It should be noted that for some bizarre reason I am pictured encouraging people to vote. Please don't vote. Voting is for herbs.

A BadmintonStamps Mystery...

Julian Casablancas and Angelina Jolie: Simply brother and sister, or actually the same person? We may never know the truth.

Come to think of it, I never have seen them together in the same room at one time...

Living The Stream: The Concretes - In Colour

After wetting appetites with a spectacular
b-sides collection last summer, The Concretes are set to monopolize your speakers once again with In Colour, their sophmore album due March 13th (April 4th in the US). Numbers like "Ooh La La" and "Chosen One" sport the familiar shiny twang of previous releases. But the subtle touch of producer and Saddle Creek guru Mike Mogis lends other cuts such as "Grey Days" a slicker, slightly updated take on folksy warmth, one that ultimately prevents songs from blending together. Another element which keeps the album fresh from start to end is Victoria Bergsman's occaisional delegatation of lead vocals to other members of the band. "Your Call", a duet featuring drummer Lisa Millberg and The Magic Numbers' Romeo Stodart, comes straight out of Stars' playbook, while the aforentioned "Grey Days" is held together by guitarist Maria Eriksson's plaintive honey-tones. Check out the whole album for yourself right now by clicking on the little blue radioblog at top left.

The Pony Track's Blogging Under The Influence

Comin' atcha first thing every Monday morning, it's The Pony Track, a super-fantastic long distance dedication to BadmintonStamps Collective founding member Aaron "Pony" Child. No fancy links, no clever write-ups, 'cause these awesome songs don't need no splainin'. So c'mon, ride the pony!

February 17, 2006

The Friday Freakout Always Goes For Gold

Let's face facts, NBC. When you're depending on hockey
for a big ratings boost, you know you've got issues. Everybody just has better things to do than watch the Olympics. I mean, it's not like America isn't already emabrrassed on the international stage pretty regularly. Do we really need to watch our nation's most dominant athletes fall woefully short of their dreams in prime time? After all, it's become apparent pretty quickly that this just ain't our every-fourth-year. The local news intermissions ain't helping either. Why would I want to watch Vai Sickahema get the queer eye treatment when just a few channels over on ABC there's some crazy dude threatening to give Soho Pizza the I've-got-explosives-strapped-to-my-chest treatment? I just hope all those majestic cut-away panoramas of the Italian Alps are enough to keep advertisers happy. Otherwise, the remaining nine days in Torino are gonna be one very black mark on NBC's fiscal year.

New York Grooves

Before we launch into the NYC concert update, let's check out this solo number from Ace Frehely. In October 1978, all four Kiss members released solo albums on the same day, breaking the piggybank of many a Kiss Army soldier. As 'Stamper Ben Ha Meen says, this song is "not hip, not trendy, but awesome."

Now back to the shows...

Clipse will sell you coke at their very rare local appearence. March 3rd at Knitting Factory.

Little Barrie are bringing that great ol' British rock and roll to The Mercury Lounge March 9th. No advance tickets.

Les Savy Fav put on one of my favorite shows last year. This will rock hard and get rowdy. At Warsaw March 10th.

Regular readers know how much we love our Hot Chip. Please see them with Grand National March 11th at the Bowery.

Philabuster's new favorite band Guillemonts play Mercury March 13. No advance tickets.

Stereolab are as great as great can be. Check 'em March 17th and 18th at Town Hall.

The Silver Jews released one of my favorites from last year. Check out this veteran band's first tour ever. March 18th at Webster Hall.

The Go! Team keep it real in a jazzercise/muppet/hip-hop/funk kind of way. At Bowery March 20th and Northsix the 22nd.

Sean Paul brings it proper March 23rd at the Nokia Theater. Pre-sale yesterday, regular tickets on sale today at noon.

Wolf Parade were the buzz band until the Arctic Monkeys showed up. They'll rock out in front of an enthusiastic crowd April 9th and 10th at Webster Hall.

I saw Beth Orton many a year ago at the Bowery Ballroom and, considering the lightness of her music, she was quite impressive. April 11th at Webster Hall.

February 16, 2006

Kickin' It Live In The 2-1-5

Fire in the Khyber! Dick Valentine, Rock-N-Roll Indian, and the rest of Electric Six are returning to Philly
tonight with a new album and a mission to rock you harder than Gibralter.

Friday night at the Khyber, National Eye are gonna give you a live show and a copy of their new CD for a paltry $8. And with Capitol Years and The Spinto Band on opening duty, it's like eating your dessert before your dinner. Crazy-go-nuts!

Meanwhile, over at WXPN, The Autumn Defense show their faces in Philly for the first time since January '04. This side-project of Wilco's John Stirratt and Pat Sansone is THE way to chill out on Friday night, people.

"You are not what you own, it's Yah Mos Def on the microphone!" Kick-ass local rapsters at the Khyber on Saturday. Fuck guitars.

Did somebody say guitars? Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the TLA Sunday.

Thursday Photo Essay

They Are Real

Thursday Photo Essay

Whatever Happened To Nap Time?

BadmintonStamps Is A Sean Paul Fansite

February 15, 2006

Linking Up Is Hard To Do

Kanye and Coldplay, together at last. Mission Impossible 3 and BBC Radio 2 bring about one
nightmarish collaboration that's bound to lick mad Grammy nutsack next year.

The new single from The Streets, "When You Wasn't Famous", is playing over on Fluxblog. Skinner's songs have a way of ripening and revealing themselves once you can place them within the context of a whole album, so I'm trying to avoid jumping to conclusions. All I'll say right now is that, after several listens, I'm not impressed.

Oh, and before I go any further - Dick Cheney was drinking before he shot that guy.

I left my Swedes in San Francisco. The SF Bay Guardian profiles some of the most pop-ular music blogs around, including our pal C-Bon's excellent Swedes Please. Here's a sweet, jangly little Ikea meatball from Like Honey that he posted a few months back.

Getting Fit In A Burger King Bathroom

Let's face it, the education system is the States is in the toilet. Last week's Time Magazine
chronicled how our science students are being left behind by their foreign counterparts (full disclosure: BadmintonStamps outsources its posts to Bangladeshi interns). I knew things were headed for disaster once they introduced this "Three R's" thing. Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic? What the hell is that? Because each word has an "r" somewhere in it? That's called cutting corners, and SkinnySlim ain't having it. But even beyond science and bad catchphrases, the biggest problem facing our children is the lack of physical education. They're not getting enough exercise and have become obscenely obese . Thankfully, the always progressive and forward thinking West Virginia has the answer: video games. The W.V. has teamed up with all-American gaming giant Konami to incorporate the interactive, gyrating phenomenon Dance Dance Revolution into all of its 765 public schools. My advice to the kids is try the mash-potato, the twist, or even the A-town stomp. But nothing will make you break out in a sweat like the Humpty.

February 14, 2006

Move Your Own Show

Be Your Own Pet, who were slated to perform tonight at Space 1026,
have been moved to the First Unitarian Church basement.

Sam Champion are playing the second night of their "Month of Tuesdays" residency at...The Fire. Maybe somebody should let them know Space 1026 just opened up...

Nothin' Cupid loves more than a slo jam. Slo Mo bring their nu-hop to the World Cafe and totally put it on you.

And this just in...THE GO! TEAM!!! CHURCH BASEMENT!!! WITH LOVE IS ALL!!! THE POWER IS SOOOOO ON!!! Ok, so now it's really a happy fucking Valentine's Day.

BadmintonStamps Hearts You Back, Part II

Odds And Sods

Punch-line contest winner
johnny five requests "a song I can slow grind to." Here's a great one from Curtis, and let's all wish johnny good luck with his robot lovemaking.

Check out Coolfer's page of YouTube finds, including clips of Nas, The Beastie Boys, and a video of The Stooges performing "TV Eye" on a 1970 local Conciniatti televised concert.

Speaking of YouTube, here's a Kool Aid commercial with some ill breakdancing. While you're there, might as well check out that Ayds video.

50 Cent to play a doctor who suffers a meltdown after returning from the war in Iraq. Yes, yes, I know. The "film" also features Snakes On A Plane star Samuel L. Jackson, who supposedly has beef with 50.

The leopard.

Dedicated to Japan's number one hottie, Miss Sonya K. And it's not because she is one, but because she unfortunately has to deal with them.

BadmintonStamps Hearts You Back, Hard

A box of chocolates. A fresh bouquet of long-stem roses. A peppering of buck shot
right in the kisser. The 'Stamps boys know that on a day like today, it isn't just those three little words, but rather how you say them that truly matters. And we, obviously, choose to do it in song. Whether Saint Valentine is smiting you with arrows or snubbing you like a World Champion baseball manager, this musical extravaganza is sure to warm at least the cockles of your ears. Those other cockles...yeah, you're gonna have to take care of those on your own. First up, we're showin' you some leak love with the lead-off single from the new Concretes album, due out early next month. Follow that up with a b-side encore from everybody's new musical crush, Guillemots. Then close out the date with a Dirty/Macy mixtape gem, a romantic anthem which proves that even the two most bizarre voices in the history of substance abuse can still make beautiful music together. Ya know, when the feelin's right. And here at the 'Stamps, it's always sooo sooo right.

Update: Out The Other has lots more to say about Guillemots, and points the way to several new songs the band has posted just for V-Day. If there was an old blog tree, we'd carve "BS + OTO" with a heart around it into the blog tree's bark, no lie.

February 13, 2006

Linkin' In A Winter Wonderland

They don't call him
The Upsetter for nothing. Lee Perry scratches his Wednesday night WXPN performance, reschedules for May 23rd.

Yes you Can! Rockpile Magazine presents the second installment of its Rock Snob Film Series tonight at the Khyber. No cover, free snacks, cheap booze, and all the Krautrock you can handle.

Oh, and before I go any further - Dick Cheney shot a guy.

Dear Brandon Flowers: Perhaps I'm stating the obvious here, but if you want people to take you seriously when you name-check Bruce Springsteen as an influence on your new album, well...for starters, the bright pink suit will have to go.

HMV has listed a tentative May 1st release date for the still-untitled debut album from Guillemots. This soaring, string-laden epic of a new single, which lead singer Fyfe Dangerfield says will precede the album some time in late March, has also just started streaming on the band's MySpace page, and is right on par with the rest of their spectacular output to date.

The Rape And Murder Of Flower Fairy

Directed By SkinnySlim and C-SPAN Junky.

Our first embedded YouTube video! Truly, this is a coming-of-age for the 'Stamps.

The Pony Track Enjoys Long Walks And Sunsets

Comin' atcha first thing every Monday morning, it's The Pony Track, a super-fantastic long distance dedication to BadmintonStamps Collective founding member Aaron "Pony" Child. No fancy links, no clever write-ups, 'cause these awesome songs don't need no splainin'. So c'mon, ride the pony!

February 10, 2006

The Friday Freakout's Cold As Ice

Is it the prospect of being stuck inside with the kids all day? That sinking feeling when some slush works its way inside your shoe? An irrational fear of salt? What is it about the spectre of a few downy flakes that makes normal people - okay, normal Philadelphians - suddenly start to act like gang members in a Mad Max film? Whatever the reason behind it, your favorite Road Warrior script is playing itself out across the city once again this week as Philly braces for, like,
maybe five inches? Septa bus drivers are manhandling passengers like Lord Humungus. Meanwhile, citizens are side-swiping busses and blocking transit routes, wielding their Chevy Luminas like instruments of divine retribution. I'm not sure if it's because the weather in Nashville is that much better, but Kings Of Leon don't seem to bear the same bitter-cold scars as us Northeasterners. Instead of road rage, the white stuff just inspires them to pen ecstatic Friday Freakout-style guitar hoedowns. Download this rollicking little diddy, strap your headhones on like ear muffs, and enjoy the winter wonderland, 'Stampers. And for safety's sake, try not to look any motorists in the eye.

Contest Winners: The Cocks Have It!

Here are the final results of our
To Get To The Other Side Contest:

- Honorable mention goes to 128 Mile for the entry "...after we pulled all that stuff out of Jesus's ass."
- Second runner up and winner of a free request is johnny five with his entry "badmintonstamps" (very funny, wiseguy).
- First runner up, and a winner of nothing, is somebody with their entry "a stick."
- And the grand prize of a free mix cd and random cd from Slim's collection (both autographed by Slim) goes to marcia with her entry "einstein's cock."

johnny five and marcia should email me at to collect their prizes. Thanks to all that entered and better luck next time. A special thanks to Red Rooster Wechter for judging the results. Happy birthday, Red!

Links In Da Front, Let Ya Feet Stomp

First, quick word to the Anglophiles up in NYC. Tickets for Editors' Webster Hall show go on sale
today at noon. Then on Sunday night, The Capes bring their super catchy nu-Blur to CBGB. From what I understand, the promise of this show was one of the only reasons that place was kept open. True story. And you can't argue with their marketing...

Meanwhile, the killer bees may be swarming in Florida, but here in Philly it's Wu-Tang Weekend, muthafucka! Wu-Tang Clan go back to back tonight and Saturday at the Electric Factory. Tonight's already sold-out, but tickets for tomorrow evening are still available at $45 a pop.

Local chamber-pop maestros Audible take the stage tonight at the Khyber. Fair warning: the crowd at Audible's last Khyber show in November featured many many hotties. If you choose to attend, I suggest being either single, or drunk enough to legitimately forget you're attached.

Sunday night, Centro-Matic frontman Will Johnson will be serenading the WXPN World Cafe along with some other familar indie faces as The Undertow Orchestra. If you're looking for a soundtrack to warm up a dark, cold Sunday night in February, you really couldn't ask for better than this.

Plus, lots of tickets to buy. The Magic Numbers show at the TLA goes on sale at noon today. Same time tomorrow, you can scramble for passes to Franz/Death Cab (Tweeter Center), Wolf Parade (TLA), and an alluring bottom of the bill in Giant Drag and The Joggers (opening for Pretty Girls Make Graves at the TLA).

February 9, 2006

Thursday Photo Essay

Inflatable Cobras

Thursday Photo Essay

Love And Marriage

Wedding Present plays Bowery Ballroom March 8th.
Cheers plays at SkinnySlim's house nightly.

February 8, 2006

To Get To The Other Side Contest

Wanna hear a joke? "Set-up, set-up, set-up, set-up...Brokeback Mountain." It's a good one. My friend told me another one that goes like this: "How do you tell when your sister is menstruating?" It's pretty funny too, but unfortunately the pay-off is not safe for work. I also like the joke about the Prophet Mohammad wearing a bomb on his head, but that's more visual, and something about it seems to get
lost in translation. Anyway, all this joshing made me think it's time for a BadmintonStamps contest. Post a punchline to a joke in the comments. I don't want any set-up, I just want the punchline. The winner gets a random cd from SkinnySlim's personal stash and a mix cd he will make himself, specifically for you. But wait, it gets better! Slim will personally autograph both the cd from his collection AND your mix cd. The second runner-up wins a free request on BadmintonStamps. First runner-up gets shit. Fuck the first runner-up. Good luck, we'll announce the winners on Friday.

What You Tocchet 'Bout, Willis?

Sports and courts don't mix well. And you'd think they'd be a great combination, right? I mean, they rhyme. But I speak not of the courts on which sports are played, but of the legal-type courts. Just ask assistant coach and former hometown hero
Rick Tocchet. He made a living putting the puck on net for almost 20 years. But it's "Operation Slapshot", a New Jersey state investigation into his illegal nationwide sports betting ring, that has landed the former Flyer (along with other former and current players, state troopers, and Wayne Gretsky's wife) in water hot enough to strike fear in even the pluckiest of zambonies. But coach Tocchet's not the only person behind the bench to fall from his pedastal. Not when a Washington state judge refused to proceed with a manslaughter trial until the entire court joined in a Super Bowl chant. Besides showing the world that Seahawks fans, like their team, are offensive at all the wrong times, this incident reminds us just how important the constitutional demands for the separation of sport and court really are. When the two mingle, our larger-than-life role models in both arenas run the risk of being exposed as all too human. Thank god we still have rock stars, eh 'Stampers? Let Alan Donohoe restore your faith in humanity as you rock out to the new single from The Rakes, due out Feb. 27th.

February 7, 2006

Stop, Drop, Run 'Em Down Open Up Links

Police want to question Tony Yayo about the Busta Rhymes
video shooting. I still say if DMX is there, it's DMX related.

You're telling me that cute chick and that dude that looked like a cute chick aren't involved? But the bald dude and the heroin addict are, right? Smashing Pumpkins reform and record new album.

Cam'ron to release DVD "warning against the dangers of child molestation by predators that stalk via the Internet." It's going to raise awareness of all "the perverts out there" and that it's "gonna to be crazy". (via Rox)

50 Cent to release new album in Summer. Promises less songs, higher quality (than The Disassacre) and plenty of Game hateration.
Apparently, the name of the album is gonna be Hopefully Dr. Dre. Or am I reading that wrong?

Third NYC Strokes date added, Zutons to play Mercury Lounge, and tickets to Hot Chip at the Bowery here.

Mike Jones, Lupe Fiasco, and...wait for it...Lil Wayne team up to sell Reebok sneakers. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if Lil Wayne wants to sell me something, I'm buying. Check out Weezy breaking into Mannie Fresh's studio and killing it.

Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing, Baby

You've heard the
remix. Now listen to the original. It's the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs single "Gold Lion". So...whaddaya think? C'mon 'Stampers, and leave some comments up in this piece, furrealz.

February 6, 2006

I Fought The Bureaucrats And The Bureaucrats Won

This is taken from an Associated Press report...

Based on overwhelming hype, The
AABO (American Association on Blogger Oversight) passed a law today requiring that all music sites review the Arctic Monkeys album. The band has become a phenomenon in England for their songs and bad acne. British teenage boys do not understand why British teenage girls find said acne attractive on the band but not on them. This confusion seems to make the boys enjoy the band even more. Music "bloggers" have deemed the album "mind-blowing", "spell-inducing", "enchanting", and "British". A message board post claims "The Arctic Monkeys are totally adorable. Is that wrong? I'm thirty-two (giggle)." Mainstream press reaction has been strong, with glowing profiles in Rolling Stone and The New York Times. Thanks to an advance copy provided by his friend Captain Fancypants, web overlord SkinnySlim was also able to weigh in: "It's pretty darn good, although not AABO-law worthy. It's called Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not. That's a long way to go to say something cliched and boring. Personally, I would've dropped the 'not'." Wouldn't critics say that sums up the Arctic Monkeys; a band working very hard to say nothing new? Slim responded, "What? Yeah, but so what if it rocks. Ya heard?"

Super Adora-Bowl

The superstar QBs and marquee running backs were all pretty much non-factors in last night's big game. The most compelling moments of the match were the questionable officiating and one play where a receiver threw the ball to another receiver. So it's no wonder that ABC lost a substantial Neilson share to its competition over on basic cable:
Puppy Bowl II. Held at Animal Planet Stadium in Silver Springs, MD, The Puppy Bowl outshined the NFL hoopla in almost every major category. Instead of surly 300lb men, you had 3-month old puppies from local shelters. Instead of ass-slapping after a good play, there was ass-sniffing after every play. The Visa Sky Cam ain't got nothin' on the Water Bowl Cam when it comes to compelling video angles. And talk about extreme! It's hard to call an excessive end-zone celebration "unsportsman-like" when, a few channels over, players are literally shitting on the field. Puppy Bowl's broadcast had no fascist 5 second delay, and the kittens at half-time weren't censored once. Throw in sparse commentary from Harry Kalas instead of John Madden's verbal diarrhea, along with some genuinely innovative Alpo commercials, and it's pretty obvious which of last night's sporting events truly deserved a good belly-scratch.

Definition, Schmeffinition

How do you define
success? At BadmintonStamps' first Unsober party, we packed "the largest crowd this place has ever seen" into the venue. We rocked said crowd with a seamless mix of Badminton approved music. We visually stimulated them with graphic pornography on the video screens. We held a surprisingly wild, substance-fueled afterparty where guests were treated to an impromptu acapella Chronikill performance. So was our mission accomplished? Well, not quite. We unfortunately had to deal with an amplifier and speaker set-up that was only successful in foiling Chronikill's attempt to blow people's minds. Which means that despite their commendable and valiant effort, there was no live music, for which we apologize. But does this spell failure? Well, not quite; people were very unsober and the party rocked. But we refuse call it a success until we properly bring the Chronikill to Philly. Stay tuned, plans are already in the works. Until then, enjoy the Iggy.

The Pony Track Can't Decide

Comin' atcha first thing every Monday morning, it's The Pony Track, a super-fantastic long distance dedication to BadmintonStamps Collective founding member Aaron "Pony" Child. No fancy links, no clever write-ups, 'cause these awesome songs don't need no splainin'. So c'mon, ride the pony!

February 3, 2006

The Eskimo

You've got to hand it to William Shatner. He's a buffoon who can't act or sing, but he's made quite a career of making fun of himself. In fact, I think it's safe to say Shatner is the King of the Self Mocking Celebrity. But excluding a
Dr. Spock miracle, Shatner will one day be beamed up to that Enterprise in the sky. Who will replace him as the foremost self-mocker? Early front-runner and Knight Rider hero David Hasselhoff definitely shares that "I'm joking about taking myself too seriously" quality with Mr. Shatner. For proof of the Hoff's credentials, I implore you to check out his amazing and hysterical new music video (it's special). P-Diddy, Ryan Seacrest, and Carson Daily also seem poised to make a run at the crown. They're all viable candidates, but I'm concerned the actually-talented Snoop Dogg is letting himself slip into the race. There's no need to do t.v. ads with Lee Iaccocoa or hang out with Owen Wilson and Jimmy Kimmel. The man made Doggystyle for godsakes, one of the best albums ever. So Snoop, please stop making a fool of yourself and please keep it gangster.

The Friday Freakout Is Expecting You

we all know where the real Friday Freakout is happening this week. I'm not even gonna waste my strength typing very much here today - that's how badly I'm gonna need to reserve every ounce of energy. Too bad, 'cause most Fridays I'd have plenty to say about a band that takes its musical pedigree so seriosuly that it names itself after its influence's influences. Suffice to say, sounding like mid-90s Radiohead while naming yourself after a classic Talking Heads album is a bold move. But fortune and Freakouts favor the bold, and Fear Of Music will offer no quarter to half-assed listeners. You're either in or you're out. Kinda like our party tonight. Can you rock too hard? Can you hop too hip? Can you drink too much? How much for that Taiwanese hooker? We honestly don't know the answers to any of these questions, but that's all fixin' to change when the sun goes down, and the anticipation is killin' me. It's a strange kind of terror, 'Stampers. Strange, but good.

February 2, 2006

The Chronicles of Chronikill, Part 2

Zerox is one half of the hip-hop phenomenon Chronikill. They're kinda like the Ramones, but better and more white. When he's not rapping, Zerox can be found scaring off people in the BadmintonStamps comments. Come check out Chronikill when they play our UNSOBER party this Friday at Medusa Lounge. Here's
the flier.

SS: Raekwon or Ghostface, who would win in a fight?
ZX: Ghostface. He's just fucking taller. Raekwon's kinda fat, no disrespect.
SS: You run a popular website. What is the site's motto?
ZX: It's like hanging out with me but I don't have to look at your ugly face.
SS: At Friday night's show, we will playing some rock music. How are you gonna handle that?
ZX: My plan is to drink very heavily on the Chinatown bus, eat a chessesteak, go to the bar. You can smoke cigarettes. If [the music] gets too bad, I'll go outside, take a walk, cool out. You know, cool out, smoke some tree.
SS: Any advice to the kids out there?
ZX: How young?
SS: Seven.
ZX: Don't get touched.

Hot Chip Is Fucking At My House, At My House

Remember those crazy spandex-clad fellas from the "Daft Punk..." video? It was fantastic concept, and may have even inspired a
fast food knock-off. But the real question on everybody's mind was who would be the breakout star of the whole affair? Now we have our answer: It's the green dudes. While red and yellow spandexers have gone back to toiling in off-broadway obscurity, the greenies have scored a starring role in the hi-larious new music video for Hot Chip's "Over And Over". The video does, however, raise new rip-off/homage questions of its own. I mean, doesn't this seem a little too much like a certain sketch from MTV's way-ahead-of-its-time comedy show The State? Is Hot Chip getting its hormones all worked up? The craziest part of it all is, if you told me Hot Chip had produced the music which soundtracks this vintage bit of comedy, I'd be hard pressed to say you were lying. So what do you think, 'Stampers? Which came first: the Hot Chip or the Hormones? 'Cause we know it wasn't Kerri Kenney!!! Oh, SNAP!!!

Download: Hot Chip - "Sexual Chocolate" (FYI, the first song I ever posted on this blog!)

Thursday Photo Essay

The Ruler

Thursday Photo Essay

The Dude Abides

February 1, 2006

The Evolution Will Not Be Televised

Arctic Monkeys grace their second of eighteen
NME covers this year.

Grammy season is in the air, and that can mean only one thing: collaborations! The award show producers announced today that Gorillaz will kick off the evening doing a joint performance with Madonna.

Bang your head, Philadelphia! Early Man will be corrupting your very soul tonight at the Khyber. 8PM, $10.

If you're stuck in New York this Friday, be sure to check out FIXED, from the fine folks who bring you Making Time. This month, the event features Simian Mobile Disco, the new party machine composed of two former members of Simian. Trust me - if your weekend plans include shedding several pounds on the dance floor, these guys are your friends.

Link It Up

Jack White has a new band. It's called The Raconteurs. Their
site looks like DOS. Their new song sounds like The Cars. They are quite the goodness.

Teamsters shut down Lil Wayne video. "There's no word as to Weezie's reaction". Man, Weezie don't give a shit.

And the black chicks go, "A kilo is a thousand grams, it's easy to remember". Listen to Ghostface's new fire "Kilo", along with some other goodies, at gorilla vs. bear's January round-up. Or wait and hear it this Friday.

Oh that kooky Disraeli.

'Stamps idols Broken Social Scene (sans Lobsinger) performed on Conan last night and were a bit flat and unmagical. The internet has been in total disagreement with me on this assessment. Check it yourself.

The picture (via w.willis)

Did I say link it up? Fool, I meant shake it up.

Jock Shams, Volume 1

The great hallmark of modern popular music is that it's designed to be disposable. Push out a song, make it a hit, ride it into the ground, then dismiss it. Let it disappear quickly and silently into the shrouded mists of pop-culture yore. While most of us are more than happy to go along with this routine, there's one small but influential demographic that refuses to play along, refuses to let us forget. I speak, of course, about sports arena sound technicians. These dastardly disc jockeys take candy corn tunes that were supposed to have been fully digested and passed out of our system years ago - from the likes of
Europe, Baha Men, and Snap - and foist them back upon us, letting them turn and stagnate like some backed-up pop septic system (often, it should be noted, in locations that closely resemble toilet bowls in odor and appearance). Exactly why these shadowy figures behave in such a way is unclear. Perhaps they consider it a noble pursuit, a way to keep history from repeating itself. Perhaps it's to compensate for all those middle school dances and Bar Mitvahs they weren't invited to growing up. Perhaps they're just sadisctic jerks who get off on mind-fucking captive crowds with Markey Mark & The Funky Bunch. All I know is, as long as there are beloved local teams and public address systems, they've got the power.

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SkinnySlim's List

In Rotation...

Snoop Dogg - Doggystyle Billie Holiday - A Musical Romance Cat Power - The Greatest
Silver Jews - Tanglewood Numbers The Strokes - First Impressions Of Earth Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not