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November 30, 2005

Winning Is 90% Mental, And The Other Half Is Links

In a totally shocking move, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have decided to record a second album. While they seem to be confident that they can handle the musical side of the project, they're utterly talentless when it comes to designing cover art. Ah, but that's
where you come in...

Trying to find that perfect gift for the Deadhead who has it all? Well, it's being auctioned off on eBay in a few weeks. Plus, it'll go great with that plunger that plays "Dark Star" you got 'em last year.

Sarah Silverman's new movie, Jesus Is Magic, opens this Friday. Well, if Jesus is magic, then Philebrity must be a sexy magician's assistant, 'cause they're giving away five pairs of tickets that you can use for almost any showing at the Ritz.

Forget Jesus. If you're trying to win a hockey game, we suggest you have this guy on your bench. Hmm, and he's right wing. Figures.

The Division Decision

Dear Arcade Fire,

You're cool. Everybody thinks so. Pitchfork, David Bowie, us, Canada...everybody. Yeah, you're eventually gonna have to put out a second album, but at this particular point in time, you really have nothing prove. So why do you feel the need to get up on stage with the
Catorce Crusader and perform yet another version of the new "we're officially hip if we cover it" song of the double-0 decade? It's not that I have anything in particular against Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart". It's a rather nice little ditty. But, to put it's been done. Done by hip indie bands with flourishes of violin. Done by mopey Swedish singer-songwriters. Done by dub. Done to death. I mean, you did the Talking Heads thing, and that was awesome. Made us all feel warm and fuzzy again. Great stuff. So how 'bout you just let this one go, okay? And I promise you that when Pavement covers are all the rage in a few years, I'll be the first one to buy your 7" with the "Range Life" b-side. Cool? Cool.

Keep it real,

November 29, 2005

Adam And Michael Records

This year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
inductees include Black Sabbath, Blondie, rock and roll guitar god Miles Davis, and Herb Albert and Jerry Moss, the founders of A&M Records. Albert, a young trumpet player, and Moss, an accountant, started the company in 1962 and built it into the largest independent record label in the history of the biz. Signature artists included The Police, Burt Bacharach, Janet Jackson, The Carpenters, Bryan Adams, The Go-Go's, Soundgarden, Flying Burrito Brothers, Soul Asylum, REM, Raffi, Joe Jackson, and personal favorite Falco. The Sex Pistols, also to be inducted this year, were famously signed to the label for six days. Albert himself recorded for A&M, often with his successful Tijuana Brass Band. They put out the best album cover of all time. Prior to its sale in 1989, A&M was synonymous with the independent spirit and the glamour/excess of the business. Now, thankfully, BadmintonStamps has become synonymous with independent spirit and glamor/excess, filling a much needed role. Here's three new wave classics from the label, and this is just the S artists!

November 28, 2005

When It's Time To Link Party, We Will Always Link Party Hard

Nas and Primo team up to
record album; I wet myself.

Pope gets all "Hype Williams video shoot" on our asses.

New York Times: Dave Chappelle plays Las Vegas and says funny things; Katie Couric and Matt Lauer are fake scum. And don't let bed bugs bite.

Musical god Kevin Shields remixes BadmintonStamps fave The Go! Team. Hear it now at the Team's My Space page.

BadmintonStamps deems Portishead's Dummy "all time classic". On this song she says either "stoned in the morning light" or "storm in the morning light". Pulling for the former, but it's alllllll good.

Who Could Win A Rabbit Fur Coat

Mondays after a long weekend of turkey and shopping are even more difficult than your typical Monday. So, to ease you back into the grind (and I don't mean the fun, scantily clad
MTV kind) here's some brand new, oh-so-freshly-leaked material off Rabbit Fur Coat, the debut solo album from Rilo Kiley frontwoman and Nintendo groupie Jenny Lewis. For a third track, featuring Conor Oberst, M. Ward, and Ben Gibbard (what, was Colin Meloy too busy buying a new accordian?), click this here linkamajiggy.

November 25, 2005

The Friday Freakout Makes A Great Gift

Have you completely recovered from your tryptophan
lying media-induced coma yet? Well, then get your ass to the mall, suckas. Today marks the start of what is traditionally the busiest shopping weekend of the year and the opening salvo of the entire holiday shopping season. Retailers have even given today a special name: Black Friday. It's like a holiday for souless multi-billion dollar corprorations. Anyway, when you're out there in the throng today, remember not to put too much pressure on yourself to find the perfect gift for everybody. After all, one of the most cherished parts of the gift-giving tradition is the return and exchange process, or, as I like to call it, "gift remixing". It's just like when Yeah Yeah Yeahs gave us all this great rock song a few year's ago. The Faint said, "gee thanks, it's awesome, it really is...but we were hoping for something a little bit, ya know, more dancy." Well, they worked their remixing magic, and now I have an awesome track to include in my New Year's Eve party dj set. Which really brings home the most important point here: It's all about me. Me, me, me. Freakout with me, 'Stampers, and try not to get run over in the mall parking lot.

November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Day Photo Essay

Twenty Pound Bird

Thanksgiving Day Photo Essay


November 23, 2005


What is Philabuster thankful for this holiday season? I'll tell ya.

I'm thankful for photo collages of my future wife and baby-momma,
Leslie Feist.

I'm thankful that The Man who did this will be wearing a Red Sox uniform next season.

I'm thankful for Herby McHerberson's blog hiatus. Feel free to take even more time off, bud. Like, a couple years maybe?

I'm thankful I'm not this guy.

Finally, I'm truly and immeasurably thankful for fantastic bands like Hot Chip that make a habit of creating some absolutely breathtaking music which, simply put, makes my life fuller and more enjoyable. This soulful, bittersweet track from their forthcoming sophomore LP is as close to perfect as songs come these days. Sorry to get all Jeff-ed out like this, but I just really really really love this band. Thanks, Hot Chip.

I need that Hot Chip...over and over again.

A Wonderful Twilight

It's the classic
Thanksgiving story. Hip-hop superstar goes to strip club and drops ten thousand dollars on women and champagne. A stripper, mid laptivial dance, comments, "Have you ever thought this materialistic existence is ultimately unfulfilling?" The rapper, guilt ridden and struck by the holiday spirit, one-two steps to the nearest playground and drops ten thousand bucks on the kids. The star plays Santa, and when the kids say, "I need two puurrs of Air Force Ones", Mr. Rapper gives them two puurrs of Air Force Ones. As day turns to night and the crepuscule creeps in, the children are merry and our hero is wiser. The hip hopper returns to the club and decides to pay for his expenditures (and private jet), by condensing his two recent multi-platinum albums into one compilation, adding three bonus songs so fans have to buy it again. Isn't that what the holidays are all about? This Thelonious Monk tune was the first jazz song I fell in love with, and I'll throw in a Nelly track to make it a puurr.

November 22, 2005


Philabuster and SkinnySlim would like to send our warmest regards to two long-time 'Stampers on their recently-announced engagement. It's truly a blessing when two people with such impeccable taste in blogs find each other. Congratulations, and keep it real together.

A Titanic Myth Debunked

A few days ago, while I and several friends were recovering from watching the Philadelphia Eagles season collapse like so many 300lb men on a
Michael McMahon fumble, a spat of channel surfing brought us briefly to rest on a movie channel showing James Cameron's 1997 blockbuster "Titanic". While I was aware of the unique nature of film's appeal when it came out, particularly for teenage girls, I was admittedy surprised and disappointed when it was reported just how many of these girls were going to see the film several, or even dozens of times. It's been one of those things that's always kept me healthily skeptical of the human species' ultimate intelligence ("yeah, you'd think people would be smart enough not to do x, but don't forget, a bunch of 'em went to see Titianic 7 times..."). At this moment, however, one of my friends commented how grateful she had been for the lengthy film, since it served as a convenient alibi for her and her friends to stay out past curfew on too many nights to remember. "Oh yeah, whenever we wanted to stay out, it was always "ok mom, we're goin' to Titanic!"" This revalation, that the film's reputation for re-watchability could in fact be simply a grand lie perpetrated by the rebelious youth of America for the sake of their own late-night freedom, has gone a surprisingly large way towards restoring my faith in humanity. Because, as the Blondie-cribbing Havana Guns will tell you, no matter how many times you see the film, it always ends the same way.

My Links Click Open And Then I Gets To Pokin'

Unlike Kanye, rapper and recent shooting victim Cam'ron don't need no interior decorator to be flamboyant. The Washington Post profiles him and investigates the crime.
Worth reading.

Mazel Tov! And you should thank G*d the Jews don't believe in hell.

Current U.S. President tries to escape, can't.

Irv Gotti Update: Yesterday I said Judge Korman disallowed testimony regarding the 50 Cent shooting in the trial. I was mistaken. Prosecutors plan to present evidence that Murder Inc. employee Robert "Sun" Lyons was the shooter. The defense plans to argue it was Daryll "Hommo" Baum. Not only does this man's chosen nickname indicate that he's asking for it, but his last name indicates a high level of herbdom.

Speaking of this beef, how much does Kenneth "Supreme" McGrifth want to kill former underling 50 all over again after seeing this trailer for Fiddy's new videogame? Keep running yo' mouth, Fiddy...

Finally, here's a photo of a hippopotamus.

Playlist Update: I Love The '04s

November 21, 2005

"Murdah!"...I Don't Believe You

Reader Two Cent Brendan writes in, "I think you should be following the irv gotti trial a little closer. I mean for someone who everyone said was pu##y he has the most legitimately gangsta label out there. just my 2cents. holla!" Murder Inc. label honcho
Irv Gotti is on trial for money laundering. And by Irv Gotti, I mean Irv Lorenzo. And by Irv Lorenzo, I mean Irv Gotti, 'cause when you call yourself Irv Gotti for fifteen years you can't change your name just because the jurors might not like it. Gotti is accused of using his label as a front for legendary Queens drug king-pin Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff. Mr. Supreme is a convicted criminal, accused murderer, and is widely believed to have ordered the now-famous hit on his former employee 50 Cent (Judge Edward Korman has disallowed any mention of 50's shooting). BadmintonStamps will keep you updated on the trial. Those new to the story should start with the solid New York Times primer here. Personally, I'm partial to the daily coverage from, because they go into very specific detail about the defendants' clothes.

The Kind Of Links Your Mother Warned You About

When the Attention Grab and Belly Slap just aren't getting the job done, what's a resourceful CIA antagonist to do? Dig through his Eminem collection,
of course.

David Bowie will be starring as Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla in a new movie about two competing magicians. No word yet on whether members of Arcade Fire will accept roles as eccentric turn-of-the-century indie rock band "The Rotating Magnetic Fields".

I'm sending my Elkland CD back to Sony BMG for a free replacement, but not before I go totally apeshit about it in the Amazon comments section.

Kanye West doesn't care gay people.

Tickets are still available for Lady Sovereign's Philly stop at Silk City, Thursday 12/1. Her American debut EP, Vertically Challenged, hit stores last week.

November 18, 2005

You Best Make Some Time For The Friday Freakout

We all know who the real heroes are in this wild n' wooly modern world. The clock makers. Their feats of mechanical engineering ensure that you and I wake up on time, know how long we can hold our breath, and generally have something to stare at when life is less than thrilling. Sure, the clock makers are watching out for us...but who's watching out for the clock makers? I'll tell ya who. My boy E.
Eligius, that is. Ever since he was first ordained in 640, this patron saint of the mechanically-inclined has been making time for those who make time. Does this mean he's also the patron saint of cocainesexjams and partytrainanthems? We sure hope so, since we want tomorrow night's Making Time (the last one of 2005!) to be out of control in a way that only some straight-up medieval flava could bring about. The party already features a midnight set by Sweden's Love Is All, the latest hot-shit import signed to What's Your Rupture, as well as free Sparks and PBR from 9-11. That's free booze AND Swedes, people. So prepare for some major Saturday bedlam with this double-dose of label love. The Swedes will definitely be including this sax-riddled scorcher in their performance, and the female Franz vibe of Rupture bedfellows The Long Blondes would go a long way towards warming up the audience beforehand. You hear that, Dave P? The Friday Freakout just put you on notice.

Update: Win tickets to Making Time and a copy of Love Is All's debut album, just by sending an e-mail to Philebrity. Does it get any easier?

Only The Shadow (And Philabuster) Really Knows

Philabuster has been hounding me for a while to check out Philly's own
Spinto Band. As usual, I've been trying to avoid him, but this whole running a website thing makes it difficult. So I'm caving, and I'll give the Spintos a shot, but not before I give all of you 'Stampers a chance to hear them first. That's right, another groundbreaking moment for BadmintonStamps. This is the first time in the history of blogging that someone is posting a song without having listened to it himself. So if they suck, blame Philabuster. But if they rock, you can thank me for exposing them to all of you. Obviously I missed them at Pianos last week, but as 'Buster previously noted, our Philly friends can catch 'em for $8 tonight at North Star.

Game Recognizes Game

BadmintonStamps would like to give major e-props to Philly band The Capitol Years for going where we previosuly thought only we had the time or energy to go before, writing an answer track to an
insulting e-mail. Talk about having your own words used against you. Instead of dropping new verses, these guys took the shit which spewed out of some hater's keyboard, sliced it up, sqeezed it dry, and made one big jug of shit lemonade. And not only are they representin' themselves in a fine way with this song, but pretty much the whole of Philly's media community. We don't know who you are, Mr. Nom D. Plume, and frankly, we don't care, at least not for now. You've proven that you're smart enough to keep BadmintonStamps' name outcha mouth, so we're gonna let this one slide. But any more pot shots at our boys D-Mac or the Sweenster, and we ain't gonna be able to look the other way. Don't make us go all Baum on your ass. 'Cause we will, just as soon as we finish listening to this mellow gem of a retort one more time. You can download Capitol Years' "Mirage People" for free over at P-to-the-Hilebrity right now.

Gimme The Rock

As Cheech & Chong can tell you, the grass is always greener on the other side. These two were responsible for one of the most succesful movie franchises of the 70s, but all they really wanted was to be rock stars, a dream that culminated in "
Basketball Jones", the song which AllMusic Guide calls the pair's most memorable and hilarious. columnist Paul Shirley actually played professional basketball for eleven seasons, but after watching 'Stamps super-crush Amanda Tannen on stage, all he really wants is a job as Stellastarr*'s bass guitar tech. Well, go cry Doron Taussig a river, Paul. All this CP staffer dreamed of as a child was a shot at round ball's main event. A chance to find out, once and for all, how good he really was. Fortunately, DT's grown up and snagged himself a press pass, and when you have one of those, you can wave it around like a magic wand and SHAAZZAAMM, all sorts of crazy shit happens. Like getting schooled by a bunch of 16-year olds. And beating an actual Philadelphia 76er in a game of H-O-R-S-E. We kid you not. Do you realize that the chances of a City Paper reporter beating a pro basketball player in any sort of basketball-oriented competition are about as high as a music blogger's chances with Amanda Tannen? 'Cause we sure do. That's why our e-hat's off to you, Mr. T. Rule #1 here at the 'Stamps is go all out, every time. That means blog like a rock star, and play like a playa. No doubt, this man understands the rules.

November 17, 2005

There's A Reason It's Called Garbage Time

First they clean up the graffiti, then they let the K-Marts, Subways, and Jamba Juices in, and now they wanna take away my trash?!? New York's City Council just
passed a law calling for jail time and fines of up to $25,000 for throwing refuse at deserving athletes during professional sporting events. The bill was written by notorious meddler Peter Vallone, and it sounds like someone's a little touchy from their schoolyard days of being tossed in the trash can. Look Vallone, this is New York City, goddammit! If our sports teams play like garbage, it's our birthright to hurl garbage right back at 'em. And yes, I'm talking to you, Rangers, Jets, Mets, and Knicks (side note: Larry! What the heck, man?). This crackdown makes me pine for the days when squeegee men ran wild, Burger King was on every corner instead of Chipotle, and local rock bands dressed like chicks instead sounding like them (Hey, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, why don't you grow some testes?) No New York band dressed more like chicks and sounded less like them than the New York Dolls. Here's a good 'ol fashioned trashy piece of NYC kick-ass and a more "sensitive" Clap Your Hands track.

November 16, 2005

The Philly Forecast Calls For Rock, Heavy At Times

LCD Soundsystem is back to finish what they started at July's Making Time. They'll be lighting up The Trocadero tonight with dancing partners The Juan Maclean. 7 PM, $17 at the door.

World Leader Pretend will bring their R.E.M. fetish and their debut album Punches to glorious life upstairs at WXPN Thursday night. The show kicks off at 11 PM and is
totally 100% free.

The Spinto Band will be all up in the North Star's grille on Friday, and you can peep the action for a paltry $8! Girls named Mandy or Stacy get in free!! Sears catalogues for everybody!!!

Gary Higgins, accompanied by his guitar and his beard, will be takin' you for a trip at The Khyber this Saturday, so buckle up your hemp belt, you dirty fuckin' hippies.

Annoying Men At Work

While SkinnySlim and I are fortunate to have the kind of laid-back, friendly working relationship that's all sunshine and mp3s, today's hard-hitting piece of Netscape journalism reminds us that other people aren't always so lucky. Laura Morsch of lays out her list of
annoying co-worker types, instructing readers on how to identify exactly which categories your own office mates fall into, as well as some tips on how to politely and appropriately tell the bithces to step off. We've got all the usual suspects here: The Shirker (unreliable and evasive), The Competitor (turns everything into a contest), The Critic (voiced by Jon Lovitz). Still, this list seems woefully inadequate. What about all those other annoying co-worker characters that grace our job sites and cubicles? What about The Lesbian Couple? The Coffe Pot Urinator? The Indie Yuppie? Seems to me like Miss Morsch should step outside her sheltered little world of job advice columns, listen to some of The Contantines' blue-collar guitar rock, and check out who the rest of America is really punching in with every morning.

A Day At The Races

The only thing BadmintonStampers loves more than great tunes is a great horse name. Some all-timers include Papa's Delicate Condition, Batman: The Horse, Nice 'N Sticky, 'Ol Felcher, and If Mandy Patinkin Was A Horse. Funny stuff, but we prefer our horse names with a musical influence. One recent equestrian champion is called
Steely Dan and another second place finisher (in the 3rd race) is named Eye Know. Funny, because De La Soul's classic song "Eye Know", off their debut album 3 Feet High And Rising, relies heavily on a sample from Steely Dan's "Peg". Listen to each one and you pick the winner. Personally I've got both in the quinella, but I'm taking the hippity-hop version to win by a nose.

November 15, 2005

Tuesday Photo Essay

Old City, Montreal

Tuesday Photo Essay


November 14, 2005

Mondays Suck. Have Some Cheerleaders.

"With the action fast and furious on the field, it can be easy to miss the beautiful women who do their jobs off the field."

I've been deciding between nearly a dozen potential zingers, involving various levels of sarcasm, snark, hyperbole, and perhaps even a Banana Joe's reference, to address the above statement. At the end of the day, however, I think old-fashioned incredulity is the most appropriate tone, in so far as, to the best of my knowledge, it is not at all easy to miss the beautiful women. It is quite easy, on the other hand, to download this infamous number from The Cars and listen it while you check out these photos in slide show mode. Note to self: spend less time reading Netscape and more time watching the Denver Broncos.

Oy Veh! Slate Magazine Is A Shlemiel!

Who "invented" the high five? Slate
claims Louisville forward Derek Smith first performed the gesture in 1980. But every other possible source points to Glen Burke's slap of his Dodger teammate Dusty Baker's hand in 1977. That's just so Slate. If not for "Keeping Tabs", we would never even read that raggamuffin. As for Burke, like many innovators he lead a tragic life. But without his high five, there would be no Chai 5, the awesomest Jewish boy band this side of Jerusalem. Based in New York, Chai 5 (the non-goyim pronunciation is "hhhi five") are sexy enough to break all the shayna punims' hearts, but sweet enough to take home to your bubbala. Listen to more 5 on their website, and don't forget to book them for your christening or wake. Speaking of the chosen ones, part-time Jew and sometime Scientologist Beck Hanson definitely plays the heeb card when rocking Jewish vacation mecca The Catskills.

November 11, 2005

A Minister Tends To His Flock

Traveling minister Bishop Anthony Owens was
released from prison this week after serving a two year term for marrying eight unsuspecting women. Money quote: "Owens said he did divorce some of the wives, but he can't remember which ones." He married first his one, a 43 year old Memphis, Tennessee resident, at the tender age of 18. Two years later he made 41 year old Earleen Mabien his second lucky lady. Owens went on to spread his holy seed all the way from Alabama to South Carolina, wedding the eight within a 12 year span. Jesus Christ indeed, can you imagine keeping track of the wants and needs of all those fine Southern belles? This man shouldn't have been in prison, he should have had his own reality game show (note to self: pitch reality game show about polygamist). Thankfully, the good state of Texas came to it's senses, and he can now return to the Lord's work, which in his case is bedding lots of older women. In order to celebrate the good minister's new found freedom, we bring you this absolutely stunning rendition of the traditional religious tune "I Shall be Released", as well as a funky little Radiohead number about what's likely to happen at wedding number nine.

The Friday Freakout's Firing On All Cylinders

Okay, somebody's got a crazy-go-nuts weekend ahead of them, and that somebody is me. Last night's
City Paper party was as excellent a kick-off event as you could hope for, what with the alcohol and the stapling and the unbelievable little chocolate fudge dessert thingies from Serrano. Now I've got two more days of very intense, rock-star level partying with friends from out of town, and have a gajillion things to try and get done, all while I work off this class-A hangover. So I'm gonna dispense with the bells and whistles this week, and just tell you up front that there this game, called Kitty Cannon, which involves no skill and provides a virtually inexhaustable amount of entertainment, which you should go and play for, like, seven hours starting right now. Remember, you're going for distance. As you play, I suggest rocking out to this hip-shaker from Tom Vek, who put on a spectacular show at the Khyber last Friday. Think James Murphy, but the singing-to-talking ratio is a little more balanced. Kind of like the kitty-to-dynamite ratio in that game.

November 10, 2005

16 Chicks Remain On Watch

Look, I'll be honest with you. I'm tired, a little hungover, and I've have had a disappointing day. Plus I have one of those famous cases of the
SkinnySlim hiccups. So I'm just going to give you this song off Guided By Voices' album Bee Thousand. The first time I heard this lp, it absolutely blew my mind, and it still makes me happy when skies are grey. You probably won't have the same strong personal reaction, but you should still pick it up because it's an undeniable lo-fi classic. Also, the DVD of GBV's final concert will be released on Tuesday. Fans should check that too, it's gonna be awesome. Much love and keep keeping it real.

Now That's Street

I don't care how much a bunch of stand-up comics on VH1
try to romanticize The Electric Company, or that the show had an oscar-winning actor in the cast. Let's be real here. The youth of America has always gone to one source and one source only for their important lessons on the letters of the alphabet, counting to twenty, sharing and caring, and the HIV virus, and that's Sesame Street. The PBS institution debuted on this day in 1969, and has been going strong for 35 years. In a true mark of genius, the show has maintained its commitment to the preschool demographic while simultaneously growing with its previous generations of viewers through the incorporation of pop icons and scorchingly hot women as guest stars. After his public reconciliation with Jay-Z last week, it's pretty obvious that NaS learned a thing or two from the show about forgiving. Could a cameo, or even a performance, be in the cards for this self-proclaimed Disciple of the Street? Here's hoping PBS makes it happen sometime in the show's second 35 years.

Also, congrats to Maria Marchisello. Put on your fancy pants (or your boozin' pants, if you prefer). You and a friend are officially VIPs at tonights CP Choice Award winner's reception. Enjoy yoursleves, and be sure to keep it real like a good 'Stamper should.

November 9, 2005

Massive Link Party!!!

Rockstar checklist: Arrested for assault, abruptly married to model, injured in sports car accident with movie star girlfriend, and now Jack White
changes his name to "Three Quid". I smell rehab. Watch the White Stripes perform Denial Twist on Conan here.

Star Trek cast member and internment camp survivor George Takai is a gaysian.

Jay-Z signs The Roots to Def Jam subsidiary. BadmintonStamps to follow?

Two Carolina Panthers cheerleaders (aka TopCats) were arrested for fornicating in a Florida bathroom. What kind of sick state arrests people for that? Oh, right.

Other sports news: Attempted murder charges for Pitcher Ugueth Urbina in Venezuela after he tried to burn/machete-chop five of his employees. He never did find out who stole his pet Capybera.

Earn six Badminton Bonus Points if you can make it though Jamie Foxx's predictable title track from his Kayne produced album, Unpredictable. Good luck, you're gonna need it.

Speaking of Mr. West and Mr. Z, here's the original sample from Jay-Z's "Lucifer".

November 8, 2005

Put On Your Fancy Pants: A BadmintonStamps Contest

This Thursday night, the choice-iest shindig in town is the official City Paper Choice Awards after-party at the Trocadero. As you may recall, the 'Stamps boys took home some
major CP honors, and we're as excited to celebrate our own excellence as we are to hob-knob with some of the other "Bests" who will surely be in attendance. What's more, since we're winners, we've got passes to the super-exclusive, invite-only VIP reception from 7-9PM, which features a free open bar, food, and circus freaks. But something just doesn't feel right. We won this award for our mad crazy hip-hop style, yet we've got no entourage for the party. That ain't very street. We need a posse to help us represent, 'Stampers, and we're lookin' at you. Wanna get in on all the non-stop VIP acksheeown? Send an email with the subject: CRASHIN' WIT DA 'STAMPS to right now. At noon on Thursday, we'll pick one e-mail at random, and if it's yours, you and a friend are totally gettin' on a guest list where you totally don't belong. We'll make sure of it. And if you're not the lucky e-mailer, please take comfort in this bouncy little grin-and-bear-it number from Orange Juice.

Don't Know What Ya Heard About Ol'-E, But He's A Norwegian P-I-M-P

BadmintonStamps has much love for the hardcore spirit of
Ole Bull, Norway's 19th Century violin master. Not only does he have the most punk name this side of Stiv Bators, but growing up he told off his parents, failed out of school, and posed as a law student while he mastered violin. As if being a cool-named, parent-hating, drop-out liar wasn't enough, homie becomes a nationalist revolutionary and starts playing Norwegian folk tunes instead of that concert hall crap, all while raking in the cash. To top it off, Bull moves to eastern Pennsylvania where he starts a commune. And trust me, Pennsylvanian commune chicks are mad easy. Unfortunately, despite promising bands like Jaga Jazzist and Royksopp, Norway hasn't lived up to Ole Bull's raucous history. Until now. Norwegian sensation, style maverick, and BadmintonStamps comrade Sassy Kraimspri kicks ass. Her music rawks hard but remains sexy like a hot Norwegian babe. Listen close and you can hear the ghost of Ole Bull fiddlin' away.

November 7, 2005

Links And Bus Rides For Everybody!

On a scale of 1 - 14, 1 being the lowest degree of likelihood and 14 being absolute metaphysical certitude, what are the odds that The Knack play "My Sharona" during their set
tonight at the WXPN World Cafe? We're sayin' 15.

The Arcade Fire go busking in Union Square at 2AM. Ya know, just 'cause they can. Somebody also caught it on video.

Oh yeah, and the SEPTA strike's over. Still, you just know The Gov had to be pissed off about missing his face time on Eagles Post-Game Live.

All This Plus No Andy Rooney

Last night young CBS news correspondent
Lara Logan reported the lead segment on 60 Minutes, an impressive feat. Logan did an excellent job, but the problem is she is just too damn fine for a show where Morley Safer's nickname is "doughboy". Even worse, Ms. Logan is not being challenged enough at home. She's married to Jason Siemon, a professional British basketball player. First off, him being a professional British basketball player is like me being the best American at "queuing up". Although superior to our respective countrymen, he would ultimately lose in basketball and I in lining up for things. Second off, even limey basketball players ain't exactly known for their geopolitical discourse. That's why we are officially propositioning Lara to become a senior correspondent for the young and brilliant BadmintonStamps. Sure, we'll love you for your body, but we'll also respect you for your brain. And here's a highly recommended psychedelic gem as a token of our gratitude for our future contributor.

November 4, 2005

The Friday Freakout Hits Like A Musical Nightstick

I think we can all agree that charity is awesome, and that riots are supremely entertaining. But it's nigh unto impossible to succesfully combine charity and riots into a single evening's agenda, right? Ah, but it's to take on tasks of this seemingly insurmountable magnitude that the University of Pennsylvania recruits the nation's best and brightest. And so it came to pass last night that, by applying all their finely honed Management 100 know-how, the students of Penn managed to incite, and then
get their asses beat down in, what will surely be remembered as the greatest, if not the only, riot ever at the WXPN World Cafe. Some will blame the violence on rock music. Others will blame muppets. Just for kicks, we're gonna blame SEPTA. But culpability isn't the real issue here. What's important is that every penny raised went towards fighting domestic violence. Congratulations to the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega for throwing the most financially succesful civil disturbance since The Libertines sold out and then destroyed The Underground last year.

You want some music that'll really cause riots? Check out Early Man, a new (but not "nu") metal band based in New York who are quickly becoming one of my favorites. They have a fascinating and possibly embellished backstory. Their live show rocks the most. Listen to more here and here, and buy their debut album here.

November 3, 2005

Just For The Link Of It

Jack White wants to buy the world a Coke
the world to buy a Coke.

Dr. Dog answers both "How does sandpaper feel?" and "What label handles your international distribution?" with pun-laden "Ruff!".

John Mayer expresses his desire to make the whitest music ever. Yeah, even whiter than this.

The Sun are doing opening duties tonight at the TLA. We love this band. Win a free pair tickets to the show right now at Philebrity. Swedish popsters Shout Out Louds are the headliners.

BadmintonStamps Are The Real People's Champs

We're number one. All the honeys know it. Buzz over the global phenomenon that is BadmintonStamps has been spreading across the interweb faster than pop-up ads. But today, we break new ground, stickin' our 'Stampy noses where many were quite certain they didn't belong: into an Old Media, ink-on-your-fingers, honest-to-goodness newspaper. Philadelphia's own
City Paper has awarded our scorching hot "Central Village Idiot" the honor of Best Blog Diss Track in their 2005 City Paper Choice Awards. We humbly, but very deservedly, accept. For readers in the Deleware Valley region, we urge you to go out and find a copy of the publication as a keepsake ('Slim and I will be happy to autograph it for you). Non-locals can read the Paper's praise by scrolling just a shade more than half-way down this page. And of course, if you still haven't heard our controversial, universally acclaimed slice of rippity-rap, then take a deep breath and get in on the blogosphere's biggest joke by clicking here right now. Meanwhile, here's another bunch of cool guys takin' a dip in the hip-hop pool and comin' out on top.

Opportune-ity Barfs

This weekend I sauntered over to my friend's housewarming party. For the sake of this post let's call him Fellatio. Somehow we got onto the topic of how Fellatio dated a girl at Harvard who sang in an a capella group. A friend inquired as to the name of said group. As I sipped a can of Genese, Fellatio responded,
"The Opportunes". That's when all hell broke loose. There was something so perfect about this inanely lame name. I laughed hysterically, and beer shot through my nose, which caused me to vomit all over Fellatio's chair, floor, couch, window shade, and kitchen appliances. But when a bunch of privileged smartypants name their college a capella group the Opportunes, what do you expect? The BadmintonStamps approved Futureheads have been known to kick it rockapella style. Here, they bring it with musical backing, but include an Opportunes-influenced breakdown towards the end of the track.

November 2, 2005

It's R. Kelly's World, And I Just Link In It

The video for chapters 6 through 8 of R Kelly's R&B opus "Trapped in the Closet" will air tonight on VH1 at 11PM. 'Stamps suggests reviewing the
previous installments' plot twists beforehand.

Gorillaz kicked off a five-night residency of live shows at Manchester last night, playing new album Demon Days in its entirety along with a bevy of special guests. No Dennis Hopper on night #1, but since his last memorable role was a voice-over on a video game, we're guessing he'll be able to set aside time one of these nights.

Dasun Allah, editor-in-chief of The Source Magazine, already had his hands full dealing with the publication's financial crisis. Now, on top of that, he gets rung up for tagging religious property. Can I getta witness???

Okkervil River will be hitting New York and Philly next weekend, and they've decided to run the shows TRL-style. Quick, somebody write in and request "Freebird"!

50 Cent Doesn't Care About Black People

Okay, so we're a little confused as to exactly how to respond to this one. I mean, the 'Stamps is always happy to jump in on some ol' fashioned Kanye hatin' whenever the
opportunity presents itself. But what are we supposed to make of these comments from 50 Cent, denouncing Kanye's controversial televised statements about the President back in September. Does this mean Curtis Jackson is a rapper, an actor, AND a republican? And can the 'Stamps boys really applaud him for beefin' with Kanye when the last giant sucking sound we remember hearing was Fiddy's latest album, aka Hurricane Olivia? We'll take a pass on this one. Now, can some talented rapper please say something that makes the slightest bit of sense?
(Thanks to long-time 'Stamper The Consiglierie for the tip)

This shouldn't hurt Fiddy's relationship with his fans, since very few of the Katrina victims were suburban thirteen year old white girls.

November 1, 2005

Fancy Pants Report: Dahloween

Allow The 'Stamps to lift you over the high walls of even higher society. This is how we do, we Badminton.

I'm as drunkiest as I've ever blogged, and I blog drunk. Just saw the
Citizen's Band (Mike Jackson rawks!) at the Halloween Fischerspooner show afterparty at Hiro Ballrrom. It also doubled as Miss Sophie Dahl's party. Tre chic indeed, 'cause, you know, this is "how we do" and whatnot. Mr. Casey Spooner joined the band on stage for a rendition of the classilicious "Spooky". Then they band launched into "Helter Skelter". My favorite Beatles song sounds so much better coming from some hot ghouled up hipster band than from those original limey herbs. Plus, there was so many beautiful girls grinding with me it was embarrassing. The DJ? She was fly. Chick kept screaming "Badminton" and I was like, "Stamps!" Ahh, there's nothing like the taste of free booze, especially when my girl's spinning early nineties hip-hop, including personal favorite Das-Efx.

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