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October 31, 2005

Playing The Victim

Why be cruel to good ol' boy
Scooter Libby? Sure, he's the first cabinet member to be indicted for crimes committed in office since Orville E. Babcock in 1875 (I'm sure you remember Orville from his involvement in the tax-embezzling Whisky Ring). But it's not fair, because Mr. Libby is the victim of a horrible memory disorder that makes it impossible to recall events from the months of June and July. It's called Junulyphobia and is most often found in powerful white men. At least horrible person Mary Matlin has come to Scooty-boy's defense, claiming on Fox News that Mr. Libby is a "victim" of special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, aka "Mr. Bulletproof". Washington DC's own Slant 6 were a victim of the mid-nineties "Riot Grrrl" fad. Unfortunate, because they were more of an alt-pop group than an angry punk band. Here's a great little song about what Mr. Libby is really a victim of.

Wasn't Orville E. Babcock also involved in a tax-embezzling popcorn ring?

If there was a ring to embezzle, Orville was on it.

It's The Time Of The Season For Zombies

Sometimes, you've gotta step back and put things in perspective. So Philadelphia's public transit system has just
gone on strike for the eleventh time in thirty years. No busses, no subways, no trolleys. Will it be a major hastle for huge portion of the city's workers? Probably. But before you start to bitch and moan, let's look at the larger picture. After all, the prospect of your brisk new commute to work each day probably isn't anywhere near as disconcerting as the grim spectre of zombie massacre which hangs like a dagger over the juicy, brain-filled heads of our friends in Pittsburgh every day. Wisely, Atlanta-based nu-gaze quartet Snowden have chosen to avoid Pittsburgh for the time being. They will, however, be making back-to-back stops this week in Philly and New York. You can catch their first-ever Philly show Tuesday night at the Khyber, or catch 'em at the Moveable Hype anniversary shindig this Wednesday at New York's Knitting Factory. Prepare for the shows by checking out their entire self-released EP, as well as this kickin' Zombies cover, on the band's web site.

"R-O-C Get Gunned Up and Clapped Quick"

rumors were true. Jay-Z and NaS appeared together and performed several songs at Hova's "I Declare War" concert. The show was billed as a forum for Mr. Carter to attack his enemies, including 50 Cent, The Game, and Cam'ron. Instead Jay got all mushy on us, declaring that beef was "wack". What a pussy. The concert also featured Diddy, Beanie Sigel, Young Jeezy, and BadmintonStamps rival Kayne West. According to the New York Times the audience was not impressed by his appearance: "To this rough-and-tumble crowd, he is more pop star than hip-hop hero. Some people sang along with "Gold Digger," his current smash, but for most of Mr. West's brief set the response was notably mild...Mr. West probably would have been received more warmly if he had crashed a Nets game instead. Or maybe even a Devils game." Hey Kayne, the New York Times just called you white. Now that's some beef.

October 28, 2005

Link Like There's No Tomorrow

The Arctic Monkeys The Arctic Monkeys take on
The Kaiser Chiefs.

Patrick Wolf takes on the law.

Craigslist takes on the disappointment of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's Wednesday show.

The New York Yankees take on Larry Bowa.

Alec Baldwin takes on cancer.

Peter Jackson's Kong takes on an extra hour and a half.

Philadelphia Will Do takes on history, "facts".

Philabuster takes on weak bloggers on their home turf.

Is That The Friday Freakout Over There In The Guerilla Suit?

You've got to shake ya waist-ah! What to dress up as for Halloween? Along with figuring out what to do on new year's eve and determining whether or not you're too drunk to safely set off those illegal fireworks on the fourth of July, the Halloween costume is one of the most perennially frustrating challenges with which modern American society presents us. I rattled down a list of all the usual options. An iPod?
Too corporate. Lost In Space 60's-style Robot? But I don't have access to a giant box. Mummy? Nah, I didn't want Philebrity getting the wrong idea. The solution finally came, as so many do, from dance music. And when the stakes are this high, you've gotta go to the absolute danciest. After all, who but LCD Soundsystem would suggest an incognito answer to the incognito question. While I'm still working out exactly what the costume of Disco Infiltrator includes, I'm already quite certain of what it won't. Trick-or-treat out with the Friday Freakout, 'Stampers. Boo!

October 27, 2005

First They Steal Your Wallet, Then They Steal Your Heart

Remember that video where DMX was in jail? That whole life-imitating-art thing keeps proving itself right
yet again.

The New York Gypsy Festival starts this weekend and runs through November 9th. Gogol Bordello will be a highlight. Buy pricey tickets here, but first listen to this super cool song:

Looking for more in-depth coverage of songs written for sports teams? Probably not, but here it is. Also, congrats to the Second City's Second Team for winning a World Series that will be remembered for its forgettableness.

Hey indie rockers! Already digested that new Broken Social Scene album? Well, ex-junkie/alcoholic/crackhead Dave Berman and his Silver Jews just released their latest excellent record, entitled Tanglewood Numbers. Not for everyone, but well worth it if fractured beauty is you kind of thing. BadmintonStamps has a country-tinged number for just you.

Nine Dollars And A Sense Of Civic Pride

Yesterday, Philabuster sauntered over to Philadelphia's Criminal Justice Center because, well...I had to. Don't worry, folks. The 'Stamps hasn't been slapped with any copyright infringement charges...yet. Rather, I was addressing that most wondrous of civic responsibilities, jury duty. As I sat there in the main juror pool with four hundred other patriots, awaiting my call to action and enjoying the morning's entertainment (The Price Is Right, piped in on one of the room's televisons), I could not but marvel at the majesty of the whole system. While yours truly had his fingers crossed for empannelment on
something Beanie-related, the judges of our fair city ultimately excused me from service on two seperate trials before sending me home with a pat on the back and a check for $9. During most of the day, sitting idly for long periods of time in cramped quarters, I had been resigned to having the Law & Order theme song stuck in my head. But as I inhaled the fresh afternoon air, brandished my yellow "Juror" badge for a 10% discount at Quiznos, and imagined all the ways to spend my newly acquired fortune, the spirit of rock once again overtook me. This, I thought, is what justice is all about.

October 26, 2005


Is no English word goofier? But I digress...
Oh, that Harry Potter. A boy among men, this little four-eyed punk gets all the luck: a hot exotic chica
girlfriend, all the best secret spells and potions, another cute babe that wants to stroke his wand, and a chance to hang out with rock supergroup The Wyrd Sisters. That's right, in the upcoming Potter flick, hormonal Harry hobnobs with the one-off band comprised of Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker and Radiohead's Johnny Greenwood and Phil Selway. And while the Sisters have had a rough time of late, getting sued by Canadian folk bands or quarreling with super sorceress J.K. Rowling, at least the band's spooky and goofy leaked track is hotter than Hermione's goblet of fire. So let everyone else yap about the all-star hipster jam "Do They Know It's Halloween". BadmintonStamps is here to bring you the real scariest musical potion of the year.

October 25, 2005

Oh Boy! Cam Shot In The Arm

This weekend, Roc-a-fella franchise rapper and Jay-Z foe Cam'ron was
shot several times in an attempted car-jacking. Bullets reportidly pierced both of his arms. Cam'ron's reaction: "I got shot three times and my album comes out November 22." Those robbers should have known not to mess with such a thug life self-promoter. "No one takes anything from me, not a quarter million dollar car or a five cent stick of gum," he added. "Well, no one except for that whole Damon Dash stealing my soul thing, but you get the gist." Consider the gist got. Meanwhile, you should cop Summer Teeth, if for no other reason than Jeff Tweedy was shot ten times in the heart, and it's also Wilco's best album.

UK Calls For Dress Code, Appoints Dictator

In a swift though long-predicted and, lets be honest, inevitable, move towards fascism, lobbyists in England are
attemtping to ban the wearing of hooded sweatshirts, also known as "hoodies", "yob shrouds", or "upsi-daisies". Since Bono is kinda busy, teenage grime sensation Lady Sovereign has taken it upon herself to lead this latest and most marketable of civil liberties outcries. Her "Save The Hoodie" campaign is now on-line, where visitors can sign a hoodie petition, brush up on their hoodie history, and explore the finer points of hoodie fashion, as well as listen to several versions of her upcoming single, an ode to the beloved and controversial garment which we posted for you some weeks ago. The 'Stamps boys don't own many hoodies, since our mothers always said that boys with faces as beautiful as ours shouldn't hide them. The members of Little Barrie seem to have recieved a similar lecture concerning their hair, the lingering echoes of which still manifest themselves in the band's 60's-style blues rock.

October 24, 2005

The Devil Wears H+M

Last month, we emailed news of our joke
diss track about Central Village Idiot to various websites. Considering our genius, it's not surprising that the overall response was positive. However, Jessica Coen, the hottie editor of media gossip site, felt we were out of line. Here is her email:

-----Original Message-----
From: Jessica Coen @ Gawker [mailto: omitted]
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 1:59 PM
To: (name omitted)
Cc: (name omitted)
Subject: Re: blog diss song
I've heard it, but I don't understand why someone would bother doing
this to some kid who blogs for fun. Strikes me as cruel; knives should
be directed at the big guys, not this Central Village boy.

Way to take the high road, Jess. It's very brave to stick to princi...wait, what's this? It seems Miss Coen took a break from "the big guys" and plunged her butter knife deep into the heart of Central Village. Oh, sweet hypocritical Jessica! First you hate us, then you bite us? With this sort of passive aggressive behavior, we can only assume someone has a classic schoolyard crush on the ol' BadmintonStamps. It's understandable. We're the baddest boys in the blogosphere, and we look quite dashing in our school uniforms. So yes, we will go to the Halloween Bake Sale "Fun"draiser with you. But you should also consider yourself warned, 'cause there just might be another diss track in the works. And this time, we're coming for the big guys.

Link Like You Mean It

slams the new Fiery Furnaces album, Tiny Mix Tapes asks "what you talkin' 'bout, Pitchfork?!"

Franz Ferdinand say third album will be "very different", promise to leak tracks several months in advance of release.

There's still time to enter The Strokes one-liner competition. Winners will be announced at the end of the week. Oh yeah, and two more songs leaked.

Philly folks, don't forget to rock out with Broken Social Scene tonight at the TLA. The enchanting Scenester Leslie Feist will also be playing a solo set to open the show.

Fancy Pants Report: Saturday Night Taped

Allow The 'Stamps to lift you over the high walls of even higher society. This is how we do, we Badminton.

Saturday, I sallied uptown for the dress rehearsal of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Catherine Zeta Jones and
featuring 'Stamps faves Franz Ferdinand. The show got off to a bumpy start when Darryl Hammond warned us that none of the sketches featured any jokes, just inane premises. The pre-show tension was high, particularly when Don Pardo mocked his assistant and made her cry. The rehearsal itself runs long, and sections are cut for the live show. One particularly off-putting sketch involved Zeta Jones playing a Hebrew stereotype and eating crackbabies. It was rough. Lorne Michaels stormed in during another sketch about a blind prop comic and hit Fred Armisan over the head with a framed photo of Bill Murray. Still, the Franz rocked the roll, and it's a thrill to see them in that setting. Here's a "big hit out of '77" and a reminder of those bygone glory days.

New Playlist: Can I Get A 'Lil Rawk With That Roll?

Yahtzee! So sorry for the long wait on the new list. To make up for it, I bring you this guitar heavy set featuring many heavyweights and a few lesser knowns. I've included new Broken Social Scene and Franz tracks off my current two favorite albums. Look for the all hip-hop list next month, and until then take a shot of Jack, chug a Natty Ice, and throw your head back and forth in a violent manner.

Be sure to pay extra-close attention to the Ludes song, "Your Dog Don't Bark". Philabuster can't wait 'till these guys put out a proper album and tour the US.

October 21, 2005

The Friday Freakout's Got Some Huge Powerballs


"...The Republican from New Hampshire - who chairs the Budget Committee and who has a reputation as a strict fiscal conservative - said his wife is currently remodeling their home and already has plans for the new money..."

Hmm, remodeling? I wonder if they'll be taking a cue from the DeLays and adding a new laundry room. Honestly, if Alanis Morissette's appropriately-titled smash hit had rocked just a bit harder, it might have snagged this week's Freakout honors. Instead, this punched-up piece of boppy malt shop rock from The Hives seems like a more than adequate soundtrack for the three minutes it will take you to look up "irony" in the dictionary. Oh hell, just check the wiki and get on with your weekend already.

From The Notebook of Dr. SkinnySlim, Blog Psychiatrist

The doctor is soooo in A recent and alarming trend in the world of Music Website Psychiatry is the outbreak of Immodicus Hypidus, aka "over hyping". Patients exhibit a desire to be the so-called "first kid on the block" and fantasize about "breaking" a band. Symptoms include delusions of grandeur and excessive use of hyperbole, and the afflicted sites are left sounding like a desperate local film critic padding his reviews with ad-worthy sound bytes. Take, for example, the praise doled out by
this particularly sick site (and whipping boy) over a span of just thirteen days last month...

"I really love this band" (The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers)
"One of my favorite bands" (Voxtrot)
"One of my favorite albums" (Maximo Park)
"They really impressed me" (Morning After Girl)
"These guys were special" (Wolf Mother)
"There was just this feeling in the air that something special was happening" (Silversun Pickups)
"They were perfect. I was in awe" (Two Gallants)
"Simply the best band out there right now" (Cloud Cult)
"Certainly a band not to be missed" (Thunderbirds are Now)
"They were amazing" (Hopewell)
"Absolutely breathtaking" (Doveman)
"Then they started playing music and oh my fucking God did they deliver" (Wolf Parade)

The afflicted websites become irresponsible, persuading readers to spend incredible amounts of time and money to enjoy these "must see" acts. But it is implausible, and in fact untrue, that all of these bands are special. Or, to quote Dash Incredible, saying everyone is special "is another way of saying no one is". And that's the greatest tragedy of Immodicus Hypidus: a loss of perspective, which causes those rare, truly deserving bands to get lost in the crowd. One recent victim is the aforementioned Wolf Parade, who've put out an extremely promising, albeit imperfect, debut album. Here's hoping Lupus Paradii take their blog antibiotics and don't let this e-neurosis stunt their own musical growth.

Full Of Razzle Dazzle

Groove is in the bling Last week, 'Slim mentioned that one of our
favorite musical genres was Rap Songs Written Specifically For Local Sports Teams. As you can imagine, new additions to our already impressive catalogue of such tunes are not an everyday occurrence. So it is with immense gratitude that we thank D-Mac for pointing us to this gem of a ditty from the always funk-tastic Bootsy Collins for his hometown team, the Cincinnati Bengals. The song features legitimately acceptable verses from several Bengals players, a beat that'll give Chamillionaire a run for his money, and even a subtle jab at former Eagles receiver Freddy "4th & 26" Mitchell. Granted, the Astros got a song for making a cinderella-story World Series run after an improbable comeback season. Cincy, on the other hand, has won five football games. Although, to a Bengals fan, I suppose that's already parade material right there. If they win ten, you have our permission to download the long version here, but for now, let's keep things in perspective.

October 20, 2005

Everybody...Is A Winner!

The results from our poll are in. "Everybody Dance Now" split the vote with "Everybody Dizzance Now", allowing Wang Chung to grab an impressive mandate. So let's celebrate! Put on your dancing shoes, throw down some Cristal, and everybody have fun tonight (everybody Wang Chung tonight).

Insert Strokes Leak Pun Here

Maybe The Strokes should invest in some of
this stuff. Otherwise, look for song #4 right here, oh...let's say next week? In the meantime, 'Stampers, do some talkin'. Where does this new song stack up compared to the other two?

Ooh, and the best "The new Strokes album is leakier than..." one-liner gets a prize. So get going!

October 19, 2005

Link Party: The Suffering Indeed

The great news? The rumor mill has Nas and Jay-Z teaming up. The bad news?

Wanna watch the most ridiculous video ever for probably the worst song ever? Sure you do, it's hysterical. Check out some Coheed and Cohiba here and click on "The Suffering".

Badminton are huge Clipse fans, but their record label is not. The coke-themed rappers follow-up album has been delayed for two years. To tide you over, buy their well-reviewed new mixtape 4 cheap right here.

In the U.S. marijuana possession arrests are higher than violent crime arrests. That's enough to make us want to kill somebody, but we'll just smoke these trees instead.

When all else fails there's always this picture of a boozing squirrel.

Hattori Hanzo Signed As Bench Coach

Urbina, left, prepares to perform a coup de gras Okay, we swear. No more baseball posts after this one. At least not until hot stove action starts up next month. But when the man who may very well take on the role of closer for the Philadelphia Phillies next season is alledgedly swingin' a machete at Venezuelan farm workers...dear readers, attention must be paid. Reports are flying across the internet this afternoon that
Ugueth Urbina rounded up his family estate's employees and went totally Kill Bill on their asses after a gun was discovered missing. For Urbina's present and future team mates, the moral of this story seems clear. The line between shaving cream pie and machete to the thigh is thin indeed, so maybe play that next practical joke on somebody else.

Domo Arigato, Mister Hov-ato

Q Mike Bloomberg has Bloomberg News and it seems Jay-Z
has BadmintonStamps. In our latest update, President Carter has signed Japanese rap quartet The Teriyaki Boyz. Svengalied by Japan's hipster king Nigo, the group's debut album is called Beef or Chicken, and features production by such luminaries as DJ Premier, Just Blaze, Daft Punk, Cornelius, DJ Shadow, Dan the Automator, Ad Rock, and of course The Neptunes. One really has to admire Jay-Z's success. He has transformed himself from drug dealer to local rapper to worldwide rockstar to music/fashion overlord. And the guy gets love and respect like his name was Q. Look at Mr. Z's business holdings: Two sports franchises, a large and successful record label, a clothing line with several subdivisions, a nightclub, a vodka company, and Miss Knowles. By the time he's eighty he'll own at least nine countries and have added Supreme Court Justice and Pope to his resume. Still, we'll have to wait and see about the "Boyz", because many challenges lay ahead. When it comes to food themed Japanese bands it's gonna be hella hard topping Cibo Matto, and when it comes to beef/chicken songs it'll be damn hella hard topping The Moldy Peaches.

October 18, 2005

Don't Link Twice

Franz Ferdinand cracks the
Billboard Top 10, Nickleback extends contract with Satan.

Snow Patrol is no Franz Ferdinand.

Riot breaks out at Ghostface concert, receives an 8.6 rating from Pitchfork.

Black Eyed Peas or Ali G? Uh, we'll take the new NBA television promos, thank you very much.

Philabuster anxiously prepares to hit on 18-year old girl, feels dirty but not.

Not Exactly Black Tie

The Coke can is
Americana at its purest. The bright red cylinder grabs your attention and never lets go, its glistening, dewy exterior a promise of the the icy cold caffeine-rich refreshment that lies waiting inside for anyone who's willing to step up, dig in with the nail of his index finger and pop that sucker open. It's an icon of hope, of undiscovered potential, of simple pleasures, of family. The Coke can could never do anything bad, like...oh...ruin some innocent girl's entire prom. And yet, when nerd meets can, even those things we place on the highest pedastal are proven tippable like a glass of so much sugar water.

Download: !!! - "Dear Can"

October 17, 2005

Hova Buys A Piece Of Arse

Bring 'em out, bring 'em out! Jay-Z's a busy man. When you're
on the cover of Fortune magazine, though, that's kind of assumed. So what's he been up to lately? Well, when he isn't wooing the Brits to join his record label, he's buying their athletic franchises. Yep, Jigga Man's made a bid for part-ownership of Arsenal FC, the north London soccer team also known as the "Gunners". The rapper originally had his eye set on another Premiership team, Chelsea FC, but was turned down because current owner Roman Abramovich is actually a huge Nas fan, and still hasn't forgiven Jay for that late 90's beef. "I don't usually hold a grudge," the billionaire explained, "but some of those lines in 'Takeover' were really below the belt." Rumors that Jay is planning to relocate the club to Brooklyn are, at this point, unconfirmed. Still, this is one footie fan pledging that, if Hova's an owner, I'll root for the Gunners no matter where he chooses to bring 'em out.

Badminton Requests: Don Corleone and The Hamburger Pimp

Dolemite Reader "Greggles" writes in: "The site is DOPE. It's like CNN for people that are with it. I tune in 3, 4, sometimes 5 times a day. Can you post the song from Dolemite's
opening credits. Darn, what a fine film!" It's common film studies knowledge that there are only seven masterpieces in cinema history: Citizen Kane, Days of Heaven, The Godfather, Barry Lyndon, Dolemite, Grand Illusion, and Back to the Future. Of these, the most hard-hitting and emotionally raw is Rudy Ray Moore's early seventies masterpiece, a movie not afraid to ask the most profound of all existential questions: "What the shit is this?". Do yourself a favor and check out the cover of Rudy's classic Christmas Album (nsfw?) and buy me the lunchbox here. Unfortunately, this is not the actual opening song to Dolemite, but it is a funky little number with quotes from the film sprinkled in, and hopefully will suffice.

Download: Dolemite - "Theme"

The scene in Grand Illusion where Erich von Stroheim shoots Pierre Fresnay always resonated with me, perhaps because in many ways I fancy myself a genteel aristocrat from a bygone era. Also, I'd like to know why academics haven't recognized M*A*S*H and My Blue Heaven as the 8th and 9th wonders of modern cinema. Any theories, 'Slim?

October 14, 2005

You Got Naomi's Digits?

Greggles, is that you??? Philabuster spruced up our site with an in-depth
web statistics tracker. Now we can learn even more information about our readers, including your favorite colour (mauve), food (Jamaican patties), and rappers (BadmintonStamps). We also can see where all you 'Stampers are logging on from. This makes us not only your musical big brother, but also your ominous, thought-crime monitoring Big Brother. We're glad to report that the 'Stamps is pimpin all over the world, from France to Brazil to Japan and Taipei, but it seems we have a particularly strong stranglehold on Oceania, both in Australia and New Zealand. I'm not quite sure why the land down under loves us so, but I'm assuming it's because of all of our baseball posts. We'd love to hear from you guys (or any international readers), so write in and make a request or just say "good-ay". And no worries, out of respect I will not mention Foster's, didgeridoos, Men at Work, 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, and definitely not Crocodile Dundee, mate. This is a great slice of DFA-esque funk from Australia's The Shocking Pinks that came out in '03, and it cuts like a knife.

It Gets No Better Than The Friday Freakout

They're back... After weeks of
fussing and fidgeting, the night of Franz Ferdinand's triumphant return to the 2-1-5 is upon us. Philabuster got a sort-of sneak preview last night at the church basement, where front Franz man Alex Kapranos mixed in amongst the crowd to watch girlfriend Eleanor Friedberger on stage with Fiery Furnaces. Bassist Bob Hardy was also in attendance, and spent a good chunk of time standing next to me in what, after several minutes of close scrutiny, I can only describe as elf shoes. I mean, the only things missing on these very long, very pointy boots were little jingle bells on the end. But I let it slide since, ya know, he's a rock star. Heck, the whole band could strut around on stage in the Laguna Beach girls' corsets for all I care, just so long as they keep pumping out tunes as supremely rip-roarin' as this. Dig down deep and feel the Friday, 'Stampers.

Breaking News: Like R. Kelly says, after the party, it's the after-party! Those with a taste for late-night Franz sightings should head over to Silk City Lounge and party down to sets from, among others, Trash DJ and Friend-of-Franz Rory Philips.

Does No One Want To Wang Chung Tonight?

The shirt says it all, 'Stampers Yeah, so it seems this week's poll question isn't that enticing. A meager 0.34% of our readership has responded. To sweeten the pot, I promise to post the winning song!!! Also, look for a new SkinnySlim playlist by the end of the weekend. Okay, that's it you friggin' bastards, now get off my lawn before I call the fuzz.

October 13, 2005

"Secret" Making Time Guest Performer Totally Obvious

Surprise! Philabuster was positively intruigued last week when, while exiting the First Unitarian basement in a post-Metric sweat,
I recieved a flier for the next Making Time event, set for Saturday, October 22. The literature promised a special live performance that was so super-secret that the band in question wouldn't be announced until this coming Friday. Well, it's Thursday, and since BadmintonStamps makes a living off what we of the journalistic persuasion call "scoops", we're spillin' the cocainesexjam beans. It's The Rapture, kicking off their "What The Fuck Happenned To The Rapture, Anyway?" tour. They're playin' Bowery Ballroom the night before, so they'll be in the area. And the organizers claim the mystery band is a Making Time alum, which The Rapture are. All I'm sayin' is, if it looks like dance-punk, and it smells like dance-punk... So tell your friends to tell their friends to tell Dave P. that next time, he may as well let us in on it from the start. 'Cause when the 'Stamps wanna know, we's gonna find out.

"The Astros Is The Truth And You're A Licky-Licky Lie"

October 12, 2005

Blue Meanies

You know Papa Smurf and Kim Jong Il are tizzight UNICEF is bombing and killing the Smurfs in the name of world peace. Just
check out the story. I say screw the blue bastards. I totally got Gargamel's back. I mean, they're encroaching on his land. Encroaching, for godsakes! This is one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands, off their album Little Creatures.

Let The Healing Begin

October 11, 2005

Bernie Baseball

And You Smell Like One, Too

BadmintonStamps would like to congratulate Philebrity, which turns one year old this week. To celebrate, go to one of the exciting Philebrity-sponsord events this week, like the free screening of the
Palm Pictures Directors' Series tonight at the Khyber, or the My Morning Jacket/free beer extravaganza Wednesday night at the TLA. You can also win free tickets for Franz Ferdinand this Friday, and even get some schlub from Jersey to pick up your pre-Franz bar tab. I'm tellin' ya folks, a Philebrity birthday means kick-ass prizes.

October 10, 2005

Badminton Requests Part 2: You're Just Retarded

Badminton Requests Part 1: We Got Art-Folk-Funk-Rock

Hate The Game, Not The Playlist

The new Philabuster playlist is blowing in like a crisp autumn breeze. This time around, you're gettin' hit with a blend of new and old cuts, each one keeping it soulful, funky, or otherwise very real in their own special way. Highlights include new Hot Chip hotness from their recent tour EP, the woozy guitar perversions of Giant Drag, and a vintage 70's groove from Cymande that even Curtis Mayfield would deem superfly.

October 7, 2005

Trust Me, They Do In Fact Kill The Chronic

Just a reminder to go see Chronikill this Saturday night. Here's the
info. It should get rolling around 11:30. Also, listen to some songs. It's cheap, fun, and for a good cause, plus it offers a chance to meet with your blog idol.

Toby Keith's?

A good mix of entertaining and horrible (thanks Brendan):

A Personal Message From Chris Cagle

Here's hoping that Mr. Cagle impregnates the wife of the bastard who's responsible. You also should hear this song, it's ridiculousness at its best.

The Friday Freakout Can't Be Trusted

BadmintonStamps is absolutely reeling this afternoon. Say it ain't so, Dr. Phil! After all the times we looked to you for guidance, all the inspirational mandates you issued telling us to take charge of our lives. And now this! Sued over lying about the effectiveness of overpriced
herbal dietary supplements. We're appalled, Mr. Pants-on-Fire. Next thing you know, we'll probably find out that all those catchy phrases of yours are nothing but meaningless drivel. Was it all just for show, P-dawg? 'Cause now we don't feel special or pretty or well-adjusted, not at all. Just dirty and used. There's really only one thing the Friday Freakout can do now, and that's get all punk rock and rebel against the world with some vintage Buzzcocks angst. Oh Dr. Phil, why did you ever let us down?

Unseen Power Of A Pavement Post...

In this week's series, SkinnySlim runs through some gems he unearthed during a recent closet cleaning at his family home.

What would a SkinnySlim weekly series be without a little
Sonic Youth or Pavement? In this case, we're going the Malkmus route courtesy of Stuff Up The Cracks, a bootleg collection of Pavement odds and sods. The first song originally appeared on the No Alternative charity compilation, and features the immortal first line: "Some bands I like to name check, and one of them is REM." You can buy the that album for one cent here. I'm not sure where the other song originates, but judging by its rough sound it must be from Pavement's often overlooked mid-18th century period.

October 6, 2005

New Fugees Song Leaks, Zaniness Ensues, Everything Works Out OK

Funny. Once and future Fugee Wyclef Jean has said that he is
currently in talks with HBO to develop a sitcom based on his life. While no story lines have been set in stone yet, early episodes promise to include 'Clef throwing an extravagant party that nobody attends. Depending on the feedback from early test screenings, HBO execs say the Haitian rapper may also move in with an upper-middle class family and their stoic but caring butler, or perhaps meet a long-lost cousin. The season is rumored to wrap up with a triumphant Fugees reunion. And the biggest joke of all? Yup, the group's new song.

Badminton Answers: Cause "Pobk" Just Sounds Shitty

In this week's series, SkinnySlim runs through some gems he unearthed during a recent closet cleaning at his family home.

Ouch. Mr. "Rick" Pettibone writes in to ask, "I noticed that regular reader
Aaron ["Pony"] Child is nicknamed Pony. What up with that?" Despite numerous lurid rumors circulating on the net, the nickname is actually an acronym. It stands for Playa Originale New York, and does not refer to Aaron but rather his missus, Julia (who received the rank back in '98). In Brooklyn street culture, when a Playa Originale settles down, he/she's significant other adopts the PONY nickname. It's a sign of conceit to the superior mate's playa-ness, an ownership mark similar to a branding on the buttocks (which Aaron also has). Growing up, I was often mistaken for the Playa Orginale "Telly" from the film Kids because of my skinny frame and propensity for hitting up the virgins. This lothario-esqe song appeared on the Kids soundtrack (although not in the film) and was a fluke MTV hit for Folk Implosion, Lou Barlow's side project from Sebadoh.

October 5, 2005

East Village Playas

Chronikill, the
baddest (white) boys of hip-hop, are at it again. When not lighting it up on BadmintonStamps' original songs, they're off saving the world. Since they represent both NYC and the N.O., it's only natural that they hold their very own Katrina Benefit. But here's the catch: it's free. The boys are simply asking for donations for their adopted city. So, if you want to fuck the poor and displaced, you can give nothing at all. It goes down this Saturday at Satellite Bar at 505 East 6th Street between Avenue A and B. You can't beat $2 Pabst and $5 Pabst and shot specials, so please come on down and support the team. These kids really have skills and put on a great show. Seriously highly recommended. In other hip-hop news, Damon Dash punched the editor of his magazine in the chest. I mean, there's some people I hate, but I just write diss songs about them.

No More Leash-y On Lachey

Uh-oh. Hurry up and sign the order for that 4th season of Pimp My Ride, MTV, 'cause you've got some air time to fill. There's simply no telling what will step in to the lucrative half-hour slot that precedes Making The Band 12 now that the Newlyweds have been cancelled. Wait, did I say cancelled? I meant not wed. Yes, Nick and Jessica have
called it quits. And to the disillusioned young starlets, BadmintonSamps wants to be the first to say "we're here for you". Nick, there's no way you need to put up with all of princess' bullshit when you know you could start something with the blonde girl from Dream, like, tomorrow. And Jessica, just think how liberating it'll be now that you don't have that mysoginist neanderthal demanding you do all the cleaning. I mean, what, did he think you were living in the sixties? I'm not sure if this nugget of Northern Soul is more appropriate for commemorating the beginning or the end of this ill-fated affair, but either way, it's time cash in and move on, kids.

He's The DJ, I'm Going To Miami

In this week's series, SkinnySlim runs through some gems he unearthed during a recent closet cleaning at his family home.

There's a lot of truisms in rock and roll and hippity hop songs. Some personal favorites include Irish-Blue Magoo's classic rocker anthem "(Don't Put) Metal in the Microwave" or MC Professor Murder's banger "Handcuffs Hurt ". And who can forget Bango Mango's essential new wave jam, "Mexican Food Makes You Poop, Indian Food Gives You Bad Dreams (And Makes You Poop)". But of all the songs in the history of songs, nothing is as true as this.

October 4, 2005

Links Like Whoa

Tickets are all the rage right now. If you're feeling left out, why not go over to Philebrity and
win some of your very own You could win an entire pair of tickets (that's TWO!) for Stellastarr* tonight at the TLA, or for Nada Surf tomorrow night at the very same T.

Pete. Doherty. Arrested. Again.

Kate Moss at her absolute whitest.

Music at its absolute whitest.

That's A Pretty Fucking Good Milkshake

In this week's series, SkinnySlim runs through some gems he unearthed during a recent closet cleaning at his family home.

Spurred by the success of Pulp Fiction and the desire to party, the 90's saw a major comeback for heroin. For those same exact reasons,
surf music also had a comeback, albeit one less damaging and fun. This one is from surf legends and surf junkies The Lively Ones, because, as my daddy always said, "Bad surf is a whole lot better than bad horse."

October 3, 2005

You Only Leak Twice

Wow. The Strokes appear on the
cover of NME practically the same week as the first single from their new album mysteriously leaks. And now that they're back on everybody's minds...what's this? A second song leaks??? What a coincidence. Boy, I bet somewhere there are marketing execs employed by record labels absolutely kicking themselves for not thinking of such a brilliant PR stunt as this this to prep an audience for a highly anticipated release. Oh well. You live and learn, huh?

Update: The above link is an m4a file. For the mp3 version, go here (Thanks, wasp2020).

I, Robot? You Robot!

In this week's series, SkinnySlim runs through some gems he unearthed during a recent closet cleaning at his family home.

Futuristic... Sometimes you have to take a step back and be thankful we live in the secure, healthy world of
the two thousands. You kids might not remember, but back in the nineties we had to deal with the Y2K computer bug. This was when the robot people living inside our computers had decided to kill us all on New Year's Eve. But a miracle came in the form of music and saved us all. Was it a drunken rendition of Auld Lang Syne? No! It was indie-poppers Apples In Stereo. Here was a band that could address the issue head on, helping to raise awareness among humans. At the same time, they knew how to charm the pants off the robots. Their personal favorite was "Ruby". It's the most perfect silly rock song you'll ever hear, filled with enough "ooo-la-la's" and "ba-baba-ba's" to turn any robot's frown upside-down.

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